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Posted on September 10 , 2018
Creating a Relapse Prevention Plan Relapsing can be discouraging, especially if you have gone so far with being drug-free. What are some ways to have a relapse prevention plan that’s effective and long-lasting? Here is a guide that could help you out. The recovery process is a challenging journey that […]

Posted on September 06 , 2018
Blue Meth: Truth or Myth? What’s in a color? When we talk about drugs such as methamphetamine (meth), it can mean a host of things. There has been so much hype about the existence of blue meth. Drug forums on the Internet feature contributions from several individuals who claim to […]

Posted on September 05 , 2018
The 5 Best Ways to Celebrate Recovery Drug addiction is probably one of the most difficult challenges for an individual and a family as a whole. The battle against it can be incredibly fierce, treacherous, exhausting, and seemingly never-ending. Finding a way out, at first, can seem impossible: the number […]

Posted on September 04 , 2018
The Best Ways to Fight Dry Drunk Syndrome Entering rehab is one of the biggest decisions a person suffering from drug or alcohol addiction can make. It is a remarkable step towards reclaiming a person’s life. Breaking free from the danger and destruction caused by the substances is a victory […]

Recovery Month: An Open Letter to Those Recovering September 2018 marks the 29th year of National Recovery Month, recognizing the hard work of individuals in recovery from substance use disorders. You would think that in all these almost 30 years, somebody would have made a proper “Happy Recovery Month” card for […]

Posted on August 29 , 2018
20 Songs about Recovery from Addiction No matter what’s happening in life, for many of us, the right song can set the stage, make us feel uplifted and excited, and help us get through some really tough times. Music can have an impact on a person’s mood and focus. Various studies […]

Fentanyl and the Future of Capital Punishment On Aug. 14, 2018, Nebraska became the first US state and probably the first part of the world to execute a death row inmate using a lethal injection “cocktail” that included the synthetic opioid fentanyl. (The other drugs were the tranquilizer Valium or […]

Posted on August 20 , 2018
DUI, i.e., Driving Under the Influence, can harm the life of the driver and others. Many people are reported to be victims of accidents due to drunk driving each year. Alcoholism plays a significant role in the daily deaths that occur in these accidents. For this reason, every state has […]

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