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Using and selling methamphetamine (meth) often leads to severe consequences. That’s what two Corpus Christi residents discovered in 2019. A district court judge sentenced the residents to federal prison for selling crystal meth and using firearms to do so. While this couple may be behind bars, meth remains a threat […]

Colorado’s legal recreational marijuana market doesn’t protect against other drug crimes. People don’t stop abusing other substances just because there’s a legal one available. Substance abuse treatment in Colorado is still needed, especially since the state has the highest rate of adults with unmet substance abuse treatment needs in the […]

Posted on April 19 , 2022
Alcohol is a problem everywhere, and Lubbock, Texas, is no exception. The city has recorded multiple alcohol-related accidents, and many of these accidents have been fatal. In previous years, the number of vehicle-based fatalities related to alcohol in Lubbock has totaled: 18 fatalities in 2017. 10 fatalities in 2018. 21 […]

Posted on April 15 , 2022
Top Addiction Counselors in Aurora, IL Addiction is marked by compulsive substance abuse, cravings, trying to quit but being unable to, a growing tolerance, and withdrawal symptoms when you try to stop. It tends to interfere with one’s life, causing one to avoid or neglect important activities or responsibilities, sometimes […]

Posted on April 14 , 2022
Addiction Counselors in Pueblo, Colorado Colorado continues to have lower rates of substance abuse than most U.S. states, but the number of overdose deaths has increased during the COVID-19 pandemic. And since the state still leads the nation in the highest rate of people with unmet substance abuse treatment needs, […]

Just Diagnosed? Here’s What You May Be Feeling  Stomach cancer accounted for most cancer deaths in the 20th century in America. In 2022, however, it only accounts for about 1.5% of cancer diagnoses. Though that’s good news, a diagnosis of stomach cancer still might leave you feeling anxious, uncertain, and […]

Top Addiction Counselors in Lakewood, Colorado The abuse of drugs such as heroin, prescription opioids, methamphetamine (meth), cocaine, and benzodiazepines has always carried risks. Now the adulteration of the drug supply with fentanyl has increased that risk manyfold. Even the one-time use of a single pill, obtained from a friend […]

Posted on April 12 , 2022
Top Addiction Counselors in Chicago People drink alcohol or use drugs for a number of reasons. Feeling good or feeling better are two of them. When someone suffers from trauma, depression, or anxiety, they might resort to substances as a form of self-medication. Continued use, especially in greater amounts, can […]

Top Addiction Counselors in Commerce City Colorado Springs is the second-most populous city in Colorado and the largest city in Adams County, itself the state’s fifth-largest county. It’s not surprising, then, that Colorado Springs has a substance abuse problem. Colorado’s drug overdose death rate is fairly low among the states—only […]

Top Addiction Counselors in Schaumburg, IL Addiction can affect anyone. Young or old. Wealthy or poor. Black or white. Gay or straight. No demographic is immune. Drug addiction, in particular the opioid crisis, has hit the area hard. Cook County’s government estimates that 2021’s opioid overdoses are on track to […]

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