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Those who have suffered from addiction know how challenging this disease can be to overcome. Though many people believe that they can manage their addiction, in most cases this is not true. An addiction counselor can help individuals no matter what stage they are in. The counselors listed below have experience in addiction, including drugs, alcohol, video game, sex addictions, and more. Whether you are looking to make a new change in your life or continue to maintain sobriety, the best addiction counselors in Colorado Springs are there to help you.

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1. Andrew Van Dyke

Andrew Van Dyke is a psychologist, licensed counselor, and certified group psychotherapist. He has extensive training in clinical psychology and has been a mental health professional for over two decades. Andrew believes that what we focus on will manifest into reality. By finding solutions that promote wellness and mental health, you are more easily able to shift yourself from labeling yourself as your mental illness, disease, or disorder. He aims to inspire hope so that his clients can accomplish all of their dreams and goals, despite what they are going through. Andrew Van Dyke offers a free consultation for new patients.

Address: 1118 W. Cucharras St. Colorado Springs, Colorado 80904

Phone: (719).631.3669

Website: thegroupsolution.com/


2. Joanie Lewis

Joanie Lewis graduated from Colorado College and obtained her Bachelor’s Degree before then attending Regis University to gain her Master’s Degree in Psychology. She is both a licensed professional counselor and a licensed addiction counselor. Joanie specializes in developing treatment plans for co-occurring disorders. Her specific focus on treatment has become a specialty. With her experience as a Level II EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) certified clinician paired with incorporating therapies such as CBT and DBT, she is able to have a more in-depth approach to therapy.

Address: Insight Services, PLLC: 212 East Monument Street, Colorado Springs, CO. 80903

Phone: (719).793.0025

Website: insightservicescolorado.com/


3. Renee Storm

Renee Storm is an EMDR practitioner, certified sex addiction therapist, and certified addiction counselor. With over a decade of experience working with both couples and individuals, she is able to deeply understand each individual. She prides herself on identifying her client’s strengths so that she can help them use those strengths to empower change. Renee aims to walk alongside you through struggles you face, believe in you when you struggle to, and promote the overall betterment of life.

Address: 14960 Woodcarver Rd. Suite # 202. Colorado Springs, Colorado 80921

Phone: (719).249.6739

Website: trc-services.com/


4. Danielle de Boer

Danielle de Boer understands that life can be challenging, and sometimes people turn to substance abuse to get through. She aims to help patients break from addictive behaviors so that they can work toward more empowered living. Not only is she experienced in addiction counseling, but she has also worked through detox, outpatient, among other therapies. She also works with clients who have sex addictions and chronic relapses. Danielle offers connection and understanding so that you can feel less alone as you fight the disease of addiction. She offers both telehealth and in-person therapy.

Address: 7035 Campus Drive #806. Colorado Springs, CO 80920

Phone: (719).294.1759

Website: sandstonecare.com/


5. Mikyla Young-Bayless

Mikyla Young-Bayless graduated from Friends University in 2015 and has over five years of experience in her field. She feels honored to hear stories of her clients so she can understand the path they’ve taken. No matter where life has taken you, she offers hope for change. She aims to work together using holistic solutions and help her clients “walk well through the fire.” Mikyla understands that for many individuals, internal conflict tends to come up and create self-sabotaging actions. She hopes to use therapy to contextualize your behaviors into a sensible story, allowing for more openness to better solutions.

Address: Incline Counseling, Colorado Springs, CO 80918

Phone: (719).212.2648

Website: mikyla-young-bayless.clientsecure.me/


6. Terry Lambright, PhD

Since 1998, Terry Lambright has been working as a licensed professional counselor. He works with individuals and couples to guide his clients to the solutions they need. His goal is to walk alongside you in a caring but professional manner. He offers help on easy fixes for temporary issues to strategies that create a lasting change. With over two decades of experience, he offers a perspective that comes from years of education, training, and experience.

