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Knowledge is a powerful tool in the fight against substance abuse. Our blogs provide helpful information, guides, and tips to anyone who needs it.

Frida Kahlo continues to inspire with her art and her courage in fighting adversity.

Understanding mental illness and what not to say to people with the condition can help you assist them.

Posted on August 22 , 2020

Systemic racism, racist incidents, and depression have contributed to Black children’s suicides and suicidal thinking.

Does your astrological sign affect your chances of developing an addiction?

The image of the strong black women can help and hurt.

Incentive Salience: When Liking Evolves to Wanting, Then Craving An incentive is something that motivates someone to act in some way. Salience is when something is noticeable. That leads to a term found in addiction speak — incentive salience. In the simplest of terms one might call it a trigger, […]

Pride Month: Fostering Inclusivity Can Make Schools More Welcoming for LGBTQ Youth Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or queer (or questioning, also known as LGBTQ) youth face a mountain of challenges in the world. Bullying is one of them. It impacts one in five students ages 12-18 each year, but it’s […]

Gender dysmorphia is not an illness or defect but is a condition that some members of the LGBTQ community face.

Embrace the Benefits of Owning a Feline for Hug Your Cat Day Dogs might be called man’s best friend, but cats are no slouches in the companion department. So, in honor of National Hug Your Cat Day, here’s some appreciation for our feline friends. Besides being soft, fuzzy, and incapable […]

Pride Month: Support Groups That See All Colors of the Rainbow It’s no exaggeration to say there have been tensions between the LGBTQ community and the religious right. Westboro Baptist Church in Kansas was long known for picketing funerals of fallen U.S. soldiers, saying the deaths were punishment for America […]

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