Move More Month: The Benefits of Moving and How to Get Going

Every April is Move More Month, and despite many stay-at-home orders across the United States, people are still able to get out and get active. This is great news for our bodies, but if you’re still resisting exercise and spending more time binge watching your favorite shows than getting out moving, consider some of the benefits of becoming active.

Benefits of Daily Activity

Most people know that daily activity can be good for them. It improves cardiovascular health and it can help with weight loss. There are also other benefits of regular activity that are less well-known but equally beneficial. That’s because regular physical activity can:
  • Boost our emotions. When you’re feeling depressed and overwhelmed, consider moving around. Exercise releases endorphins, chemicals that provide offer all kinds of mood-boosting perks. In fact, if you’re feeling stressed out, one of the easiest and quickest things you can do to fight your stress is to get some exercise.
  • Relieve pain. People with chronic conditions could consider consulting with their health care professionals to find ways to incorporate exercise into their daily routines. Such activity may reduce their pain levels.
  • Improve overall health. Exercise can improve all aspects of a person’s health. From lowering your risk of certain types of cancers and diabetes to improving your heart health and getting your immune system in tip-top shape, exercise can make your whole body healthier.
  • Help us overcome addictions. If you’re trying to overcome an addiction to alcohol or drugs, regular exercise can play a significant role in recovery. Addiction attacks a person’s physical and mental health, but exercise can help heal both.
  • Promote better sleep. Many people might be having a hard time sleeping right now. It’s not surprising, given that stress, anxiety, worry, and sitting around all day can have a negative effect on your ability to rest. Moving more may boost your mood and tire you out, factors that could help you find better sleep.
Since you know the major benefits of moving more, you might be wondering how you can exercise during this time. Finding fitness may be a challenge. After all, we’re stuck at home, with limited space to move, and don’t have access to gyms and other facilities — or sometimes even other people. We have to be more creative about finding activity, so we could:
  • Take a walk. Many areas still allow outdoor activities such as walking and running. Make the most of it. Get outside and get those legs moving. You’ll feel invigorated and will likely be in a better mood once you’re done. The best part? You don’t have to move for hours to reap the benefits of activity. Even a short 10-minute walk can boost your heart rate and make you feel better in general.
  • Practice yoga. Yoga is an increasingly popular way people are moving more and for good reason. Did you know that yoga helps to improve your overall strength and flexibility? That it can be adapted for people with different health and mobility requirements? Plus, you can practice yoga in your home without a ton of equipment.
  • Dance a little. If you’re a person who hears your favorite song and can’t help but shake it a little, then dancing might be a good form of exercise for you. Dancing is fun, it makes you feel good, and you can get everyone in the house involved. Kids love dancing, so if you’re looking for a quick break to bust the blues, you might want to give it a try.
  • Add steps to your day. You can add steps in your everyday routine and you don’t have to go anywhere to do it. Get up and walk around your house a few times if you’re working from home. Try to get up every hour for a few minutes and you’ll have a day’s worth of activity.
  • Play every day. Get active and play. If you live with kids, kids of all ages, or pets, you can play games and participate in sports with them. You can also use your electronic devices to play and exercise with others online.
While April is Move More Month, you don’t need a special month to get moving. Any time is a great time to start making daily activity a part of your life for good. Sources – Move More Month April 2020 – Benefits of Exercise – The Benefits of Exercise in Addiction Recovery – The Benefits of Yoga

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