Martin Luther King Jr. Day: Finding Faith

“Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase.”

– Martin Luther King Jr.

While the above quotation by Martin Luther King Jr. might not be as famous as “I have a dream” or his other statements, it still speaks to his eloquence, courage, and faith.

It can also relate to addiction treatment.

Why is faith important in addiction treatment?

Although Martin Luther King Jr. was a Baptist minister in addition to a civil rights leader, his statement is about more than religious faith.

It’s about believing enough in yourself, someone, or something to help you begin something big.

That something can be addiction treatment. When people are experiencing addiction and substance abuse, they encounter many unknowns. They may encounter just as many when they’re thinking about treating those conditions – and what that treatment could entail.

Even if we feel it can ultimately benefit us, it takes a leap of faith to seek assistance for addictions and make other significant changes.

If we’ve never done certain things, we might fear the unknown. If we’ve done them before and are using alcohol or drugs again, we might be reluctant to take action because we fear any changes won’t last and we’ll relapse.

Believing in others

The support of others can help. If we have people in our lives who respect our decision to avoid alcohol or drugs, it can make sobriety easier. But if our loved ones aren’t providing this assistance, we might consider

  • Entering a treatment program.
  • Attending a rehab center.
  • Joining a support group.

Programs, centers, and groups exist to provide this support. They offer opportunities to be with others, and socialization can protect and improve our mental and physical health. With better physical and mental health, we’re stronger and better able to fight whatever comes our way, including addiction.

Believing in ourselves

In addition to having faith in others, it’s also important – if not more important – to believe in ourselves.

If we’ve been addicted to alcohol and drugs, we might be feeling bad about what we’ve done and who we are. Or maybe we’ve always struggled with self-esteem and have used substances or compulsive behaviors to feel better, or at least temporarily forget about things.

Seeking treatment and associating with people who respect us can help us respect ourselves. They can be proof that we’re doing things and shifting our perspectives to take control instead of letting addictions control us.

They give us faith, helping us believe that there’s good in others and ourselves.

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