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Posted on November 16 , 2018
Deciding to seek help for substance abuse can sometimes be scary and overwhelming. Considering the various treatment options available to patients, it may not be easy to know how to choose. Substance abuse treatment should be tailored to meet the individual’s needs. You may find that what works best for […]

Posted on November 15 , 2018
Meditation is among the most studied options in assisting a person in addiction recovery. The practices in yoga for breathing and mindfulness are seen as an alternative, complementary approach to treating addiction and rehabilitation. Specific meditation poses have been identified as an essential part of the mindful, holistic training that […]

Posted on November 14 , 2018
Many researchers claim the effectiveness of exercise when it comes to aiding addiction recovery. What are the best ways to incorporate physical activity into your recovery plan? Read further to find out more. Recovery can be a long journey that will sometimes be a lifelong process. This is why recovery […]

Posted on November 13 , 2018
Light therapy can treat Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), also known as seasonal depression or winter depression. Common symptoms of winter depression are: Lack of motivation and energy Decreased libido Difficulty getting sleep Difficulty waking up Fatigue Increased appetite Sullenness A desire to remain indoors Unlike nonseasonal depression, symptoms of SAD […]

Posted on November 09 , 2018
  Recovery can be a difficult road. Making a treatment plan that works for you is very important and it can be beneficial to include both traditional and holistic treatments. One of the best holistic treatments to add to a recovery plan is the use of essential oils.  Here are […]

Posted on November 07 , 2018
  Marijuana, commonly known as weed, pot, or other names, refers to the flowers, leaves, seeds, and stems of Cannabis indica or Cannabis sativa plants. It contains different chemicals, such as tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), a chemical that can cause psychological effects.  Marijuana is illegal on the federal level in the United States, although a growing […]

Posted on November 02 , 2018
We have heard sad stories of celebrities and ordinary people dying young due to a drug overdose. We are also aware of the government’s effort to lessen, if not eradicate, drug addiction not only because of the crimes associated with it but also because it destroys entire communities. With all […]

Posted on October 31 , 2018
It’s easy to feel miserable and helpless when facing challenges. In these difficult times, you feel like it’s better to give up and accept defeat. When you are down, you won’t find things to be thankful for, resulting in hopelessness and depression. These negative feelings are even stronger when one […]

Posted on October 26 , 2018
Substance use is something powerful that can take hold of a person’s life. Even the smallest triggers can cause distress and bring an individual to relapse. What are some ways that you, as a loved one, can help someone in recovery? Recovery is a tough phase in any former substance […]

Posted on October 24 , 2018
George Jung is to the United States what Pablo Escobar was to Colombia. George Jung is a widely-renowned former drug trafficker and smuggler who has been in and out of prison since the early 70s. Being given the nickname “El Americano” and “Boston George,” Jung undeniably played a major role in the […]

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