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Posted on December 12 , 2018
The brain is an organ of the body that must function properly to ensure survival. Individuals can adapt to their environment and live happy and healthy lifestyles when the brain functions well. However, when individuals are addicted to drugs or alcohol, their brains could end up functioning improperly. Addiction is […]

Posted on December 07 , 2018
Arguably, the Harrison Narcotics Tax Act was one of the most impactful federal laws created in the twentieth century. The act was one of the first laws that effectively criminalized the production, importing, manufacturing, compounding, selling, and distributing of opium and coca leaves (the leaves often used to make cocaine). […]

Posted on December 06 , 2018
  A renowned addiction doctor believes trauma is the underlying cause of drug abuse. Dr. Daniel Sumrok and others don’t consider reliance on drugs or alcohol to be an addiction. Instead, they say that drug and alcohol use is ritualized compulsive comfort-seeking. It’s an attempt to relieve the pain of […]

Posted on December 05 , 2018
Reports from Ohio – the U.S. state that experienced the most opioid-related deaths in 2016 – have claimed that medical cannabis can be used as an effective treatment for opioid addiction. Dr. F. Stuart Leeds has been gathering and compiling information about using marijuana as a medical treatment for various disorders. Some […]

Posted on December 04 , 2018
While staying in an addiction rehab center, you learn about the sources of your addiction, how to cope in healthy ways, how to prevent a relapse, how to maintain a recovery lifestyle, and fun and sober ways to live your life. All the things you learn while going to rehab can […]

Posted on November 30 , 2018
Illicit drugs are not only ruining our society but also causing damage to the environment. For more than 50 years, the war on drugs has failed to yield results, and the policies put in place appear counterproductive. The policy framework for fighting drug use has only focused on dealing with […]

Posted on November 29 , 2018
Addiction is an ugly thing that has changed your behavior and brought out the worst in you. Drugs and alcohol use harms your body in many ways and destroys many relationships that surround you.  Once this disease took hold, your priorities mostly revolved around the substance. This means you barely have […]

Posted on November 28 , 2018
Talk about famous operas, and these things immediately come to mind: women clad in long, flowing gowns and men in crisp, black tuxedos engaged in a vocal duel on stage; bright klieg lights and ever-shifting scenes that are in sync with the music; and bespectacled, high-society patrons seated in the […]

Posted on November 27 , 2018
Like common colds and flu, addiction has no cure. People who have suffered from addiction can never be completely cured. Addiction does not have an antidote despite the advancement in modern technology and the availability of vaccines. But you can learn how to manage. You can acquire the skills necessary to […]

Posted on November 20 , 2018
The holidays can be challenging for people trying to stay sober, whether it has been only a few months or years. There are so many parties during this time that all seem to revolve around alcohol. It is also stressful for many because of money, shopping, family, and other obligations. […]

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