Address: 3225 Templeton Gap Rd, Suite 202. Colorado Springs, Colorado 80923

Phone: (719).294.1712

Website: coramdeocounseling.org/


7. Jeff Farmer

Jeff Farmer is a Certified Clinical Trauma Professional who continually works to enhance his skills in the psychology field. He is skilled in helping individuals who struggle with behavioral addiction, such as video game addiction. Jeff has specialized training in trauma, specifically childhood trauma, which can lead to addictive tendencies later on in life. He aims to personalize his approach for each unique individual rather than applying the same approach for all clients. By focusing on deeper feelings, he works to help you come to a place of complete healing.

Address: 1401 Potter Drive, Suite 203. Colorado Springs, Colorado 80909

Phone: (719).377.4577

Website: mountainwelltherapy.com


8. Rosanne Morin

Rosanne is a Licensed Professional Counselor, MCC, and LPC who specializes in the treatment of women who struggle with relationships, self-esteem, emotional pain, and more. Through her years of experience, she has learned how to deeply connect with clients and understand the challenges women may face. She has traveled across the globe, giving her more insight and compassion for women of all cultures and social statuses. Rosanne is said to relate to women and can always find a commonality between her and her clients for a deeper understanding. She aims to work with you as a team to help you determine the change you have been seeking.

Address: 4740 Flintridge Dr. Suite 214. Colorado Springs, Colorado 80918

Phone: (719).338.6713

Website: coloradosprings-therapist.com


9. Shannon McShane

Shannon McShane is a Psychologist with a Ph.D., CAS, and CCJP-A. If you have been trying to keep your struggles to yourself, juggling priorities, and forgetting to take care of yourself, Dr. Shannon McShane can help. She aims to help her clients stop seeking the approval of others and redirect their focus into personal wellness. Through her therapy, you can begin to explore your needs so you can regain balance in your life. She offers a free 15–20 minute consultation so that you can share with her the unique challenges you face.

Address: 1304 N Academy Blvd. Colorado Springs, CO 80909

Phone: (719).246.5605

Website: mytherapymatters.org


10. Sarah Foxley

Dr. Sarah Foxley is a psychologist who has been practicing for over 15 years. She aims to help her clients by walking alongside them to navigate difficulties they face in life. By teaching you to create coping strategies paired with a supportive environment, Sarah can help reduce suffering. She specializes in treating trauma and addiction and works with military members. She utilizes multiple therapeutic methods, including CBT, DBT, ACT, and behavioral strategies. Dr. Foxley is also trained in EMDR.

Address: Neuro Hope Psychotherapy and Neurofeedback. 7730 N Union Blvd, Ste 204. Colorado Springs, CO 80920

Phone: (719).259.1776

Website: neurohopepsych.com


11. Shannon E Nopper

Shannon E Nopper is a licensed professional counselor who believes in helping her clients find their strengths so that they can become the best versions of themselves. She obtained a Master’s Degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling and has been working in the psychology field since 2008. She uses a variety of techniques with each of her patients during individual therapy sessions. Shannon offers counseling for those who struggle with substance abuse and other co-occurring disorders. She is certified in Acudetox and uses a holistic approach for her clients that are looking to manage trauma and addiction.

Address: 300 Garden of the Gods Road, Suite 240. Colorado Springs, CO 80907

Phone: (719).355.8264

Website: linkedin.com/in/shannon-nopper-a586941b


12. Jill Riley

Jill Riley has been a counselor since graduating from the University of Northern Colorado in 1995. With over two decades of experience, Jill has a great deal of knowledge helping individuals with addiction issues and other traumas. Because addiction can greatly affect your life and relationships, she uses heavily researched mindfulness techniques to help her clients see more positive changes. Jill Riley uses multiple techniques, including EMDR, EFT, and IFS. She specializes in trauma resolution so that her clients can resolve deep negative emotions that can make personal growth and relationship growth challenging.

Address: 4740 Flintridge dr. Ste 210. Colorado Springs, Colorado 80918

Phone: (719).391.9991

Website: www.linkedin.com/in/jill-riley-34751543



Though it may be tempting to avoid working with a mental health professional, choosing one of the best addiction counselors in Colorado Springs can make the journey easier. Many individuals may struggle with working through trauma and pain that can lead to addiction. Working with one of the above counselors can give you a better chance of treating your addiction and having sobriety long-term. No matter which addiction counselor you choose, you can start this journey feeling less alone on your path.

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