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2023 Best Addiction Rehab Options in Anaheim, California

Upscale inpatient rehabs with Non-12-Step program options.

  • Keep your phone and laptop
  • Safe 24/7 monitored detox
  • Non 12-step & holistic options
  • Dual diagnosis programs
  • Beachfront facility
  • Thorough aftercare planning
  • Private rooms at Chapters Capistrano

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Typically, treatment centers do not permit cell phone or laptop use, but at both Chapters and Monarch Shores, our clients are allowed to engage with outside responsibilities.

2023 Best Addiction Rehab Options in Anaheim, California


If you’re seeking the 2023 best addiction rehab options in Anaheim, California, you’re not alone. It’s important to find the best addiction treatment program for your needs when you’re focused on getting clean and sober. Too often, people choose to attend just any kind of rehab when they begin seeking help for their addiction, only to find that there are many aspects of the facility they’ve chosen to attend that just don’t align with their needs.

Best Rehabs in Anaheim, California

So, how does one choose among the best rehabs in Anaheim, California? It starts with knowing what you’d like to see in a treatment program. No matter how great a treatment program is, if you don’t connect with it, it won’t do you any good. So, consider what you’d like to see in treatment. Maybe it’s the amenities, and maybe it’s the location. For many, the treatment models and sense of safety make all the difference in how well they connect to their treatment program.

Consider all these factors, as well as the types of treatment offered and the benefits and track records of these treatments, and you’re on the way to finding an excellent addiction rehab to begin your recovery journey.

In an effort to help you get started on your search for the best rehabs near you, we’ve made a list:

Chapters Capistrano

Divided between two luxurious houses is Chapters Capistrano. Here, you’ll find a top-of-the-line luxury rehab experience that provides comfort, compassion, and care to every client that chooses to attend treatment. With private rooms, close to the ocean and loaded with treatment models that are proven effective, this is one of the highest-rated addiction treatment facilities in the area.

The staff at Chapters Capistrano understands that there are times when people have unique needs when it comes to overcoming addictions and works to provide a unique recovery experience that is truly effective.

What you’ll find at Chapters Capistrano:

          Technology friendly

          Private rooms

          Near the ocean

          Luxury facilities

          Variety of treatment options

          Personalized treatment programs

When you choose to attend addiction rehab at Chapters Capistrano, you will find it possible to overcome your addiction and enjoy the experience while at it.

Chapters Capistrano

1525 Buena Vista, San Clemente, CA 92672



Hope by the Sea

The family-owned and operated Hope by the Sea has been in business for over 20 years. They take pride in having seen it all and treating it all. They believe clients can better overcome their addictions by treating underlying emotional and mental illnesses.

33171 Paseo Cerveza, San Juan Capistrano, CA 92675


Broadway Treatment Center

At Broadway Treatment Center, the goal is to take a holistic, abstinence-based approach to overcoming addiction. They believe that by working to address the causes of addiction, they can help clients achieve long-term recovery from addictions.

They offer:


          Residential rehab

          Intensive outpatient rehab


18582 Beach Blvd., Huntington Beach, CA 92648


Phoenix Rising

The folks at Phoenix Rising aim to help their clients work through past traumas so they can effectively overcome their addictions. They work to build usable, effective programs for all of their clients so each one can begin to enjoy a life-long recovery.


35450 Pegasus Ct., Palm Desert, CA 92211


Other Options for Addiction Rehab

If you find that your best addiction rehab option isn’t in Anaheim, CA, you should know that there are many treatment choices across the country. Some places, like Texas, Colorado,  or Illinois, offer excellent addiction treatment options.

In the end, no matter what state you choose for your recovery journey, what’s most important is that you seek treatment to overcome your addiction.

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