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2023 Best Rehabs in Arlington, Texas

Top rated addiction treatment located on 38 acres of quiet and calming scenery.

  • Keep your phone and laptop
  • Safe 24/7 monitored detox
  • SMART options
  • Dual diagnosis programs
  • Long-term arrangements
  • Thorough aftercare planning
  • Located in Bastrop, Texas
  • Out of state options in CA, CO and IL

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2023 Best Addiction Treatment Centers in Arlington, TX

Arlington, TX, is a city in Tarrant County. Being close to Dallas, many consider Arlington, TX part of a suburban community surrounding the metroplex. There are a lot of attractions to enjoy within the city, including amusement parks and expansive dining and shopping options. 


If you’re considering addiction treatment in Arlington, TX, you’ve arrived at the right page. Below, find some resources on the top places where you can seek recovery.


Top Substance Abuse Centers in Arlington, TX

Willow Springs Recovery

Willow Springs Recovery is a premier rehab center close to Arlington, TX. It has a peaceful location with top-notch facilities meant to provide the care and comfort that every patient needs. Located in Bastrop, TX, Willow Springs has plenty of rooms and are well-staffed to give personalized attention to each patient. Some of the best features are


  • Round-the-clock care: Expect to have medical staff on board ready to meet your needs, especially during the crucial periods of detox. 24/7 care is provided in the center, so patients are safe during recovery.
  • Technology-friendly: You don’t have to give up your laptops or phones during the addiction treatment process if you have work or family to keep in touch with. The center makes it easy to keep your priorities as needed.
  • Diverse treatment options: Whether you prefer 12-Step, Non-12 Step, counseling, and other approaches to addiction treatment, you can find a personalized experience at Willow Springs Recovery.


To know more about Willow Springs Recovery, you may reach out to them using the contact details below:


Willow Springs Recovery

1128 TX-21, Bastrop, TX 78602

(844) 215-4498



Oakvine Recovery Center

Oakvine Recovery Center is an addiction treatment facility located in Austin, TX. They have specialized treatment specifically for drug and alcohol addictions, including psychotherapies, medication-assisted programs, and holistic approaches to care. Oakvine Recovery also has several addiction treatment settings, such as inpatient, partial hospitalization, outpatient, and more, to help patients receive individualized care during their stay.


Oakvine Recovery Center

3820 S Congress Ave Bldg 2, Austin, TX 78704

(877) 255-6890



New Hope Ranch

As the name implies, New Hope Ranch is an addiction treatment facility in Austin, TX. The center emphasizes treatment for alcohol and drug abuse and offers different therapeutic approaches for those who want to recover. Since patients have varied interests and inclinations as they seek treatment, they offer spiritual and secular approaches to addiction recovery, such as 12-Step, psychotherapy, holistic methods, and more.


New Hope Ranch

11908 Sparks Rd, Manor, TX 78653

(737) 263-0767



Burning Tree Programs

Burning Tree Addiction Treatment Center is a well-known facility with a longstanding program for those who want to focus on mental health and substance abuse recovery. They have a solid individualized approach to breaking free from addictions, starting with understanding one’s purpose and finding spiritual enlightenment, especially for those who prefer a 12-Step treatment method. However, they also offer non-spiritual approaches such as holistic and psychotherapies to help patients find meaning and regain control of their lives.


Burning Tree Addiction Treatment Center

2837 Co Rd 101, Kaufman, TX 75142

(877) 883-3375



La Hacienda Treatment Center

La Hacienda Treatment Center is known for its laser-focused offerings on addiction recovery. They have a chemical dependency program, acute patient care, and inpatient programs customized for every patient’s unique background. La Hacienda also has well-maintained facilities that strive to provide comfort and mindful care for every client and a great alumni program that focuses on accountability.


La Hacienda Treatment Center

7400 Blanco Rd #129, San Antonio, TX 78216

(210) 692-0001



Other Rehab Centers Outside Arlington, TX

Some patients may find going to a rehab center in their city to be convenient and fulfilling. For some, this may spark addiction triggers, or they may experience some personal hindrances that keep them from focusing on sobriety.

Thus, it can be helpful to find treatment centers outside the state, such as in California, Colorado, or Illinois, to help you find solace and focus fully on addiction treatment. We hope that these in-state and out-of-state resources are helpful as you take the first step to substance abuse recovery.

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