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World Suicide Prevention Day – Sept 10, 2020

World Suicide Prevention Day occurs every year on September 10th. Suicide is far more common than many people know. The goal of World Suicide Prevention Day is to increase global awareness of this problem and provide resources for people experiencing suicidal thoughts and feelings so that they can seek help before it’s too late.

In the United States, suicide was the tenth most common cause of death in 2018, according to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. There were 1.4 million attempted suicides in 2018, while 48,344 people took their own lives.

It’s also important to consider that an unsuccessful suicide attempt one time could become a fatality another time if people don’t address the causes of their suicidal urges.

What causes people to want to end their lives?

When we hear about a person who takes their own life, we wonder what caused them to feel that life was so horrible that they needed to end it. While some may feel that the actions of the person who perished were selfish, digging deeper usually paints a sad picture.

Many people who take their own lives feel as if there are no other ways out of their situations and that their loved ones would be better off without them.

The Mayo Clinic reports that suicidal thoughts and tendencies are often the result of stressful situations that people feel are insurmountable. Mental disorders such as addictions might exacerbate these situations.

Stressors are often at the root of many of the disorders that cause people to want to end their lives. For example, teens might be bullied by their peers and become depressed. They might begin drinking or using substances to fit in, but they struggle to fight negative feelings. This might feel like a losing battle that is simply too much to handle.

Or, a middle-aged man might lose his job. With endless bills, a diminished self-worth, and concern over how he will support his family, anxiety and depression can rapidly become the norm. He may see suicide as a way to escape.

Help is available

Depression, anxiety, and addiction can cause a person to contemplate suicide. There is help, though, and nobody should ever feel alone or without hope.

Rehab to treat a dual diagnosis (an addiction and another mental illness), medication, and therapy can help people handle depressive or anxious states and help them cope with other emotions. Such treatment can prevent suicide.

Stress, anxiety, and depression are common. Worries about the COVID-19 pandemic, social injustices, the economy, and politics are factors that could cause people to feel isolated, lonely, and more than a little anxious or depressed. Not to mention suicidal.

But learning about suicide risks and the assistance that is available can not only help you but also help you assist loved ones who might be struggling during difficult times.

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