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Heroin use disorder is a major problem in Arizona, this highly addictive drug contributed to approximately 31.8% of the total 1,106 opioids overdose deaths  in 2018; however, the state has a lower drug overdose death rate than the national rate, 15.9% and 20.7% respectively. In addition, the number of heroin overdose deaths more than tripled from 102 in 2015, to 352 fatalities in 2018; synthetic opioids also spiked, reporting 362 overdose deaths. If you are looking for an Arizona drug rehab, now is the perfect time.

As such, physicians are more stringent in prescribing painkillers to their patients. In 2019, Arizona reported an Opioid Dispensing Rate of 44.1%, barely less than the National rate (46.7%).

Alcohol use disorder in Arizona is another area of concern as well. 17.2% of the adult population reported binge drinking during 2018, one more time, barely less than the 18.2% National rate.

But there’s still hope for people in Arizona who are dealing with substance use disorders, Arizona has a solid rehab program to address the problem. In addition, community rehab centers and support systems are all around in Arizona. This makes it easy to find one that works for you.

There is no shame in needing help with your addiction problems as it has affected people not only in Arizona but all across the country. Getting help and turning a new leaf in your life is the best thing you can do. You should not feel alone in your problems, as many like you have fell victim to addiction. It is never too late to get sober.

Remember, the best program for your needs may not be the one closest to your home. If you’re looking for meth rehab in Nevada or New Mexico meth rehab, you might find Southern California drug rehabs to be your best option.

Arizona Drug Rehab Options

Arizona was included in the 29 states that received funding from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to address their drug problem. There are so many alcohol and drug rehab centers in Arizona that offer the whole range of treatment options for patients who need help. Across the United States, there are more than 14,500 drug rehab facilities and centers. That is a ratio of one rehab center for every 1,500 patients. These figures don’t even include the specialized alcohol rehab centers in Arizona.

Even if each alcohol and drug rehab center in Arizona is distinct from the other, accredited facilities in Arizona rehab centers basically follow the same treatment programs such as detox, behavioral modification, counseling, aftercare program, and case management.

What to Look for in an Arizona Drug Rehab?

As already mentioned, every drug and alcohol rehab center in Arizona has something different to offer. Whatever you decide on, make sure that the center meets the minimum requirements set by the state or federal government agencies. For instance, only deal with accredited facilities in Arizona. This ensures that you will be in a rehab treatment program that has passed the rigorous standards set by Arizona. Also, make sure that the center offers both residential and outpatient rehab treatment options.

Some alcohol and drug rehab centers in Arizona adopt a more traditional approach, while others offer alternative and holistic options. Other centers may be more comfortable with the non-traditional approach, but it bears repeating that the traditional rehab approach has been proven time and again to work for patient recovery.

Here are some questions for the alcohol and drug rehab facilities and centers in Arizona that can help you decide:

  • What type of programs do you offer?
  • What is your target demographic?
  • Are your rehab staff and counselors accredited?
  • What are the expected outcomes for your patients?
  • What are your treatment protocols for drug and alcohol use disorders?
  • Do you have a rehab aftercare program after the initial treatment?
  • Do you offer substitute medications during detox?
  • What other rehab support systems do you provide for your patients?

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Benefits of Inpatient Arizona Drug Rehab

One of the most important decisions you will make is whether to enroll in an outpatient or inpatient treatment plan. While any treatment will benefit you and help you to kick the habit, inpatient treatments have a higher success rate than inpatient treatments.

Choosing the best treatment for you depends on factors such as: how severe your addiction is, how long you have used drugs, what addiction you suffer from and your personality type. Some benefits of inpatient treatments in Arizona are:

  • Ability to treat withdrawal symptoms as they occur.
  • Access to trained staff 24-hours a day.
  • Careful monitoring of the detox phase.
  • Removal from a toxic environment.
  • Elimination of triggers found at home.
  • Access to personalized mental health care.
  • Access to spiritual or holistic treatment methods.
  • Access to education about drug addiction.

Inpatient Drug Rehab in Arizona vs Outpatient

Inpatient drug rehab is a great starting point for anyone looking to get sober, when someone is attempting to get sober, the first few days are crucial. Going to an inpatient facility removes all access to drugs and alcohol that the person may have, thus allowing the individual to develop 30, 60 or even 90 days of clean time; inpatient rehab is suggested for individuals who do not have a strong support system or have a history of relapsing.

Outpatient drug rehab is provided at various sites from clinics to healthcare providers’ offices to local departments of health. Outpatient rehab can be a blessing for someone who can not be away from their jobs, school or family obligations for months at a time; there are a number of outpatient substance use disorder treatment centers in Arizona, however, it is best to start with inpatient when you can.

Understanding Your Treatment Options

The main purpose of the Arizona rehab centers is to modify your behavior and equip you with the right knowledge and skills to avoid a relapse when you complete the program.

After admission and consultations with rehab center staff, usually requires detox treatment. During this process, you will be given a substitute medication by the center in order to minimize the effects of withdrawal. Your treatment will depend on the program you choose:

  1. Dual diagnosis: Dual diagnosis rehabs work with individuals who are coping with a mental health disorder and substance use disorder. Physicians, social workers, hospitals, and clinics across the state can integrate care to help you recover from both.
  2. Christian rehab: Christian addiction treatment uses scripture, bible studies and many religious elements in conjunction with standard substance use disorder treatment and education.
  3. Holistic: Holistic treatment programs focus on healing the mind body and spirit from the damages brought about during addiction. Meditation, deep breathing, massage, yoga, physical fitness and much more are taught as building blocks for sobriety.
  4. 12 step program: The most famous treatment style and also proven to help thousands if not millions get sober. The 12 Steps are a set of principles developed to help individuals struggling with addiction change their beliefs.  Together, they act as a framework for sustainable recovery.
  5. Non 12 step: Want to achieve sobriety without the structured pathway that AA uses? You may be interested in a non 12 step program. Unlike Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous, a non 12 step program does not follow a stepwise plan to recovery and it lacks the Higher Power that turns so many people away from the 12 step model.

Traveling for Rehab

Traveling for drug and alcohol rehab treatment means that you will move out of Arizona or out of town to enroll in drug and alcohol rehab treatment facilities, this will give the added benefit of a “fresh start.” For some people, it’s very hard to ward off temptations, being constantly exposed to the same social circles in Arizona that push them toward alcohol and drug addiction can have a negative impact on recovery.

Traveling for treatment in Arizona is the best option for them, they will be uprooted from their current environment and focus on their treatment at the addiction center. One drawback however, is the brief transition period from leaving drug rehab facilities and returning to daily life. Individuals may face the challenge of adjusting from an environment where their actions are regimented, to the various stimuli when they go back to their families and work.

Paying for Substance Use Disorder Treatment

Paying for your Arizona drug rehab visit should not be a burden. We are here to help you make sense of your payment options and your insurance benefits. We have a team of insurance experts who will go to bat against your insurance company to ensure you are getting the most treatment and most costs covered, we believe that nobody should miss out on the substance use disorder treatment they need because of money issues. Call us anytime of the day for a no obligation conversation with our team, you may be surprised just how cheap your rehab visit will be.

Arizona drug and alcohol rehab centers may refer you to them as part of your aftercare program. Families should never have to suffer through this ordeal. Help is available. Arizona hotlines are toll-free and individuals can speak in confidence to the friendly customer representatives on the other side, who can give them the proper advice on where to go and what to do next. If you’re thinking that traveling to addiction rehab then give us a call and find out more about our treatment centers!


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