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Anaheim is, surprisingly, the home of Mickey Mouse! The attention that this brings can attract a lot more drug traffic, so the rehab centers of the area have a tall task in treatment. Anaheim offers state-of-the-art treatment for most behavioral or mental health disorders and has the means to treat them well.

Anaheim is located in Orange County and home of Mickey Mouse. Presently, it has more than 350,000 residents, which makes it the biggest in Orange County in terms of population. While it’s home to the Happiest Place on Earth, there’s an alcohol and drug problem that’s creeping under the surface and threatens to take hold of the city, and the whole county as well. There are numerous alcohol treatment centers in Anaheim, drug rehab centers in Anaheim, NA Anaheim, and AA Anaheim that you can go to should you need help with your substance abuse problem.

There’s an increasing trend in the number of people sent to the emergency room due to drug or alcohol-related issues, which also explains why there are numerous rehab facilities in Anaheim because of the demand.

A survey by the Orange County Health Care Agency and Orange County Sheriff-Coroner Department showed an upward trajectory when they mapped out the records from 2013 and 2014. For instance, the number was 489 in 2013 and it shot up to 572 in 2014. Of the cities in the county, Anaheim only trails Huntington Beach in terms of emergency-room visits. This is the challenge faced by local officials, and Anaheim drug rehab centers as well since they don’t seem to make a dent on the problem even with the proactive campaigns to raise awareness on the dangers of drugs and alcohol. Private facilities offering alcohol rehab in Anaheim fill up the gap.

Anaheim is only a microcosm of a drug crisis faced by the county. For instance, according to the Orange County Sheriff-Coroner Division, the number of alcohol and drug overdose deaths ballooned by 82% in the last 2 decades. In fact, almost 700 people die in the county and more than 5,000 others are hospitalized each year because of substance abuse.


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Commonly Used Drugs in Anaheim, CA

Anaheim is a transport route for drugs that are distributed throughout California. Back in 2007, for instance, 121 pounds of heroin, along with 34 pounds of weed, and three pounds of meth were seized from Mexican drug traffickers near Anaheim Plaza. Had the heroin been distributed in the streets, the value would have reached $6 million. At that time, it was the largest haul in whole Orange County.

In 2016, just near Disneyland resort, federal agents seized more than $2 million in cash, which was supposedly laundered money by the Mexican Sinaloa cartel. The most commonly abused drug in Anaheim remains to be alcohol. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported that as many as 88,000 people die from alcohol poisoning every year in the United States. That may not seem much when you think about the 300 million population of the country, but one preventable death is too many considering that a lot could have been done to save that life.

Along with alcohol, rehab centers in Anaheim, California, also accept patients who abuse marijuana, meth, heroin, crack cocaine, cocaine, prescription opioids like fentanyl, morphine, or codeine, as well as inhalants, and to a lesser extent, hallucinogens. Fentanyl is especially insidious because it is 50 times more potent compared to heroin and 100 times stronger compared to morphine. There’s a rising number of fentanyl abuse cases taken in by a typical rehab center in Anaheim. However, meth is the most commonly abused drug based on the admissions of the rehab facilities in Anaheim.

Drug and Alcohol Issues Specific to Anaheim

Various groups and rehabs in Anaheim have been trying to do their bit in at least protecting the residents. For instance, the county has a needle exchange program, which requires the establishment of safe places where drug dependents can shoot up under the watchful eye of a healthcare professional. Back in 2016, when the county was just starting the program, they collected almost 24,000 dirty needles and officials expect the numbers to rise up. Kyle Barbour, the founder of the Orange County Needle Exchange Program, said they were surprised at the number of needles they collected. He said there are some people in Anaheim or Huntington Beach that have yet to hear about the program and as a result, they continue to share dirty needles, which puts them at risk of HIV infections or hepatitis.

Meanwhile, Anaheim has its own drug-free program, which seeks to help addicted individuals find their way to sobriety. The program screens applicants and sends them for treatment. One concern about public Anaheim drug rehab centers, however, is that you will be placed on a long list. The resources of the city are already stretched thin. But AA meetings in Anaheim can provide peer support for people dealing with alcohol abuse disorder.

Unlike some alcohol treatment centers in Anaheim, these Anaheim AA meetings are totally free. In the same vein, NA meetings in Anaheim also provide the same services for free, but for people with drug addiction problem. However, with alcoholics, they need to first check-in with the detox center Anaheim to safely manage the withdrawal symptoms on their way to sobriety. You can look for Anaheim AA meeting schedule from the rehab Anaheim, on the Internet, or local city office.

