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Posted on May 14 , 2021
Mental Health Month Beginning in 2020, we’ve been facing health challenges. We could be Taking measures to avoid contracting COVID-19.Trying to recuperate if we did catch it.Helping our loved ones avoid catching it or heal from it. While the challenges are formidable, we’ve also faced mental health challenges. Mental Health […]

Posted on October 30 , 2019
  Halloween Can be a Trigger Halloween has become problematic for many minority groups, perhaps none more than those with a mental health issue. Take Halloween costumes. While African Americans, Native Americans, Asians, Hispanics, and others may consider costumes based on characters or types from their background as cultural appropriation […]

Addicted Doctors and Nurses Don’t Receive Much-Needed Drugs You have a medical condition, so you seek assistance to treat it. Problem solved, right? Not necessarily. If you’re a doctor or a nurse with an addiction, you may not receive the help you want or need. Why Are Addictions Harmful? Addicted […]

Posted on September 05 , 2019
Many of us may be aware of how illicit substances affect the body. Whether a person takes alcohol, street drugs, or even prescription drugs, the explanation remains the same–the brain chemical composition changes. With continuous intake, one may be susceptible to drug tolerance, dependence, and finally addiction. These are attributed […]

Addiction to a substance can lead to addiction to other substances. Take alcohol and opiates for example. Consumption of alcohol, even in small quantities can result in dangerous situations. These two substances do not interact well with each other inside the body. Opiates Effects to the Body Opiates can be […]

Addiction is recognized worldwide as a major health problem. It has been listed among the biggest reasons for the poor quality of life and even numerous deaths alongside obesity and diabetes. However, there is no pill or one-shot solution to this problem. Several years of research and resources have gone […]

Drug abuse and addiction are some of the most widely recognized health problems in the world today. While drugs have always been used by humans in some form or another, the prevalence of abuse and addiction has skyrocketed over the past century.  This is large because of the slew of […]

It’s one thing for an addict to go through the tough phase of withdrawal and entirely another thing to have others truly support the individual going through recovery. The struggles are unique to every person and the motivation to do so comes from deep within the individual as well as […]

Designer club drugs include many different types of substances, most of them are pills of the stimulant varieties. These drugs have been known to give the user euphoric sensations and boosted energy. However, they also lead to reduced inhibitions, among other side-effects, which make them very common for parties and […]

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