Alcohol Treatment in Lakewood, CO

Alcohol rehab in Lakewood, CO, and nearby areas may be needed due to alcohol abuse. Colorado has lots of breweries, plenty of binge drinking, and the Lakewood area next door to heavy-drinking Denver. Alcohol detox treatment can help a person quit drinking and help them live a healthier life.

Lakewood is one of Colorado’s largest cities, located just a few miles outside of Denver. The area is no stranger to heavy drinking. One in four Denverites binge drink (four or more drinks in 2 hours for women, or five or more drinks for men). Heavy drinking (15 or more drinks a week for men, or eight for women) is no rare occurrence, either, both in Denver or Colorado overall.

It could be because of low alcohol taxes, but among the things Colorado is known for is its thriving beer culture. Among states with the highest number of craft breweries, Colorado ranks fourth (behind California, New York, and Pennsylvania). In contrast, population-wise, Colorado places 21st. (Pennsylvania has nearly the same amount of craft beer breweries as Colorado, but more than double the population.)

A Need for Alcohol Addiction Treatment in Lakewood, CO

With high rates of binge and heavy alcohol consumption throughout Colorado, there is definitely a demand for substance abuse treatment centers in Lakewood, CO, and surrounding areas.

The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment shares some statistics on binge drinking in the Centennial State:

  • One in five adults binge drinks, averaging seven drinks per occasion, four times a month
  • One in six high school students binge drinks
  • 882 Coloradoans die every year as a result of binge drinking

The department also analyzed excessive drinking trends, which amounts to binge drinking, underage drinking, heavy drinking, or any drinking done by pregnant women. Excessive drinking costs the state economy $5 billion every year.

Treating alcohol use disorder (also known as alcoholism) can be challenging. Still, by using evidence-backed therapy, inpatient alcohol rehabs in Lakewood, CO, are prepared to help people achieve lasting sobriety.


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The Risks of Abusing Alcohol

Drinking to excess can be harmful in many ways. Not only can it result in accidents and assaults, but it can lead to countless health problems. Substance abuse treatment in Lakewood, CO, can help a person get sober and stay that way.

Some of the immediate dangers of drinking to excess include:

  • Injuries from falls and accidents
  • Homicide, sexual assaults, or suicide
  • Alcohol poisoning
  • Unintended pregnancy or sexually transmitted diseases

Long-term risks include:

  • Heart disease, stroke, liver disease
  • Various cancers
  • Lowered immune functioning
  • Learning, memory problems
  • Mental health issues (like anxiety)
  • Problems on the job or in personal relationships

One other risk of long-term or heavy alcohol abuse is alcohol use disorder. Alcohol rehabs in Lakewood, CO, are equipped to treat the issue. Symptoms of AUD include:

  • Being unable to limit the amount you drink
  • Trying to quit and not being able to
  • Strong alcohol cravings
  • Drinking even though it causes trouble at home, school, or on the job
  • Doing dangerous things while drinking
  • Needing more alcohol to achieve the same effect
  • Having withdrawal symptoms when not drinking

If alcohol consumption is consuming your life, that’s the sign of a problem. If you drink frequently enough, you may feel extremely ill as the alcohol fades from your system. An alcohol detox facility in Lakewood, CO, using evidence-based treatment can help a person through withdrawal and ready them for sobriety.

What to Expect from Alcohol Detox in Lakewood, CO

Before undergoing treatment for AUD, a person might need to first go to an inpatient alcohol rehab in Lakewood, CO, and undergo detoxification.

Detox is the first stage of treating alcohol addiction (and other substance use disorders). Here, the body is cleansed of drugs or alcohol. As the toxins leave a person’s system, they’ll experience withdrawal. Those symptoms can be agonizing. The stronger a person’s dependence on alcohol, the harder it can be to stop. Anxiety, depression, tremors, headaches, nausea, vomiting, headaches, and more can set in.

If the withdrawal is severe, they may develop delirium tremens. Symptoms include:

  • Hallucinations
  • Fever
  • Seizures
  • Confusion

In such situations, medical oversight is a must. An alcohol detox center in Lakewood, CO, should be prepared to offer around-the-clock monitoring and care. They’ll check the patient’s vitals, administer medications and fluids via IV, and keep the patient tranquilized and comfortable until withdrawal is finished.

Once the patient is clear of toxins, it’ll be easier to get to work on therapy.

How Addiction Treatment in Lakewood, CO, Can Help

People in search of treatment for AUDs might want to consider inpatient alcohol rehab centers in Lakewood, CO.

Also called residential treatment, patients will remain at the center as they receive therapy and care for their substance abuse.

Stays might last 30 days but can go on longer, for 60, 90, or even 120 days. (The exact length of stay will depend on the patient’s needs, their budget, and what their insurance will permit.) Usually, three months or more of treatment results in better outcomes against relapsing.

Advantages of inpatient rehab include:

  • A break from people, locations, things, and situations that may trigger falling off the wagon
  • Quick access to medical care should it become necessary
  • A chance to develop a deeper understanding of what caused the addiction
  • More time to adjust to sobriety and perfect coping mechanisms

Evidence-backed care at inpatient alcohol rehabs in Lakewood, CO, can help a person recover.

Features of Alcohol Rehab in Lakewood, CO

Every rehab center will offer something unique to patients, but many facilities share some common ground, including at an addiction treatment center in Lakewood, CO, and surrounding areas. Some things a patient could expect from rehab include:

  • Assessment. The patient gets a full health screen, so the center knows what to treat right away. The information is also helpful for creating a treatment plan.
  • Detox. The patient gets free of drugs and/or alcohol. Medication may help the process along, so withdrawal is less of an ordeal.
  • Therapy. This includes group and individual counseling. The aim is to help the patient understand what led them to use as well as to develop healthier alternatives to drinking.
  • Activities. Rehab is work, but patients enjoy some leisure time, both after the day’s treatments and on weekends when outings and recreation might be planned.
  • Support groups. Patients gather with peers to discuss challenges and victories as well as share advice.
  • Aftercare. Here, the patient readies for life after inpatient rehab. It can include contacts and information for support groups closer to home and plans to check in with the rehab or counselors, so the focus remains on recovery.

These are just a few of the things a person could expect from an alcohol rehab facility in Lakewood, CO.


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