List of Free Addiction Treatment Resources in Arkansas, United States

Arkansans looking for free addiction treatment may experience challenges. Most searches in the web yield results that lead to paid rehab centers. In this post, you will find free substance abuse treatment that you need plus strategies on how to afford high-quality paid rehab.The Natural State isn’t behind when it comes to numbers in addiction. At present, statistics show that the percentage of people suffering from substance abuse in the state (12.9%) was higher than the national average (10%). To add to this problem, the developed transportation systems in the seemingly rural state make it possible for illicit drugs to spread quickly in several areas. Trucks that travel the I-30 highway along Arkansas are seized for possession of marijuana, heroin, and other illegal substances. The efficient transportation of substances has led to 444 overdose deaths reported in 2020 alone.More than the statistics, perhaps this epidemic has affected you on a personal level. You’re either seeking treatment for yourself or a loved one, but you don’t have the financial means to get a paid rehab. This article is meant as a guide for you to find no-cost programs in Arkansas, as well as some ways to get top-notch, paid addiction treatment.

Free Addiction Treatment Resource: Arkansas

You’re probably wondering, what are the free options for addiction treatment in Arkansas? Truth be told, there are several resources you can choose from. There are support groups, faith-based groups, and referrals for outpatient state-funded resources. You can scan through the options available below and see which ones are a perfect fit.

How To Start Your Search For Free Treatment Resources And Programs

How do you ensure that your free addiction program will turn out successful? To increase the likelihood that you’ll get into free treatment, here are some steps you can follow.
  • View the options listed in this article: Read through the list of programs available in this post. List down 2 or 3 programs that will be feasible for your schedule and other needs. Get the organization’s contact numbers and other important details. It is helpful to be open to different types of treatment available. These programs can be beneficial even when you least expect them to be.
  • Ask important questions: As someone who is new to addiction treatment, you are free to ask necessary questions. You can ask things like what to expect, documentation that you need, and the schedules of the program. This will help you prepare and get in the program quickly if there’s a waitlist.
  • Get prepared: Take note of the program requirements and have preparations for them. Preparing for addiction treatment goes two ways--making sure that you invest time and effort, as well as knowing the things you need to bring as a participant.
As you remember these three basic steps, below are the free substance abuse program options you can choose from.

State-Funded Programs

The Arkansas Department of Human Services has a Division of Aging, Adult & Behavioral Health Sciences. They provide welfare programs for Arkansas residents who suffer from substance abuse problems including counseling, peer-to-peer groups, and outpatient medical needs. The mission of their Behavioral Health programs is to provide effective prevention and recovery approaches for substance abuse.The Division can be reached through this number: 1(501)-686-9164 as well as through their website.

Local Meetings

Another option aside from government programs is local meetings hosted by non-profit and faith-based organizations. Below are some of the most well-known resources.

Find Support Locally

To reach out to a support group within your community, you may contact the details mentioned below and specify your county or city. They will refer you to a localized support group available in your area.
Local AA Meetings
The Arkansas chapter of Alcoholics Anonymous has several websites. If you’re not familiar yet with Alcoholics Anonymous, this is a nationwide non-profit organization that aims to help those with alcohol addiction to recover through a network of support groups.The support groups meet regularly to share experiences, gather moral encouragement, as well as give back the same comfort to others through their journey towards alcohol addiction recovery. You may visit the following websites for Arkansas Alcoholics Anonymous:
Local NA Meetings
Narcotics Anonymous Arkansas is similar to AA’s mission but with participants hoping to recover from illicit drug abuse. They have a single website that caters to giving information over the whole state. The services include in-person meetings and virtual groups providing support, encouragement, and motivation in staying sober.People who want to get more information about meeting schedules can visit their Regional Service Committee website.
Faith-Based Meetings
For those who want a spiritual methodology in battling substance abuse, there are also free faith-based meetings in Arkansas. There are several churches that have Life Group programs. The core of these meetings is to grow deeper in the Christian faith, break free from personal struggles, and also disciple others in the faith. Some churches offering Life Group programs are:
Online Self-Help Forums
If none of the mentioned options are a good fit, many benefit from online forums to get started with being addiction-free. In this website, you’ll find a list of great online communities you can join to receive virtual support.Make sure to follow discussion board guidelines and keep personal information private as you discuss with other people in the online groups.

Other Options / Paid Options

If you’ve tried free addiction treatment services in the past and it doesn’t seem to be the right fit, you may be contemplating going into paid rehab. However, the lack of budget is getting in the way for you to take a premium addiction treatment. In the following sections, you’ll discover some strategies to fund your paid rehab.


What do scholarships have to do with addiction treatment? If you’re a student hoping to get a higher level of education, you can take this route to get free substance abuse programs. Applying for scholarships can get you into colleges or universities with free addiction treatment for students. Arkansas Department of Higher Education has several scholarships and grants available for residents. 


The common pathway for getting a no-cost to free premium rehab is through insurance. If you have active healthcare insurance, you can verify their coverage by contacting the rehab center of your choice. The Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act of 1996 ensures that you can receive inpatient and outpatient treatment services as needed with your substance abuse diagnosis.


Not a student or an insurance policyholder? There’s also another option to get addiction treatment. You can use a personal loan to cover the costs of rehab. There are loans available for various credit scores. Some of the well-known personal loan options in Arkansas include Arkansas Federal Credit Union and a list provided by WalletHub.

12-Step Programs and Non-Religious

Under certain paid rehab options, you can choose to receive either 12-Step treatment or non-religious methods. 12-Step treatment includes an evidence-based spiritual protocol that helps individuals discover the root of their substance abuse problem. Participants are asked to go through these 12 steps while educating others in the same way after completion.The non-religious programs include other scientific and self-management approaches to battle addiction. They may include psychotherapies, holistic treatments, and SMART Recovery. Patients can combine these treatment options according to their needs.

Friends and Family

It is also possible that you’ve pooled some finances but they are not enough to cover the full cost of rehab. You can also approach your family and friends to get financial support. Opening up about your desire to start a premium rehab treatment may be what’s needed to encourage them to donate, sponsor, or help you in raising funds.

Recovery Advice When Money Is Scarce

You have the desire to be addiction-free, but you’re low in finances. What are you supposed to do? With the resources mentioned above, you can work your way from starting on free programs and going to premium treatment.
  • Attend free programs that best suit your needs. If your goal is to eventually attend a paid rehab but you have limited resources, you can start by going to support groups and government programs while working on your finances. This way, you can begin by taking small steps in recovery.
  • Pool the finances you need. Make sure to contact your insurance provider for considerations towards getting a paid rehab. Sometimes, clear documentation of your diagnosis is all they need to cover the cost of treatment. If this isn’t possible, you can start pooling finances by asking for sponsorships, doing fundraisers, taking out a loan, or soliciting donations for treatment.
  • Ask about payment options available in premium rehab centers. Many treatment centers offer various payment schemes for people who aren’t covered by insurance. They may provide monthly payments over a period at low or zero interest rates. Others can recommend a loan program in partnership with their rehab facility.

Recovery Is Possible Even When Finances Are Low

Through the free resources and strategies above, there’s no barrier for you to tackle in seeking addiction treatment. Money shouldn’t be a factor in seeking help for substance abuse--you can always get started on becoming better even without a budget.

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