What Is Drug Plugging?

What is drug plugging? Is it common? Is it more dangerous than other ways of getting high? Find out all you need to know about this method of substance abuse, and how to spot the signs and symptoms of drug plugging.

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What is plugging for drug use? According to a paper in Clinical Pharmacokinetics (found on PubMed), the human rectum is a spot where drugs can be administered, retained, and absorbed. While this is not the most common way of using drugs, many people still engage in this practice to get high. When talking about drug plugging, it is important to note that some medications, generally used for nausea or vomiting, are medically administered rectally. However, people also use this method for abusing drugs.

Why do people use this method of using drugs?

When it comes to drug plugging, there are a variety of reasons why someone would plug drugs instead of taking them orally, snorting them, or injecting them. People might use this method to experiment with substances. Others might plug drugs to avoid injecting drugs and creating needle marks on their skin. Still, others might use this method because of the high they receive from doing so.

What drugs are people using with this method?

There are many types of drugs that people use while plugging. Heroin is one of the most common drugs that people use with this method. This is because people may achieve a more intense high from rectally taking the drugs than they may achieve through injecting them.

Basically, any drug that can dissolve in a solvent such as water can be rectally administered. Other drugs that are commonly used in drug plugging are MDMA and cocaine.

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What complications can occur with drug plugging?

In addition to discussing what is plugging a drug, it is also important to note possible complications of this method of drug use. There are many adverse effects that could occur.

Drug plugging could cause the lining of the colon to become extremely irritated and inflamed. In addition, other complications may include the following:

  • Increased risk of Sexually transmitted diseases (STD), especially if sharing plugging equipment with others.
  • Increased risk for drug overdose. The high one receives from using drugs rectally peaks quickly and fades even faster. This may cause people to use more drugs, increasing the odds of overdoses.

These are the two biggest complications that can occur with drug plugging.

You have learned about what is plugging a drug. If you have been plugging drugs, consider reaching out for addiction treatment help today. You can fight addiction and live a clean and sober lifestyle.



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