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Colorado has been having problems with its drug crisis as the number of deaths related to drugs has climbed higher in the past years. As reported by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, 880 deaths, 470 of which were related to opioids and 408 to non-opioid, were recorded for 2015, while 912 deaths, 504 of which were related to opioids and 408 to non-opioid, were recorded for 2016. From 2015 to 2016, the number of deaths caused by drug overdose rose by 4%.

In 2017, the number of people ages 18 and older who needed treatment for their substance use disorder but did not receive any, reached a staggering 67,128. With this high number, it is important that treatment facilities, centers, and hospitals are easily accessed and available for individuals seeking and needing recovery.

Aurora is a municipality, with an estimated population of 366,623 people, located in the state of Colorado. As part of Colorado, Aurora is also affected by the problem of drugs and alcohol. Whether it’s alcohol, or opioids such as heroin, fentanyl, codeine, morphine, and other drugs, people can get access to these substances easily. Fortunately, there are facilities for substance abuse treatment in Aurora that individuals can go to for recovery treatments.

Substance Abuse for College Students in Colorado

A survey conducted by Rise Above Colorado shows that an increase from 33% in 2013 to 46% in 2016, was observed with the use of alcohol among teenagers. The use of substances such as prescription painkillers, marijuana, meth, and stimulants, on the other hand, remained stable. Younger and younger people have been dealing with drug and alcohol addiction and many are seeking alcohol treatment in Boulder or other Colorado cities.

For college students in Colorado, universities and colleges such as the Community College of Aurora have policies for their students and employees regarding the use of alcohol and drugs. To assist with the prevention of alcohol and drug use as well as the reduction of alcohol and drug abuse cases, universities and colleges also offer drug education and prevention programs. On-campus counseling is also readily available for students and employees seeking help for drug and alcohol problems. Some students choose to seek alcohol treatment in Colorado Springs. Others rely on Denver’s alcohol treatment options.

It is important that college students can easily and immediately seek help for their problems with addiction. Family, friends, and the school must provide them with the support that they need and guide them to a facility that can treat them.


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Types of Treatments Offered in Aurora Rehabilitation Centers

Treatment centers in Aurora offer different programs and treatments that cater to the different needs of each patient.

12-step rehab in Aurora provides individuals with a place to support and help one another recover and abstain from the substances they are addicted to as well as the harmful behaviors they do. The 12-step program heavily emphasizes spirituality. In order to recover, the patient must work together with peers to stay clean and stay clear from their addiction. Most importantly they surrender their beings to a higher being and believe that they can heal through the power and grace of the higher being.

For those who do not wish to be bound by religious rules, there is a non-12 step rehab in Aurora that they can join. These rehabs in Aurora let patients realize that addiction is a chronic disease that can be treated with the right approach. In turn, non-12 step Aurora rehab centers promote the pursuit of knowledge and empowerment through behavioral changes and other science-based approaches for recovery. Patients can also choose alcohol treatment in Pueblo or rely on Greeley’s alcohol treatment options.

As part of a non-secular treatment approach, SMART Recovery Meetings in Aurora also known as Self-Management and Recovery Training can provide the patients with the training to focus their minds and attention to control the urges and cravings that they have for the substances. These training and techniques are based on scientific research. With the meetings and other support resources through rehab in Aurora, patients can develop and deepen motivation, manage their urges, handle their feelings, thoughts, and behaviors, and regain a balanced life.

There are instances when addiction and mental disorders co-occur. Other times, one can be the result of the other. Since an effective treatment must address all the issues and needs of the individual, rehab centers Aurora has experts and professionals that know how to deal with mental health and drug addiction. Dual diagnosis rehab in Aurora can treat both the conditions of mental disorder and addiction. Alcohol treatment in Westminster is also available.

There are also specialty rehab centers in Aurora that will make you feel the most comfortable. The luxury rehab in Aurora offers a comfortable place for you to recover from your addiction. Aside from the treatment and programs patients will be receiving, the gorgeous and soothing atmosphere can help make recovery easier.