Substance Abuse in Anaheim, CA, and Colleges

According to the 2012 survey on alcohol and drug use among adults 18 years and older conducted by Orange County Health Care Agency, people who are more likely to abuse alcohol are white college students whose economic status is classified as “affluent.”  Young adults who belong in the 18-24 age range on average drink 3.7 per drinking occasion, which is considered above average. As for drug use, marijuana, cocaine, heroin, prescription opioids, meth, party drugs, and hallucinogens are among the common variety you will see on college campuses. Anaheim rehabilitation centers are helping college students get sober.

Students who are existing in high-stress environments are more likely to be tempted to use drugs or alcohol. For instance, a report published at the National Center for Biotechnology Information showed a high prevalence of drug use among medical students. In fact, the prevalence rate is around 20%. Apparently, their training deludes them into thinking that they can control the cravings until they could not. That means 2 in 10 medical students are likely abusing drugs. The study is not Anaheim-specific but across the United States.

However, a common thread found by Anaheim rehab facilities is that the youth are under constant pressure to fit in. They are likely to use drugs or alcohol if they hang around friends who are also doing it. Apart from drugs and alcohol, they are also dealing with youth gangs, poverty, and the high school turnover rate, the study found.

Types of Treatment for Substance Abuse in Anaheim

Individuals with alcohol and drug abuse problems can benefit from the programs offered by an Anaheim treatment center. There are many types of treatment protocols employed by these facilities. That’s because there’s no single cure to address the multiple gradients of the problem at hand. The important thing is that you are comfortable with the environment you are in and the kind of treatment you will undergo. If your desired type of treatment is unavailable in Anaheim, consider seeking out a rehab facility in Elk Grove.

  • Luxury rehab in Anaheim – Luxury rehab refers to the substance abuse treatment in Anaheim with amenities and luxuries without necessarily compromising the efficacy of the treatment.
  • Medical detox Anaheim – Medical detox is almost always employed by a drug rehab Anaheim to manage the withdrawal symptoms, especially at the initial stages of treatment. Without this intervention, the withdrawal can range from being uncomfortable to downright agonizing. The detox in Anaheim can last from 3 days up to a month, depending on the severity of the problem.
  • Non-12-step rehab in Anaheim – The non-12-step rehab program still relies on the support of peers for the patient to free himself from the grip of addiction. However, the principle is secular as opposed to the 12-step approach, which demands total surrender to a higher power. It is more about being accountable for your actions, having the right motivation to rise above the usual triggers, and finding the right balance to live a fulfilling life.
  • Dual diagnosis rehab in Anaheim – Dual diagnosis rehab is necessary when the patient is dealing with a co-occurring disease; meaning, that there’s a mental illness that is complicating the addiction treatment process. For instance, the patient is already experiencing depression or having suicidal tendencies that threaten his safety. Even if you flush out all the toxins, you are not addressing the whole problem.
  • SMART Recovery Meetings in Anaheim – SMART Recovery is the opposite of the 12 step program. This is for people who are uncomfortable with the Christian teachings in the 12 step method.

Meanwhile, after-care programs are necessary to increase the likelihood of maintaining sobriety, though they can be found all across the state—a rehab in Eureka, California, for example. Alcoholics Anonymous Anaheim or Narcotics Anonymous Anaheim are just some of the groups that offer peer support and advice to help you during the crucial period after leaving the Anaheim rehab.

Paying for the Alcohol and Drug Rehab in California

The common reason for some addicted individuals to refuse treatment is that they don’t have any money. However, treatment centers in Anaheim offer several options for you to cover the costs. Among these are:

  • Private insurance
  • Personal savings
  • Company insurance
  • Installment plans
  • Government programs
  • Subsidy from non-profits
  • Religious organizations

You can call the insurance verification team of the treatment facility to determine your coverage and co-payment. The verification team will also give you sound advice on how to maximize your coverage.

If you or your loved one is struggling with alcohol or drug addiction, help is on the way. There are numerous California rehab centers—such as a rehab center in Fresno, CA—that can help you get back your life. If you think that traveling to California would be the best option for you or your loved one’s treatment, then give us a call and find out more about Chapters Capistrano and Monarch Shores Recovery, our two addiction treatment facilities in California.

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