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Westminster, a charming suburb of Denver, Colorado, is home to Rocky Mountain’s magnificent view, excellent schools, and stunning landscapes. Then again, despite its lovely exterior, Westminster has succumbed to alcohol addiction and drug abuse.

There has been a global opioid epidemic affecting different countries, states, and cities all over the world and Colorado wasn’t able to escape this dreadful event. Over the years, the number of deaths related to opioid overdose significantly increased and to add insult to injury, Colorado is the lone state in the entire United States with heavy consumption of alcohol, non-medical opioids, cocaine, and marijuana.

If you or a loved one is silently suffering from alcohol or drug abuse, there are treatment facilities in Westminster that can help you deal with your addiction problem. Don’t be afraid of the stigma, get the help you need because after all, it’s you who’ll live your life.

Most Commonly Abused Drugs in Westminster

An event that has tremendously contributed to the increase in alcohol and drug abuse in Colorado is the legalization of cannabis. Compared to other areas in the country, Colorado’s substance abuse rate remained stable after the legalization of weed but the age of use has drastically reduced. The seriousness of the problem has even prompted cause-oriented groups like Rise Above Colorado and The Colorado Meth Projects to launch campaigns with the vision of empowering the youth to live and thrive in an environment free from substance abuse.

In the 2016 Survey conducted by the Rise Above Colorado movement, these statistics were revealed:

  • Teenagers who experience 6 or more stressful days in a month used marijuana and alcohol at a rate twice than their peers who don’t have the same stressful experiences.
  • Teenagers belonging to the 15-year-old age group showed the highest rate of marijuana users with 35% of the total respondent population.
  • In terms of stimulant and pain reliever abuse, those in the 15-year-old age group also showed the highest user rate, garnering 27 percent for both categories.

Even if cocaine and heroin are more dangerous than alcohol, it must be remembered that alcohol, once misused or abused, can be just as dangerous. Based on reports coming from various government statistics, more than 15 million Americans are dependent on alcohol.

One of the most pressing and unique concerns by people of Westminster is the increasing surge in the number of people who have been using spice, a kind of drug which is known as the street name of synthetic cannabis and can cause seizures, vomiting, disturbing hallucinations, and distressing psychotic episodes. People who have been using spice were said to have experienced more severe withdrawal syndrome compared to crack cocaine and heroin.

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Substance Abuse for College Students in Westminster

In Westminster, Westminster College operates a Wellness Center that facilitates outreach programs like alcohol-free events, educational presentations, and campus lectures on topics like drug safety and alcohol responsibility. They also have a program called the Brief Alcohol Screening and Intervention for College Students (BASICS) Program, which advocates for the assumption of a proactive and healthy standpoint when it comes to substance use. Students who can’t access rehab in Westminster may find the help they need at rehab centers in Colorado Springs. Rehabs in Greeley are also helpful.

Different Kinds of Treatments Available

There are 6 main types of programs offered by substance abuse treatment in or near Westminster rehabs — 12 step program offered by rehab centers in Westminster, non-12 step program by rehab centers Westminster, dual diagnosis treatment offered by rehab facilities in Westminster, medical detox in Westminster rehabilitation centers, luxury rehab treatment by rehabs in Westminster, and Faith addiction treatment programs offered by drug rehab in Westminster. Others choose rehabs in Littleton and rehabs in Longmont remain a popular choice as well.

Most treatments usually start with inpatient rehab and move toward outpatient therapy, on top of meetings with support groups like AA Westminster or NA Westminster. Joining the meetings of Alcoholic Anonymous Westminster or Narcotics Anonymous Westminster will help the patient minimize their tendencies for relapse.

  • 12 Step Program offered by Westminster treatment centers: This type of treatment option is best for patients who are comfortable with the teachings and principles adhered by the Alcoholics Anonymous. It’s also offered at rehabs in Thornton.
  • Non-12 Step Rehab: This particular program believes in the concept of responsibility, self-motivation, acceptance, and accountability as guiding principles towards addiction treatment and recovery.
  • Medical Detox: Medical detox is a process facilitated to prepare the person’s body for treatment by removing toxins and chemicals that have accumulated due to prolonged abuse of addictive substances.
  • Dual Diagnosis Rehab: There are also patients who suffer both from addiction and an accompanying mental disease. In this case, the most suitable treatment option would be dual diagnosis offered by treatment centers in Westminster since in this approach, both conditions are being treated to understand the underlying cause of the patient’s addiction problem.
  • SMART Recovery Meetings : When a patient joins a SMART Recovery program in a rehab, he will get an opportunity to join therapy sessions with other people who are also struggling with substance addiction. It motivates patients to continue treatment and helps them cope with urges.
  • Faith Programs: This type of program offered by drug rehab Westminster CO is best for patients who feel like they have lacked in their spirituality because of addiction. Here, their spirituality is being awakened to help them cope with their alcohol or drug addiction.
  • Luxury Rehab: In these kinds of rehab facilities in or near Westminster, patients are pampered with great amenities and in most rehab in Westminster, once a patient enters into luxury rehab, he is permitted to bring his smartphones and laptops to keep contact with his loved ones outside rehab.

Aside from these six main treatment options available in drug rehab centers in Westminster, other aftercare programs offered in Westminster drug centers are as follows:

  • Alcohol Rehab Westminster
  • AA Meetings
  • SMART Recovery Meetings in Westminster
  • NA meetings in Westminster

This means that after entering rehab Westminster, patients can also join Westminster AA meetings to help them keep their sobriety outside rehab. You can check Westminster AA meeting schedule to know the frequency of their gathering and to also adjust your schedule so that you can join. You can check these out with different Westminster rehab facilities.

How to Pay for Rehab in Colorado

Getting help for any kind of addiction shouldn’t be an issue of whether or not you can afford it. You need this treatment, so payment for the same shouldn’t be your main concern. Even if getting treatment from alcohol treatment center or drug rehab can be quite challenging, know that there are various ways in which you can pay for drug rehab.

Fortunately, most of the well-known and top caliber rehab facilities in Colorado, along with detox center accept private health insurance as a mode of payment. The first thing you need to do is to have your insurance verified with your insurer so that you’ll know if they will pay for your treatment in rehab center in Colorado

Aside from verification, also find out which of the recovery services your insurer will authorize and what programs they cover. The good thing with most centers for detox in Colorado and with rehab centers, in general, is that they can assist the patient to verify with their insurer if these services and treatment programs are covered. If you’re thinking that traveling to Colorado then give us a call and find out more about Mountain Springs Recovery, our addiction treatment facilities in Colorado.

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