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List of Free Addiction Treatment Resources in Alaska, United States

As a resident of Alaska, it may be challenging to look online for addiction treatment programs available in your area. Online searches reveal paid options, but you are on a budget. Below are some of the best free resources for substance abuse, as well as strategies to get quality rehab with minimal to no cost. Alaska is known for its vast landscape, remote territories, and breathtaking views of nature. It would be easy to assume that residents of the state are free from the cares of urban living, but that is not the case. Apparently, The Last Frontier is also plagued with problems such as substance abuse among its residents. It is surprising to note that Alaska actually has an alcohol epidemic. According to recent statistics, residents of the state are three times more likely to die from alcohol abuse compared to people in the mainland U.S. Aside from alcohol, people are also prone to abusing heroin, meth, cocaine, marijuana, and prescription opioids. The high rates of abuse lead to high crime in several areas of the state and lapse of security due to densely populated areas. Statistics aside, perhaps this epidemic has affected you personally as an Alaskan resident. However, you don’t have the initial resources to get started with paid rehab. There are several options available for you, and in this post, you will discover many of the ones available in your state.

Free Addiction Treatment Resource: Alaska

How To Start Your Search For Free Treatment Resources and Programs

You’re probably wondering--what’s the first step to getting addiction treatment? Even more puzzling is, you may be clueless on how to start if you need free services. Not to worry--here is a simple guide you can follow if you want to take your first step in free addiction treatment programs.
  • List down the resources which are feasible to your situation: Below, you will find the free programs and resources available in your state. List down 2-3 details of those which are feasible with your location, schedule, and your preferences. It is ideal to keep an open mind when seeking treatment options--you never know what could truly help you.
  • Contact the hotlines available and ask questions: Gather information about how to get started with the program. If you choose a support group, you can ask questions such as the schedules available in your community. State-funded programs may ask for your identification or other contact details so an agent can be referred to you.
  • Prepare what’s needed: In every program, you need to commit your time and effort to get started. Making sure that your other responsibilities are handled and your schedule is blocked to set aside time for addiction treatment can increase your chances of recovering successfully.
Now that you’re more familiar with the necessary steps, below are some of the well-known free addiction treatment options you can choose from.

State-Funded Programs

Alaska’s Department of Public Health has it’s own Behavioral Health Quality Assurance Section. They provide a list of resources to get referrals for counseling, therapy, support groups, and other outpatient services.  They also have a specific resource for women who are pregnant or with infants, as their situation is unique and delicate. Their website is filled with information on how to get referrals depending on your location within the state. If you are a Medicaid plan holder, you can also get information on how to use your health plan to cover some specialized programs as well.

Local Meetings

Attending local meetings are a great way to connect with others in your community with a common goal--to battle substance abuse. There are various kinds of support groups available: Secular, religious, and other demographic-based meetings.

Find Support Locally

Local AA Meetings
Alcoholics Anonymous Alaska has several districts. If you’re not familiar with Alcoholics Anonymous, this is a nationwide system of support groups battling substance abuse available in many communities all over the country. Participants gather, find support, listen to advice, and return the favor to other members as well. Below are the websites of Alaska’s AA sub-branches: Reach out to your location’s website and ask details about the meetings available in your community.
Local NA Meetings
Narcotics Anonymous Alaska is similar to Alcoholics Anonymous whose participants are wanting to recover from substances other than alcohol. NA Alaska has a single website resource where people can be connected with available support groups within their community.  Similar to AA, NA is meant to provide online and in-person meetings where people can talk about their experiences in addiction, receive encouragement, and give support to others as well. 
Faith-Based Meetings
Support groups within the Christian faith are also available for Alaskan residents. For example, True North Church offers a Life Groups program where people can meet up and get support for whatever circumstances they are going through. The church offers a database where individuals can find a Life Group close to their home. ChangePoint Alaska also offers a faith-based meeting program where people can create deeper friendships, transform their lives, and grow in the Christian faith.
Online Self-Help Forums
If you don’t have access to a community in-person group, there are also other self-help online forums available catered to those who want to recover from drug addiction. One of our rehab centers, Willow Springs Recovery has excellent links where you can participate in online discussion groups to get support in your sobriety journey. When joining online self-help groups, it is important to practice confidentiality by not sharing your personal information. There are also several online community rules that you need to comply with upon joining.

Other Options / Paid Options

Of course, not everyone is a great fit for free treatment programs. If the substance abuse problem is severe, you or a loved one may be in need of a Medically Assisted Treatment to remove the effects of withdrawal. In some instances, the waitlist is too long but you need the services immediately. Here are some ways to finance a quality, paid rehab with minimal to no cost.


Finding a scholarship is one route to receive free addiction treatment. You’re probably wondering how is that possible. This is because many universities and colleges offer sober dorms or apartments, while students receive free addiction treatment and counseling. If you receive a scholarship or grant, you can inquire about substance abuse treatment programs within the school system. Some websites that show scholarships in Alaska include:


Are you employed or self-employed? Insurance is the main route that most individuals take when seeking financial coverage for paid rehab. Since the establishment of the Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act of 1996, many insurance companies are obliged to cover services for addiction treatment. You can verify your insurance in our rehab center, as we accept most major insurance providers.


If you are financially struggling, perhaps taking out a loan isn’t something on your table. You’re either hesitant because of a low credit score, or you’re unsure if you can pay off your loans. Alaska USA has several options for you to secure a personal loan. You can use a personal loan in your addiction treatment to cover for outpatient services, detox, or even the full cost, depending on the amount you were able to receive.

12-Step Programs and Non-Religious

If attending free support groups programs isn’t the right fit, there are also more structured, evidence-based programs available for you within the addiction rehab setting.
  • 12-Step Programs: This is a religious-based structured program where participants are asked to submit their struggles to a Higher Power. Then, they go through a 12-Step process to overcome their addictions while gathering support from each other. This approach is more of a faith-based treatment focusing on moral empowerment.
  • Non-Religious: For people who want a more scientific method, there are also non-religious, evidence-based approaches that quality rehabs offer. These can include psychotherapies, holistic therapies, and training for self-management. 

Friends and Family

Your friends and family can be a great source of moral and financial support when you need to participate in a paid addiction rehab. If insurance or loans aren’t an option for you, you can reach out to trusted loved ones for donations, sponsorships, or contributions. In exchange, ou can promise to commit to treatment and stay sober for the long-term.

Recovery Advice When the Money Is Scarce

Having little to no resources when seeking addiction treatment isn’t a hopeless case. The programs and strategies listed in this post can help you get started for treatment. If your goal is to eventually get a paid rehab, here is a simple step-by-step guide you can follow:
  • Attend the free addiction treatment programs of your choice: At the beginning of your sobriety journey, you can start by going to the free addiction programs. This will help you ‘get a feel’ of how rehab is like, while also receiving support on your desire to be addiction-free.
  • Pool financial resources: Verify your insurance, ask for sponsorships, start a small business, apply for loans, or do crowdfunding--these are strategies to help you fund a top-notch paid rehab. In some instances, your insurance will cover the full cost of treatment. Other out-of-pocket expenses can be raised by the things you do while you attend the free programs.
  • Ask for payment plans: You can also contact a rehab center to ask if they have available payment plans that are feasible to your situation. Some offer staggered payments and other financing options for people who think paid rehab is the best fit for them.

Don’t Let Money Stop You From Recovering

With these free resources and strategies in mind, you can have complete access to any type of addiction treatment you would like. All it takes is patience, commitment, and effort in your part. By doing this, you are investing in your health and a better outlook in life.

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