Aurora Drug Rehab Centers

In2016, 10.6% of persons aged 12 and older were reported to have used illicit drugs in the past month, while 2.3% of persons aged 12 and older were reported to have used a psychotherapeutic drug for non-medical purposes in the past month. As a chronic disease, addiction can cause harmful effects to a person’s physical, mental, emotional, financial, and spiritual health. Effective treatment from any Aurora drug rehab would include addressing underlying issues aside from substance use.

Drug rehab centers in Aurora offer various treatments and programs for those who wish to recover from drug addiction. Treatments may be:

Addiction varies from person to person. What challenges one experiences may vary with another individual. Admitting that you need treatment is the first step of recovery. The second is accepting or seeking treatment. Treatment must fit with the specific needs of the individual to be effective. With various treatments and programs available in drug rehab Aurora, finding the treatment that best fits your needs is possible. Drug rehab in Aurora can help you or your loved one recover from addiction and go back to a normal life.

Alcohol Treatment Centers Aurora

The prevalence of alcohol use in the United States is quite alarming. In 2015, an estimated number of 623,000 persons aged 12 to 17 have been reported to have alcohol use disorder. The same report shows that an estimated number of 15.1 million people aged 18 and older have alcohol use disorder. Like drug addiction, alcohol use disorder is also a chronic disease that causes a person to have an uncontrollable urge to use alcohol, loss of control when consumed, and a negative emotional effect when not consumed. Similar to drug rehab Aurora, CO, treatment centers for alcohol rehab Aurora can help patients recover through the various programs provided.

Aurora treatment center for alcohol addiction includes treatments such as:

  • 12-step program
  • Non-12 step treatment
  • Detox program
  • Dual diagnosis program
  • Luxury rehab
  • SMART recovery

Individuals undergoing alcohol addiction can also seek help from Alcoholics anonymous Aurora. AA Aurora welcomes individuals who are undergoing alcohol addiction, as well as non-alcoholics who wish to observe and introduced to the principles of AA. Non-alcoholics can attend open Aurora AA meetings, however, only those with problems in drinking can attend closed AA meetings Aurora. To check the Aurora AA meeting schedule, you can visit the website of Colorado AA.

There are also rehab facilities in Aurora for those addicted to narcotics. Narcotics anonymous Aurora is similar to AA Aurora in which a 12-step program is used to help individuals in recovery. NA Aurora does not focus on any particular drug, rather NA meetings in Aurora focuses on addiction as a whole and aims to treat it.

Treatment Facilities with Detox in Aurora

Some of the time, addiction may not be severe, and individuals may be only recommended to go to a detox program. Other individuals can also be required to go to detox before starting treatment in rehabilitation facilities in Aurora. Treatment centers offering detox Aurora can help patients flush out the toxic substances out of their bodies. This can sometimes be dangerous since withdrawal symptoms of some drugs can be life-threatening if not supervised and done properly. 
Detox center Aurora also offers medical-assisted detox to patients. Medical detox Aurora has a staff of nurses and doctors trained to supervise and help patients 24/7 while they detox. Medical detox can provide patients with medical assistance and services including medicines that minimize the symptoms of withdrawal for a safe and comfortable process.

Payment for Treatment Centers in Colorado

Getting admitted in rehab facilities in or near Aurora can cause a strain on your wallet. Treatment can be expensive but receiving treatment for your substance use disorder is very important. Individuals who wish to seek recovery for themselves or their loved ones can pay Aurora rehab facilities through their insurance or privately.

Luckily there are insurance companies that cover mental health and substance use disorders in their plans. The insurance benefits that a patient can receive may depend on their insurance plan as well as the state they are receiving their treatment from. To check your insurance benefit for Aurora rehab, verify through our insurance verification form. For those who don’t have insurance, organizations and foundations such as the Colorado Health Foundation can provide you with funds to pay for rehab Aurora. There is also state insurance such as Medicaid that can help pay for treatment. If you think that traveling to Colorado then give us a call and find out more about Mountain Springs Recovery, our addiction treatment facilities in Colorado.

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