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May 4, 2022

Top Addiction Counselors in Corpus Christi, TX

Using and selling methamphetamine (meth) often leads to severe consequences. That’s what two Corpus Christi residents discovered in 2019. A district court judge sentenced the residents to federal prison for selling crystal meth and using firearms to do so. While this couple may be behind bars, meth remains a threat […]

May 4, 2022

Top Addiction Counselors in Aurora, CO

Colorado’s legal recreational marijuana market doesn’t protect against other drug crimes. People don’t stop abusing other substances just because there’s a legal one available. Substance abuse treatment in Colorado is still needed, especially since the state has the highest rate of adults with unmet substance abuse treatment needs in the […]

April 19, 2022

Top Addiction Counselors in Lubbock, TX

Alcohol is a problem everywhere, and Lubbock, Texas, is no exception. The city has recorded multiple alcohol-related accidents, and many of these accidents have been fatal. In previous years, the number of vehicle-based fatalities related to alcohol in Lubbock has totaled: 18 fatalities in 2017. 10 fatalities in 2018. 21 […]

April 15, 2022

Top Addiction Counselors in Aurora, IL

Top Addiction Counselors in Aurora, IL Addiction is marked by compulsive substance abuse, cravings, trying to quit but being unable to, a growing tolerance, and withdrawal symptoms when you try to stop. It tends to interfere with one’s life, causing one to avoid or neglect important activities or responsibilities, sometimes […]

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