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Dana Point is a medium-sized coastal city in Orange County with over 33,000 residents. It is recognized for its pristine beaches that attract tourists, especially during the warmer months. Aside from Dana Point being a popular vacation getaway, it is also a location that many consider for their rehab treatment. Many addiction treatment facilities in Dana Point are known for their idyllic settings, which are ideal for mental and physical healing.

Are you thinking about substance abuse treatment in Dana Point, California? Below are some important things you should know before making that decision.

Addiction Facts

California’s coastal cities, which happen to also be the most affluent in the state, have a higher rate of opioid use disorders. According to an article from KPCC, Dana Point has the highest number of emergency room visits related to drug use in Orange County. In particular, prescription opioids are the culprit for these overdose conditions among coastal cities such as Dana Point.

Other drugs that are commonly abused in the city are marijuana and alcohol.

Student Substance Abuse in Dana Point, California Colleges

Substance abuse among students in Dana Point and nearby cities in Orange County is mostly attributed to mental health disorders and environmental pressures. An estimate of almost half of students has at least used marijuana or alcohol in the past month. Some students who engage in parties and gatherings have reports of taking opioids, meth, and MDMA.

What to Look For When Choosing From Rehabs in Dana Point, California


When choosing rehab centers in Dana Point, CA, the main thing to consider is the accreditations that the facility has. Accreditations give a guarantee that the addiction treatment center follows high standards of facility maintenance and quality care.

Some accreditations you can ask about are LegitScript and Joint Commission. These are companies that regulate healthcare facilities in their level of care, licensure of professionals, and facility maintenance.


The demographics are also crucial in your decision-making as this will determine the type of substance abuse treatment that you will receive. As people come from different backgrounds and have varying identities, rehab centers should also have programs that fit the patients’ diverse needs.

You can look into rehab centers that specialize in treatment in certain demographics such as:

  • College students
  • Elderly
  • Veterans and military
  • People with co-occurring mental health disorders
  • People with disabilities
  • Exclusively men or women
  • LGBTQ+

Explain your current status and ask if the treatment center can accommodate your specific needs.


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Patient to Staff Ratio

The patient-to-staff ratio is explained as the number of people that each healthcare worker attends to at any given point. If you are thinking about going as an inpatient in a rehab center, it is best to take note of the facility’s patient-to-staff ratio.

A lower patient-to-staff ratio such as 1 healthcare worker is to 1–4 patients, ensures that you will receive responsive care.

Services Included in Treatment

Services included in the addiction treatment program you’ll be attending will also affect your experience as an inpatient. Think about your needs if you were to stay in a rehab facility. These can include:

  • Quality meals and comfortable lodging
  • Grocery assistance
  • Travel assistance
  • Recreational facilities
  • Availabilities of doctors, counselors, and other healthcare staff
  • Laundry facilities
  • Wi-fi

These additional services will help you have a more comfortable stay as you recover from addiction.

Aftercare Planning Procedures

Aftercare planning procedures are also a great marker of a quality rehab. These programs help ensure that your substance abuse treatment will remain effective even after your discharge from the facility.

High-quality rehab centers can include diet and exercise plans, relapse prevention guides, referrals for checkups, therapy, counseling, and support groups in your local area, or recommendations to continue care as an outpatient. This is a customized program based on how your inpatient rehab turned out over the course of treatment.

Types of Treatment Available

Rehab centers in Dana Point, California, also have different treatment protocols. If you are entering an addiction treatment center for the first time, you can have the best level of success if you find rehabs that offer a wide range of treatment options.

