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List of Free Addiction Treatment Resources in New Jersey, United States

Are you a New Jersey resident looking for addiction help, but are dismayed with the high cost of some rehab centers? You can still get help. In this post, we highlight some free substance abuse programs and resources all over the state of New Jersey.

New Jersey is known for its beautiful coastal areas, diverse culture, and vibrant city life. Being close to New York, tourists and would-be residents also flock to the cities of The Garden State to enjoy what it has to offer. With its populous regions and multi-cultural environment, New Jersey is also faced with problems such as substance abuse.

Commonly abused in the state is alcohol, with almost half of the patients admitted, are being treated for alcoholism. Next on the list are prescription opioids--many residents had easy access to the drug. Common doctor prescriptions, friends and family giving out opioids, and other access factors make prescription opioids a large contributor to overdose cases in the state.

Sadly, it is also one of the states with a high poverty rate, with 10% of residents living within or even below the poverty line. Even 2 million residents report that they are almost poor or are struggling to make ends meet for their daily expenses. With these problems stacked on top of the other, substance abuse sufferers often wonder if they can get help even when faced with financial struggles.

The good thing is, New Jersey has some government and private organizations in place providing programs free of charge. In this post, you’ll discover some of these options plus strategies on how to secure addiction treatment without high out-of-pocket costs.

Free Addiction Treatment Resource New Jersey

How to Start Your Search for Free Treatment Resources and Programs

Taking the first step towards addiction recovery is a brave feat. However, many people get overwhelmed by the choices and are unsure of where to start. Whether you plan to go for paid or free addiction treatment, here is a simple guide you can follow:
  • Look over your choices of treatment: The first step is getting familiar with the substance abuse programs available. Below, you will see a comprehensive list so you can understand what each program offers.
  • Pick 2-3 options that fit your needs: There are some programs that will resonate with you, and others not so much. Pick 2-3 choices that you think will work based on your background and availability, and get their contact details.
  • Prepare for your program: The last and most important step before getting free treatment is to make preparations. Block out your schedule for meetings and visits, prepare some required info and documents, start a healthy lifestyle, and let your loved ones know so you can receive support.

Take a look below at the most well-known free programs and resources available in New Jersey.

State-Funded Programs

New Jersey has its own Department of Human Services in place that has a program directory, counseling help, and informational resources for people suffering from substance abuse. They also fund prevention and early intervention programs, as well as recovery support for people who completed addiction treatment.

To know more, you can visit the Department of Human Services New Jersey’s main website for a list of state-funded services.

Local Meetings

Joining community support groups are a great way to receive peer-to-peer advice, encouragement, and inspiration. It is also a no-cost way to get some form of accountability so you will stay on track with your addiction recovery. There are various local meetings available in the state, including secular groups, faith-based groups, and online meetings.

Finding Support Locally

Below, you will see the list and contact details of the main websites and groups. You can specifically ask for information on the closest meeting in your area to find an accessible group.

Local AA Meetings

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) is a nonprofit organization that helps people meet from all walks of life with a common goal--to stop drinking. As alcoholism rates in the state continue to soar, AA was established for people to gather together, receive support, and discover strategies for long-term recovery. There are two main websites for New Jersey AA: Northern New Jersey AA and Central New Jersey AA. You can find info on both virtual and in-person meetings on these websites.

Local NA Meetings

Narcotics Anonymous (NA) is another nonprofit dedicated to New Jersey residents battling substance abuse apart from alcohol. People who are going through drug abuse and recovery are welcome to join, gather support, find accountability, and a community of belongingness. To find a meeting closest to you, please visit the main website of NA New Jersey.

Faith-Based Meetings

If you want to discover a spiritual side in battling substance abuse, you are also free to participate in some faith-based groups all over the state. Each Christian church typically has its discipleship and life groups where members will study the Bible, pray for each other, and encourage one another through life’s struggles.

Online Self-Help Forums

Jumping straight to in-person programs and meetings can cause anxiety for others. If you would like to start gradually in your recovery journey, there are also online self-help forums for substance abuse. People on these websites can share their addiction concerns anonymously and receive support from people who are on the same journey. You can get a list of online self-help forums on this website, or go to Reddit’s section for addiction recovery.

Other Options / Paid Options

The free programs mentioned above cover one or some aspects of addiction treatment, but not its full extent. This is why some people feel that they may need a comprehensive substance abuse program that will help them from start to finish. This section will give you some ideas on how to get full rehab treatment with minimal to no out-of-pocket costs.


This option is ideal if you are thinking of getting a degree soon. Many colleges and universities offer free addiction treatment for enrolled students. These programs can include sober living dormitories, counseling, peer support, and health services related to substance abuse. You can try applying for a New Jersey scholarship to get free schooling along with addiction treatment. There is a list of NJ scholarships available on and


The primary way of getting comprehensive addiction treatment under a rehab facility is through your health insurance. It is essential to review your health insurance policy to know if it covers addiction treatment specifically or other related services. Some high-quality addiction treatment centers also assist to verify if your insurance provider covers substance abuse programs. Even if your insurance provider indicates no coverage specifically for addiction, it may cover partial treatment or other related services such as counseling, psychotherapy, lab tests, and many others.


Not going back to school or don’t have health insurance? There is another way to get funding for your addiction treatment. New Jersey has some companies offering personal loans for people with varying credit scores.

Wallet Hub also has some great comparison lists if you’re looking for a personal loan.

12-Step Programs and Non-Religious

Many top-notch rehab centers offer these two main types of addiction treatment programs. After patients go through medical detox to ease withdrawal symptoms, they often undergo recommended 12-Step Programs or Non-Religious treatment:

  • 12-Step Programs: This is a spiritual-based approach where participants are trained to acknowledge their powerlessness over addiction. This helps them to rely less on self-efforts and surrender their burdens on a Higher Power. Many patients have recovered in this manner while discovering a new-found faith in their journey.
  • Non-Religious: Some people would prefer secular-based approaches to addiction treatment. They can undergo psychotherapies, holistic treatments, as well as nutrition and fitness strategies for addiction recovery.

Friends and Family

Aside from moral and emotional support, your friends and family can be a source of financial support especially if you’re struggling. You can share your desire to get full addiction treatment and ask them to sponsor any amount that they can give. Asking help from family and friends will also allow you to stay committed to your treatment, making you more accountable for the help they provide.

Recovery Advice When Money Is Scarce

Your financial status shouldn’t dictate your chances of recovery. Even if you participate in free programs, you can eventually transition to full addiction treatment through these steps:

  • Get started with free treatment as soon as you can: Starting addiction treatment programs as soon as you can even if it isn’t your “ideal” will be helpful in your future outcomes. Even if you don’t have enough resources to go through an inpatient facility, getting started with free programs can potentially prevent some complications of substance abuse, such as relapse, overdose, or worsening mental health problems.
  • Take small steps to fund your inpatient rehab: When you’re participating in a free program and feel like going through inpatient rehab will be better for your needs, you can take gradual steps in funding the costs. For example, you can apply for personal loans, clarify your insurance coverage, or look for sponsors in your addiction treatment.
  • Build your community of support: During and after inpatient or facility addiction treatment, it is important to have a community of support. These people, services, and programs will help you stay on track as you strive to stay sober.

Free Addiction Treatment: Useful and Available

Getting free addiction treatment shouldn’t be frowned upon--it is available for New Jersey residents like you to participate in. By using these resources as your first step, while funding your premium rehab, you can gradually pave a path towards a healthier, more fulfilling life.


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