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Alcohol and drug addiction can sometimes cause so much financial difficulty, that those who sincerely want to seek treatment feel like they have no way out. Thankfully, there are addiction treatment resources in Kansas that are free of charge. Below is a list of all the possible routes you can take when taking the first step towards recovery. Kansas is well below the national average of illicit substance abuse. Only 6.71% have reported substance misuse in the past month, compared to the average of 8.82%. Nevertheless, there is still a problem of addiction in the Sunflower State, like meth and other illegal drug labs have risen for over 48% in the past year. This goes to show that the demand for addictive substances is continuously increasing, sending many Kansas residents into a downward spiral of addiction.   If you or a loved one is going through this struggle, you may have tried looking for treatment options but none fit your budget. Thus, this article will be a thorough resource of free treatment programs as well as other options that you can choose within your state.

Free Addiction Treatment Resource: Kansas

When it comes to finding quality addiction treatment, you may wonder if anything is even free in this day and age. The great thing is, there are government-funded and nonprofit organizations set in place for you to receive information and support during a substance abuse crisis. Here are some steps you can take when looking for free addiction treatment programs in Kansas:

How To Start Your Search For Free Treatment Resources

  • Think about the type of addiction treatment program that suits your needs. Are you comfortable going to support groups? Do you prefer structured therapy with a counselor? You can list them down and rank them according to your preferences. It is also important to keep an open mind about seeking addiction treatment. Sometimes, what sounds uncomfortable at the initial stages may prove to be helpful in the long run.
  • Start contacting the resources of your preference. You can call the hotlines and explain your case. They may ask for additional information such as identification, location, and other background questions. Representatives will also provide you with information about how to get started with your treatment program.
  • Have the necessary preparations. If you’re going to inpatient rehab, there may be preparations needed. These include informing your employer, having temporary persons set in place for your household responsibilities, and other tasks that should be done even if you will be away for some time.
  Below are some of the most well-known free addiction treatment programs in Kansas.

State-Funded Programs

Kansas Department for Aging and Disability Services has a complete list of state-specific programs for people suffering from substance use disorders. At present, they offer counseling sessions, acute detox treatment, crisis intervention, as well as case management services.    According to KDADS, these are all community-service programs that are funded by the Kansas state government and are free of charge. The first step in seeking treatment under KDADS is by having a screening and assessment under Beacon Health Options. Doing this will help them serve you better and provide the appropriate program for your substance abuse condition.

Local Meetings: Religious and Non-Religious

Find Support Locally

There are various local meetings for addiction support, both religious and non-religious in nature all over the state of Kansas. You may contact these well-known support groups:

Local AA Meetings

Alcoholics Anonymous Kansas, also known as Area 25 AA, is a network of support groups all over the state. They hold both in-person and online Zoom meetings where people can talk about their experiences while gathering support from each other through their journey towards recovery from alcohol addiction. Peer groups can serve as a form of accountability and can lessen the isolation that triggers alcohol abuse.

Local NA Meetings

Same as AA, Narcotics Anonymous Kansas is a nonprofit organization that connects people who want to join support groups for battling drug abuse. Kansas NA has a hotline that people can call for more information and counseling for drug addiction. They also provide in-person and Zoom meetings for participants all over the state, to improve peer accountability and support in overcoming drug abuse.

Faith-Based Meetings

There are also free-of-charge programs that are based on Christian values. For example, Heartland Community Church specializes in providing Care Resources. These are Graduate Intern Therapists, Pastors, and one-on-one peer support that can help you deal with the struggles of drug abuse and other personal issues. Heartland Community Church also has a list of resources on its website for immediate help during a crisis.

Other Options / Paid Options

In some instances, using free resources can be costly in terms of time and effort. Either the waiting list takes too long to get the response, or the quality of care isn’t what you expect. Here are some ways to finance your high-quality paid rehab center with minimal to no out-of-pocket costs.


Are you a current student, or someone who wants to get back to schooling? You may apply for a scholarship towards a university that supports in-house addiction treatment. presents a large list of Kansas-based scholarships that you can pick from. Usually, scholarship programs require you to submit an essay. You can craft an essay detailing your struggles in addiction and how you plan to overcome it.


Whether you’re employed or self-employed, your health insurance provider may provide coverage for a paid addiction rehab. You can verify your insurance and see how much coverage you can get, or see what type of addiction treatments they will accept as a part of the Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act.


There is another advantage if you’re employed or have some source of income. You can apply for a personal loan even if you have a less-than-stellar credit score. Personal loans can be used for any purpose, such as hospital care or addiction treatment. Community America has a list of Kansas Personal Loan providers that you can choose from. 

12-Step Programs and Non-Religious

12-Step is an evidence-based protocol for battling substance use disorders usually presented in many support groups and rehab centers. It is a faith-based approach that helps you target your personal root cause of addiction. On the other hand, there are also non-religious programs where you focus on improving self-management strategies during addiction recovery. 

Friends and Family

One of your greatest sources of support is the friends and family who love you and care for your well-being. Aside from moral support, they can also provide you with financial assistance. You can ask for sponsorships, whether partial or full, in order to cover the expenses of addiction treatment. You can pool their donations or loans while committing to a complete recovery as a sign of gratitude towards your loved ones.

Online Self-Help Forums

There are also self-help and advice forums that you can join. A great example is Drugs-Forum. They provide support based on category, and people can also talk within the online community based on the substance they are recovering from. There are also large online forums such as Reddit, with subreddits focusing on substance abuse recovery, such as r/addiction.