Some of the treatment options you can look into are:

  • 12-Step Rehab: A spiritual approach where each patient is encouraged to surrender themselves to a Higher Power that allows them to overcome substance abuse and other issues that surround the problem.
  • Non-12-Step Rehab: A secular approach where the patient may receive therapy or counseling to address addiction and other related issues.
  • Luxury Rehab: A type of rehab that allows the patient to have access to luxury facilities to receive the highest quality of care and comfort.
  • Inpatient Drug Rehab: Any kind of substance abuse treatment where the patient has to stay in the rehab center to complete intervention in a given timeline.
  • Holistic Rehab: The use of wellness techniques and principles to aid in addiction and mental health problems, such as massage, aromatherapy, reflexology, and others.
  • Dual Diagnosis Rehab: A rehab program that tackles the overlapping problems of substance abuse and mental health disorders.
  • IOP Program: Also called “Intensive Outpatient Program”, it is a treatment where the patient participates in the programs in the facility such as counseling, 12-Step, or holistic treatment but does not stay as an inpatient.
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy: A treatment approach where the therapists help patients identify unhelpful thought patterns in order to change behaviors and actions.
  • Alcohol Rehab: A program dedicated to battling alcohol abuse and specific mental health concerns related to it.
  • Drug Rehab: A program dedicated to addressing narcotic abuse and other mental health concerns that contribute to the addiction.

Treatment Options at Rehab Centers in Dana Point, California

All the treatment options mentioned above are mostly available for both inpatients and outpatients. As an inpatient, you will be staying in the facility for 30–90 days while having a scheduled and customized treatment program within each day.

Outpatients can attend the scheduled programs within the time slot given to them and they can enter and exit the facility once their designated programs end. As you read through the definitions of each treatment option, see which one appears to be a great fit and inquire if the rehab centers of your choice offer such programs.

What to Expect During Inpatient Drug Rehab in Dana Point, California

If you are onboarding as an inpatient in an addiction treatment facility at Dana Point, California, what are the things you can expect? Typically, inpatient treatment consists of three steps, which include assessment, treatment, and aftercare. You can see the outline of each stage below:


Also called the evaluation stage, this first step helps specialists determine your full condition and the triggers that led to your substance abuse problem. They will also determine if you have co-occurring mental health disorders, have a full scope on your health and personal background, plus some lab requirements to know the type of treatment you can benefit from.


The treatment stage usually consists of two steps, which are the medical detox and the treatment proper. The medical detox is done to help stabilize your body and curb your withdrawal symptoms from the addictive substance. This usually lasts for 3–10 days.

The treatment proper is done once you are physically stable and free from the effects of withdrawal. The patient at this stage is now free to attend the recommended and preferred programs such as 12-Step, Non-12-Step, and others.


Aftercare is the program that will be crafted to help prevent relapse once an inpatient is discharged from the treatment center. It includes some referrals to local support groups, counselors, doctors, and therapists, and a complete guide on how to manage stressors and triggers.

Some programs can also include a health regimen, a guide for loved ones to provide support, plus other instructions to improve one’s recovery success.

Paying for Rehabs in Dana Point, California

Another area of concern is how to finance your rehab. According to the Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act, most substance abuse treatments are covered by healthcare insurance with their affiliated providers. Many accredited rehab centers in Dana Point, CA will accept major insurances as long as your policy has the typical healthcare coverage.

Covered California has a comprehensive list of approved healthcare insurance providers within the state. If you are not using insurance as your main mode of payment, you can find other options such as asking your employer for sponsorship, asking for financial help from friends and family, starting a crowdfunding campaign, or taking out a loan. You may reach out to any rehab center to verify your insurance or inquire about other payment options.

Traveling to Dana Point, California Rehab Centers

Dana Point is closest to the major city Irvine, which is about 32 minutes away by land. If you are arriving from the Los Angeles International Airport, the land travel is about an hour and 30 minutes away through the I-5 S.

Other local airports that are close to Dana Point are John Wayne Airport and Santa Ana Airport. If you are planning your travel to the city, you can inquire about travel arrangements available from your rehab center. They may provide you with free pick-up or airport transfers, a travel package, or instructions if you were to go on your own.

Dana Point, California Addiction Treatment Resources


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