Staying Sober for Halloween Party Season

Not only kids attend Halloween parties. In fact, for most people, Halloween is the perfect time to dress up, and party until the wee hours of the morning. Of course, in many situations, drugs and alcohol may be part of these parties. After all, these youngsters want to have fun and party hard.

If you’re somebody who wants to keep his sobriety on Halloween, it is important that you take control of yourself and plan your holiday ahead of time. You can choose to avoid these parties and do something productive, not relapse-triggering activities.

Yes, you can argue that you can control yourself and resist booze and drugs even if you attend these parties. That may be true, but why torture yourself? Why do you have to confront your triggers head-on when you can just make life easier by doing these productive and helpful activities instead? Look at the number of alternatives you can take to maintain your sobriety.

Attend a 12-step Meeting Instead

Instead of attending a Halloween party, why not attend a 12-step meeting? These meetings are available 24/7 and are also available in your locality. They also have meetings even on Halloween, especially if it’s on a Saturday. Addiction triggers are especially stronger on Saturdays because this is the day of the week when most people go out to drink and party. As such, these addiction support communities felt that their support was vital on this particular day of the week. So, when Halloween falls on a Saturday, go to a 12-step meeting instead. It’s for the greater good.

Choose a Sober Event

If you can’t fight the urge to enjoy and have some fun time on Halloween, choose a sober event instead. People also recovering from addiction take sober parties very seriously because they want to keep their sobriety without taking away the fun element of parties. Try attending these types of parties. A great advantage for you is you will get to meet people who share the same circumstance, so you gain another support community. Who says fun always means booze and drugs? Once you find these event types, you can plan to hold them yearly so you won’t get lonely on Halloween.

Invite People to Your Own Party

If you just can’t miss a Halloween party but still have to be sober, why not plan and organize your own Halloween party? Invite your friends and people in your recovery community so that they can also have fun. Through this, you can control what happens during the Halloween party. You can exclude the things that you know will trigger your addiction. Instead of alcohol and drugs, why not try out fun activities or just fill the event with good music that everyone can enjoy?

Also, if you throw your own Halloween party, you can choose who gets invited. You can exclude those people who will only feed your urge and craving for drugs and alcohol. You get to enjoy it, but you don’t need to be guilty of the kind of fun you savored.

Go for an Out of Town Trip

If you’re not in the mood for some spooky Halloween party, you can schedule an out-of-town camping trip or go to the beach to chill out. Choose what feeds your soul. After the trip, you’ll feel better.

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