Drug Treatment in Fort Collins, CO

Drug rehab in Fort Collins, CO, and nearby areas is necessary due to the opioid epidemic. Fentanyl, in particular, has hit the area hard. Drug detox treatment can help people break free of these substances and live healthier, happier lives.

Fort Collins, Colorado, is home to history, majestic nature, and Colorado State University. It holds appeal to nature lovers and city dwellers alike. It’s home to many craft breweries and Anheuser-Busch.

The city is part of Larimer County. Both community and county have been affected not only by drug abuse but also by binge drinking.

A Need for Drug Addiction Treatment in Fort Collins, CO

Some people could benefit from substance use disorder treatment in Fort Collins, CO, and areas in the vicinity.

Larimer County is part of the Rocky Mountain High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area (RMHIDTA). The group works with state, federal, and local authorities to battle drug trafficking in the region. The RMHIDTA spans 30 counties that make up parts of Colorado, Montana, Utah, and Wyoming. Denver, which is just south of Larimer County, is the base for the RMHIDTA.

There have been several major drug busts in the area in recent years. Operation Two Birds One Stone, of which the Fort Collins police is a part, uncovered 4,500 fentanyl pills and 12 pounds of methamphetamine in a May 2021 sting operation. The bust also found thousands of dollars of stolen property, guns, heroin, and cocaine.

According to the Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment, drug overdose deaths have been on the rise for Larimer County. In 2015, there were 52 fatalities. For 2016, the number dipped to 39 but jumped to 50 for 2017 and 2018, 51 for 2019, and 57 for 2020.

In Denver, there were 370 overdose deaths for 2020, and 159 included fentanyl. In comparison, 56 of 225 drug fatalities in 2019 included the opioid. Fentanyl factored into approximately one in four overdose deaths in Denver in 2019, and by 2020 it factored into more than four in 10. Fentanyl is especially problematic because it is so potent. As little as two milligrams can be deadly, and it’s being cut into street drugs more and more, raising the risk of overdose.

Using evidence-based treatments, drug rehab facilities in Fort Collins, CO, and surrounding areas are prepared to help people overcome opioid addiction.


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What Do Drug Detox Centers in Fort Collins, CO, Do?

Before a person can undergo treatment for a substance use disorder, they may need to first go to a drug detox facility in Fort Collins, CO, and get detoxed.

Detoxification is typically the first stage of drug addiction treatment. Here, the body is cleared of drugs. Withdrawal occurs as the body rids itself of substances, and the symptoms can be extremely uncomfortable and—in some instances—dangerous. Alcohol, opioids, and benzodiazepines can be especially problematic to quit cold turkey. But quitting most drugs—when a strong dependence has set in—can be painful. Withdrawal symptoms can include:

  • Cravings
  • Vomiting and nausea
  • Insomnia
  • Anxiety
  • Tremors
  • Fatigue

There are many more symptoms, depending on what a person is addicted to. Because it can be such an ordeal, inpatient substance use disorder treatment in Fort Collins, CO, and surrounding areas can address that. Usually, it’ll take around-the-clock medical care and medication—medically managed withdrawal—to alleviate discomfort. Once the patient is clear of substances, it tends to be easier to focus on recovery.

How Inpatient Drug Rehabs in Fort Collins, CO, Can Help

People seeking treatment options may wish to look into inpatient drug rehab centers in Fort Collins, CO.

It’s also referred to as residential treatment, and these facilities have people essentially live on-site while they receive care and therapy for their substance use disorder.

Some patients might stay 30 days, while others elect to (or are approved by insurance) stay 60, 90, or more days. A longer treatment period (three months) tends to have better outcomes in preventing relapse.

Benefits of inpatient rehab include:

  • Being away from people, places, things, and situations that could spark a relapse
  • Quick access to medical pros in case of emergency
  • A chance to develop a deeper understanding of the patient’s needs and what may have fueled their addictive behaviors
  • Recovery set apart from outside temptations and distractions

Evidence-based treatment at a drug rehab facility in Fort Collins, CO, may help a patient attain a more permanent recovery.

Features of Inpatient Drug Rehab in Fort Collins, CO

No facility offers the exact same treatment, but there are common features at many rehabs, including at a drug detox center in Fort Collins, CO, and areas in and around Colorado. They tend to include:

  • Assessment. A full health screening determines what needs care right away and also helps shape a treatment plan.
  • Detox. The patient gets clean of drugs or alcohol. Medication can reduce the severity of withdrawal symptoms.
  • Therapy. This usually includes both group and one-on-one care. The goal is to help the patient understand why they use and to develop healthier alternatives.
  • Activities. Rehab isn’t all therapy. There’s time for leisure, too, in group outings or various activities. If there’s a gym or pool, it’ll be a way to get exercise. If nature is nearby, hikes might be in the forecast.
  • Support groups. The patient meets peers who are in the same situation, so they can share advice, setbacks, challenges, and wins.
  • Aftercare. Here, the patient is readied for life after rehab. It’ll include a plan to check back with the rehab, support groups, or outpatient treatment. The aim is to keep the patient focused on recovery.

These are a few of the things one might expect from drug rehabs in Fort Collins, CO, and surrounding areas. Evidence-backed therapies that include detox, treatment, and aftercare can help a person achieve lasting sobriety. It’s rarely an easy journey, but with the right treatment, it’s doable. And life-saving.


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