Recovery Advice When Money Is Scarce

Often, people who want to recover struggle financially. As some illicit substances are costly, the ongoing addiction makes it difficult to pay for treatment as well. Here are some steps you can take to get help even when you have little to no financial resources:  
  • Think of income-generating ideas to fund for your rehab: Income-generating ideas can include crowdfunding, asking help from family and friends, or having a small business to earn a little profit. You can pool all of the earnings and donations that you will receive to get into a high-quality rehab.
  • Find self-management apps that can help you temporarily: Although not a permanent solution, there are some habit-modifying apps that can help you curb your addiction cravings. You may try to use these apps to practice self-management while you’re saving up for addiction treatment.
  • Take advantage of your insurance: Being informed about your insurance policy can help you greatly in getting quality addiction treatment. It is best to contact your insurance provider about your coverage.

No Barriers To Recovery

When looking for free addiction treatment options in Kansas, remember that finances shouldn’t be a barrier to your recovery. Make use of the free resources mentioned above, as well as other strategies to raise funds for quality substance abuse treatment.

What Is Families Anonymous?

Families Anonymous (FA) is an organization dedicated to helping family members and friends of people who are addicted to alcohol or drugs.

Members began holding FA meetings in 1971. It resembles 12-step organizations such as Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous (AA and NA, respectively). Like AA and NA, Families Anonymous:

- Offers both in-person and online meetings that are free to attend (but the organization also accepts donations and sells literature).

- Encourages members to proceed through a series of twelve steps to find healing.

- Features twelve traditions that provide guidance for the organization and explain what it is.

- Promotes twelve promises, which are benefits that FA claims that it can provide as well as other statements about healing.

- Respects the anonymity of its members, who can refer to themselves by their first names only.

- Provides literature that contains more about the programs, addiction, and addiction-related issues.

These similarities may help Families Anonymous members better understand their loved ones with addictions, especially if the loved ones are attending Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, or other sobriety meetings themselves.

To further guide members, FA also warns people against four destructive forces that can prevent people from healing:

1.Discussing specific religions

2. Gossiping about other FA members

3. Dominating meetings

4. Dwelling on the past

Families Anonymous Meetings

Meetings are an important aspect of the Families Anonymous organization.

The organization encourages the family and friends of people who are addicted (or people who are in recovery) to gather. Recognizing shared experiences can be cathartic. People can share what has helped them heal. Just as importantly, they can reveal what hasn’t helped them heal.

Members of FA can meet other members in various ways.

Face-to-Face Meetings

By visiting the Families Anonymous website, people can find meetings near them. The organization has meetings across the United States and throughout the world.

People who can’t find a meeting in their areas may want to consider starting a FA group near them by using the information on FA’s Starting a New Group page and ordering a free FA Starter Kit.

Virtual Meetings

For people who don’t have meetings in their area or can’t attend gatherings for other reasons, local Families Anonymous chapters host virtual meetings.

Online Meetings

Such virtual meetings are known as Meetings Without Walls (MWW). They allow people to participate in voice chats with each other in real time. FA offers a script template for MWW online voice chats.

The organization encouraged more online meetings due to COVID-19. The pandemic shut down many places that host meetings while governments discouraged or banned social gatherings.

Phone Meetings

Another way to attend remote Families Anonymous meetings is by phone. The meetings occur on Saturdays at 3 p.m. Eastern Standard Time (EST) and can be reached by dialing:

- 605-313-5141 in the United States.

- 0330 998 1210 in the United Kingdom.

After dialing either of these numbers, callers are required to dial the access code 164804# and wait for the moderator to begin the meeting.

Email Meetings

People who are more comfortable writing about their thoughts and feelings may find that the Families Anonymous E-Meeting is a good fit. It’s an email discussion group that consists of members from around the world.

In addition to its diversity, another advantage of the E-Meeting is its convenience. People can visit the group at any time of the day or night to ask or answer a question, discuss something, or read what others have posted. They can start participating online by following the instructions on the Families Anonymous Virtual Meetings page.

What Happens During Families Anonymous Meetings?

Some of the advantages of FA are its inclusivity and flexibility. Any member can lead a meeting and the organization encourages different people to lead.

Leaders don’t have to conduct all meetings the same way, but for guidance, FA offers a suggested meeting format.

For example, a meeting leader can begin by welcoming newcomers, making announcements, and asking others if they have any announcements of their own. The leader can describe what Families Anonymous is and what it does.

Members can read FA’s twelve steps, twelve traditions, and twelve promises, as well as information about drug abuse and helping by being, not doing. Members can also provide contact information to others.

After a break in the meeting, discussion time can begin. According to Families Anonymous, “Any piece of FA literature, such as a bookmark, a Step or Tradition, or a reading from Today a Better Way (TABW), makes an excellent topic for discussion.”

While anyone at the meeting can participate in these discussions, FA discourages what it calls crosstalk, which it defines as

- Talking without the leader recognizing them.

- Holding one-on-one side conversations during the meeting.

- Counseling or questioning other members.

During Meetings Without Walls sessions, members can request to make comments during the meetings and be recognized by the leaders.

Such requirements allow everyone to contribute. They allow people to focus on the speakers and let speakers truly be heard, which can provide emotional boosts when they need them the most.

Following discussion time, leaders can pass a basket for voluntary donations, ask newcomers if they have questions or comments, and ask if anyone has anything else to contribute.

At the end of the meeting, the leader can remind members that FA offers suggestions and that the program works differently for different people. The leader can also remind members that Families Anonymous values the anonymity of its members, so it discourages discussing what happened at the meetings outside of the meetings themselves.

Finally, like other 12-step groups, FA often ends its meetings with the Serenity Prayer:

- God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,

- Courage to change the things I can,

- And wisdom to know the difference.

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