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While people might think that drinking water, ingesting fiber and vitamin B3 (niacin), using laxatives, and exercising intensely are the best ways to get meth out of your system, undergoing medical detox and addiction treatment are safer methods for detoxing from meth.

Last Edited: 06/04/2021

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Dr. Pranav Balakrishnan


Methamphetamine (meth) is a stimulant drug that is abused in many different areas in the United States. Chronic use of meth can lead to potentially irreversible neuronal changes. The results of these changes are neurological and psychiatric symptoms. Sustained use can lead to permanent memory problems as well. Tolerance, as well as addiction, can occur with repeated use of this substance. If a person who is addicted to meth tries to stop abruptly they can experience withdrawal symptoms making it difficult to quit. If you are wondering how to get meth out of our system, you have come to the right place.

At-Home Detox Methods

Detoxing at home is preferable for many people because it is confidential, low cost, and provides a safe and non-judgment environment. At-home detox is most suitable for individuals who have relatively mild levels of dependence and have the support of a family member or friend. The involvement of family and friends can strengthen and extend treatment benefits. Before a person decides to go through an at-home detox they need to speak to a medical professional because complications can arise when a person is withdrawing from meth that might need medical assistance. Access to a general practitioner is important to ensure medical support if and when needed.

Increasing Fluid Intake

One side effect of using meth is insomnia causing people who use the substance to stay up for days at a time. Due to this, they may become dehydrated and have electrolyte imbalances during these episodes. A person detoxing from meth needs to increase their fluid intake, especially water, in order to prevent dehydration. Drinking Gatorade or Powerade can help restore the electrolyte imbalance. Water is important for providing nutrients within the body and removing waste from the body. An increase in fluids can help to dilute the substance that is still in the person’s body and excrete it either through urinating or sweating. Drinking more water is one way to flush meth out of your system. The ability for a person’s body to eliminate the unwanted substance via urine depends on how hydrated the person is. Therefore, the more water a person drinks the more likely their body will be able to remove the drug from the body.

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Eating Fiber or Taking Supplements or Laxatives

Increased water and dietary fiber consumption are generally practiced dietary-based therapeutic approaches to relieving constipation. If a person is constipated they are unable to remove toxins from their body that are found in their fecal matter. Therefore, eating a high fiber diet can help a person excrete meth through fecal matter (Excretion of meth occurs primarily via urine; a small portion occurs through sweat and feces).

Laxatives are another way to purge the colon to get rid of any toxins. Natural laxatives are water, fresh fruits, vegetables, oats, chia seeds, coffee, prunes, and whole grains. These are much safer options than using over-the-counter laxatives that could have serious side effects. Over-the-counter laxatives are not safe for long time use and can lead to dependency and decreased bowel function.

Also, stimulant drugs like meth reduce a person’s appetite and lead to weight loss and poor nutrition. Therefore, it is important to take vitamin and mineral supplements to make sure a recovering individual is getting enough vitamins to maintain a healthy body. Taking supplements like Vitamin A, C, B-complex, and zinc aid in the recovery process.

Excessive Exercise

According to a recent study published in the Clinical Chemistry Journal, meth can be detected in a person’s sweat as quickly as 2 hours after the ingestion of the drug. Therefore, excessive exercise will cause a person to sweat which is another way to get meth and other toxins out of a person’s system. Sweating either through exercise or steam baths and saunas can help a person remove toxins from their body. According to the 13th International Symposium of The Institute for Functional Medicine, regular exercise, yoga, or lymphatic massage can improve lymph flow and help flush out toxins in tissue into the circulation where they can be detoxified. Exercise helps to ensure that all the vital organs are healthy and can help circulate toxins through the body. This in turn, can help eliminate meth, which is a toxin from a person’s body.


Niacin is another method to naturally detox a person’s body. Niacin, also known as B3 has the ability to flush out toxins that are stored in people’s cells. An article published in the Emergency Medicine Journal, found niacin to provide various health benefits such as speeding up the elimination of alcohol and other illicit drugs from a person’s body.

Why Medical Detox Is Vital

Medical detox is vital because it is considered to be the safest way to get meth out of a person’s system. Individuals can be placed in inpatient or outpatient treatment centers. At an inpatient facility, people recovering from their meth addiction are supervised 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. In an outpatient setting, the recovering individual will return home after he or she receives their treatment. At these centers, the loved one who is addicted to meth can detox with the support of trained medical professionals who will monitor the patient’s withdrawal symptoms to ensure a safe withdrawal process. Mental health counselors are also available to provide a wide range of behavioral therapies. Although there is currently no government-approved medication to treat meth addiction, meth can be treated with a variety of behavioral therapies.

Getting Treatment for Addiction

Meth addiction is a devastating disease that impacts more than just the person afflicted with the addiction. Those who are suffering from meth addiction deserve to receive the best care available. If you or a loved one is suffering from a meth addiction finding a high-quality rehabilitation clinic can help.


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