World Sleep Day

Who doesn’t like to sleep? How many of us receive the sleep we actually need? Not enough of us. Many websites and products are devoted to the idea of sleep. Fast Company estimated that people spent $69.5 billion globally on products that promised better sleep in just 2017 alone. In addition to feeling good because sleep just feels good, sleep is important. Not receiving enough sleep could contribute to new health conditions or make existing conditions worse. Sleep can help us feel more refreshed. Without it, we may feel stressed. If we’re stressed, we may use drugs or alcohol to soothe this stress. But, using such substances can create even more stress, creating a cycle that can be dangerous, even deadly. To find the sleep we need, we could • Go to sleep roughly at the same time every night. • Arise roughly the same time every morning. • Limit or eliminate drugs and alcohol. • Reduce our screen time before bed. • Keep our bedrooms cool and dark. • Eat well and exercise often. By sleeping well, we create a ripple effect of good physical and mental health. Sources – The $70 billion quest for a good night’s sleep – Hay Fever and Sleep: How to Cope This Allergy Season

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