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Signs of Cocaine Addiction

Noticing the signs of a cocaine addiction is one of the things everyone should be able to do. While these signs can be alarming, noticing them can get you to see that you need help overcoming an addiction.

 When someone uses cocaine, their entire body goes on high alert. If you have been using this drug, your heart beat will increase. You will also move, think and talk faster. You may start feeling hot all over your body. Your body may start twitching and shaking. You probably won’t be eating or sleeping as much either. Using cocaine may cause you to feel overly excited, but then you might immediately become nervous, afraid or angry.

Some cocaine addicts think everyone is going to harm them. You may do non-sense things. Once your high starts crashing, you may feel depressed or very tired for days if you don’t use again. The cravings may kick in and you may use more just to get through. Some cocaine addicts have nosebleeds. You may have decreased sense of smell. You may have a runny nose, get restless, have terrifying dreams, feel sick or lose your appetite. If you are experiencing any of these signs, getting cocaine addiction treatment is essential. Don’t wait until something even more horrible happens. Going to cocaine rehab could save your life.

Effects of Cocaine Addiction

It is also important to talk about the effects of a cocaine addiction. This type of addiction, or any addiction for that matter, can affect every aspect of your life. While some people are in denial of having an addiction, most people realize they have a problem. If that is the case with you, be sure to get cocaine addiction treatment as soon as you possibly can.

 There are many short-term effects of a cocaine addiction. These effects may include feeling mentally alert, having extreme energy or happiness, becoming irritable and being paranoid. You may also be hypersensitive to touch, sound and sight as well. This drug can affect people in different ways. There are some people who are able to do simple tasks quicker while on the drug and others who can’t even do any simple tasks while using it. Taking larger doses of this drug can cause unpredictable and bizarre actions. Some people even become violent while using cocaine. Within a couple of minutes to 1 hour after using, these effects may start diminishing. However, the length of the effects varies based on how it was used. Snorting the drug generally lasts longer than smoking it.

 There are other effects of a cocaine addiction as well. You may experience nausea, dilation of pupils, fast heartbeat, tremors and increased body temperature. Some of the longer-term effects including losing your sense of smell, issues swallowing, coughing, increased risk of getting infections and decaying bowels. You also have an increased risk of Hepatitis C and HIV.

 You may also lose those who are important to you. While your loved ones probably want to stick around, they do have to take care of themselves as well. Your addiction affects everyone, not just you and your life. If you want to stop the effects of a cocaine addiction, going into rehab for cocaine addiction can help.

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, during 2017, around 913,000 United States citizens had some level of cocaine abuse or addiction during that prior year alone.  This is an alarming statistic and shows that the U.S has a long way to go before eradicating drug addiction. If you struggle with cocaine addiction, here is everything you need to know about how to find a cocaine rehab center to help treat your addiction.

Benefits of Inpatient Cocaine Rehab

When going to an inpatient cocaine rehab center, you are able to get your life back where it needs to be. During your inpatient cocaine rehab center stay, professionals will help to make you as comfortable as possible while you are detoxing. After detoxing, you are able to attend the inpatient cocaine addiction treatment program.

The goal of inpatient rehab treatment for cocaine addiction is to make sure you are able to build healthier habits and learn how to overcome obstacles in your life in healthy ways. When you are in the cocaine rehab treatment program, you are able to talk about the issues which led to your addiction and learn how to cope with those issues. These issues can be coped with by learning how to handle and prevent triggers and learning how to manage and create balance in your life that helps you to stay clean from drugs.

If you are ready to get your life back, start getting cocaine addiction treatment immediately. It may seem scary, but you are not alone and help is out there.

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What to Expect at Your Cocaine Rehab

After suffering from a cocaine addiction, you may not have any idea of what you can expect at a cocaine rehab center.

You will begin the process of cocaine addiction treatment with the intake process. During this process, you will be asked questions about your addiction primarily about your past, trauma you may have experienced, what other drugs you may have abused, and whether you have mental health issues. After talking to the professionals and filling out paperwork, a cocaine addiction treatment program will be put into place for you.

After the intake process, you can start the rehab for cocaine addiction with detox. During detox you will be monitored regularly as you cleanse your body of drugs and experience withdrawal. After you have detoxed, you can begin the inpatient treatment portion of the program. During the therapy sessions, you can open up without judgement since many people are in a similar position as you.

After you have finished cocaine addiction treatment, you will meet with the staff again. An aftercare plan will be developed to help you stay clean when going home. The aftercare plan may include therapy sessions, addiction recovery meetings, attending other support groups, trigger management, stress relief tips and more.

Cocaine Addiction Treatment Options

Not sure what options you have for cocaine addiction treatment? You have various options. Some of the cocaine rehab options you have include dual diagnosis, holistic, non-12 step and 12 step programs.

The basis of the dual diagnosis cocaine addiction treatment is to help you overcome addiction and a mental health disorder at the same time. For example, sometimes an anxiety disorder can cause someone to use drugs or sometimes an addiction can contribute to the anxiety disorder. Treating both disorders at the same time can lead to the most success.

You also have Faith cocaine addiction treatment options as well. If you would like your recovery experience to be guided by more spiritual or religious practices, this may be the type of program you are looking for.

Another option is the holistic cocaine addiction treatment options. These are the rehab center programs which are entirely natural. There are no medications used and everything that is done throughout the program is holistic. For example, you may have yoga sessions or massage therapy as part of the recovery program.

There are also non-12 step programs. These are generally for those who don’t believe in or haven’t had success with the 12 step programs. If you don’t feel 12 step programs will work for you, this may be the route you take.

Lastly, you can attend a 12 step cocaine addiction treatment program. These programs are based on the 12 steps. Many recovering addicts find these steps to be great guidance for them during the process of their recovery. 12 step programs are designed to be taken at your own pace. You don’t have to rush through them just because you know someone else is ahead of you on the steps. Everyone has their own experiences with the 12 steps and you should spend the time you need on each individual step. By doing so, you are giving yourself the best possibility of overcoming your addiction without relapsing.

Paying for Cocaine Rehab

If you have any concerns about how you will pay for cocaine addiction treatment, you can talk to the rehab center team to see what can be done. The majority of insurance providers will cover cocaine addiction treatment programs because addictions are diseases.  In addition to insurance coverage, there are also various state-funded programs which may cover your treatment too. If you don’t qualify for these programs, you can talk to the rehab center staff members about payment plans. Many rehab facilities will allow patients to make payments on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis. This is something that is determined by each individual rehab center and sometimes on a case-by-case basis.

The worry of how you will pay for rehab may have stopped you from getting treatment in the past, but it doesn’t have to any longer. There are so many ways in which addiction treatment can be paid for. This doesn’t need to be a huge concern. It is in everyone’s best interest for addicts to recover from their addiction. That is part of the reason there are so many resources to help pay for the treatment addicts need.

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