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Located on the Pacific coast, San Clemente, California, offers beaches and water activities. The Orange County city was once the part-time home of former U.S. president Richard M. Nixon. He lived in a residence known as La Casa Pacifica and the Western White House.

Nixon’s administration also saw the start of the Drug Enforcement Administration and the war on drugs, but San Clemente and neighboring cities also have drugs, alcohol, substance abuse, and addiction.

From 2011 to 2015, for example, San Clemente recorded an average of 92 emergency department room visits every year. These visits were to treat problems associated with opioid drugs.

Alcohol also causes problems in Orange County. From 2015 to 2019, the county recorded 281 driving deaths due to alcohol impairment. It recorded 935 total driving deaths during that time.

Student Substance Abuse in San Clemente, CA

Drugs are also common among students in San Clemente and other Orange County cities that are collectively known as the South County region.

Students sometimes refer to San Clemente High School as Heroin High because of the prevalence of the drug there. Young people also misuse other opioid drugs in prescription form, sometimes drinking at the same time, a practice that can be particularly dangerous because it can severely depress the respiratory system.

Like other young people across the country and around the world, San Clemente children and teens also use marijuana.

California College Students in San Clemente, California

Some educational institutions near San Clemente, California, include Saddleback College in Mission Viejo and a number of schools in Irvine, including the University of California, Irvine.

The University of California, Irvine (UCI) acknowledges that its students might misuse alcohol, drugs, or vaping products. To improve the health and wellness of its students, the university:

  • Gives students the option to schedule confidential appointments to discuss their substance use.
  • Hosts workshops about alcohol and drugs.
  • Offers an exchange program that lets students trade their vape products for free meals.
  • Allows students to report substance use without repercussions.
  • Provides treatment referrals.

UCI’s website also includes resources about different types of treatment available and other resources that can assist students who are experiencing substance abuse or addiction.


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What to Look for When Choosing from Rehabs in San Clemente, California

Finding rehabs in San Clemente, California, and surrounding might seem overwhelming at first, but looking for specific factors can make the search easier and more manageable.

Such specific factors might include:


Rehab centers and other behavioral health providers should have accreditation and certifications. These designations mean that the providers meet the standards of third-party organizations.

LegitScript provides such certification. It’s an organization that determines if businesses are legitimate and credible, that they provide real assistance and are not misleading scams.

Another accrediting body, The Joint Commission, establishes safety and quality criteria. Rehab providers and other behavioral health care organizations who meet these criteria can better ensure client health and wellness.


It also may be helpful to understand the demographics, or the characteristics of a population, when looking for rehab programs and centers.

According to U.S. Census estimates, the median household income in San Clemente was $110,434 in 2019. San Clemente rehab providers might offer options or charge rates that target people with such incomes, so people searching for assistance might want to consider whether these options will also suit them.

Client-to-Staff Ratio

Client-to-staff ratios describe how many staff members can assist clients in a rehab program or center.

Lower client-to-staff ratios mean that each staff member has fewer clients. With fewer clients, staff members can spend more time with clients and provide more focused care.

Services Included in Treatment

Various types of treatment are available for various people and various addictions, so there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution to treat addiction or substance abuse. Some common types of rehab or rehab approaches in San Clemente, CA, might include:

  • Luxury rehab offers treatment and activities in luxurious environments and locations (centers near the coast, for example).
  • Inpatient drug rehab and alcohol rehab allows clients to stay at their treatment facilities to provide comprehensive care and remove them from addiction triggers.
  • IOP/IOPs (intensive outpatient programs) provide thorough addiction treatment while allowing clients to live at home.
  • Holistic rehab incorporates options that treat the spirit and the mind in addition to the body.
  • Dual diagnosis rehab recognizes that mental illnesses often accompany substance use disorders and treats both.
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) aims to change clients’ thoughts and feelings to ultimately change their behaviors.
  • Aftercare planning procedures strive to strengthen clients’ recoveries and prevent relapses.

Support Groups

Support groups can be valuable sobriety tools. These groups in and around San Clemente and Orange County allow people to meet with and learn from others who have had problems with drugs and alcohol.

12-Step Rehab

Some support groups use a series of twelve steps in their recovery programs. A few 12-step groups include:

Peer support can help people in treatment and after they leave their treatment programs.

Non 12-Step Rehab

Other support groups use different tactics instead of 12-step programs:

In addition to face-to-face meetings, support groups might take the form of video or audio meetings, phone calls, online chats, or other formats.

Treatment Options at Rehab Centers in San Clemente, California

Care and treatment options at rehab centers in San Clemente, California are as varied as the people who seek assistance and their addictions.

Some people might require medications to ease withdrawal symptoms, while others might require specific therapeutic approaches. Still others may prefer addressing their mind and spirit with holistic approaches such as yoga or meditation.

To learn about this variety, people should talk with their preferred treatment providers to arrange care that’s as unique as they are.

Veterans Affairs Addiction Treatment

Near San Clemente is the north entrance to Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton. Thousands of U.S. Marines and their families live or work on the base, while thousands of active duty service members, veterans, and their families live near it, an area that includes San Clemente and surrounding areas.

The military thus has a presence in San Clemente and surrounding areas. At the same time, alcohol and drug use is common among people affiliated with the military. Some use it to cope with mental or physical injuries they sustained during their service.

Orange County veterans, active duty service members, and their families can access the county’s Network of Care to find assistance for behavioral health, substance use, and several other areas.

Traveling to San Clemente, California Rehab Centers

Accessing San Clemente, California, addiction treatment resources might involve some travel. People traveling to the area might want to fly into John Wayne International Airport in nearby Santa Ana, California.

If they’re traveling by train, people can disembark at the Amtrak station in San Clemente Pier. To arrange additional  transportation, people can speak with their chosen rehab providers

Paying for Rehabs in San Clemente, California

Rehab treatment in San Clemente, CA, and surrounding areas can be expensive. The cost might scare some people from considering it.

But there are ways to finance care. People can:

  • Borrow money from loved ones or banks.
  • Ask rehab providers if they can bill on sliding scales.
  • Create installment plans to pay for their care.
  • Apply for scholarships or grants.

People can find ways to find (and fund) effective treatment.


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