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Downers Grove, Illinois, is a community of over 49,000 residents in DuPage County. Known for its historical and natural landmarks, Downers Grove is a laid-back place for visitors to enjoy. Are you considering addiction treatment in Downers Grove, IL? Learn how to find quality rehab centers, plus information on how to get started.

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Downers Grove, IL, is a village in DuPage County with an urban and suburban feel. It has over 49,000 residents and several accessible city and nature amenities. The community is known for its local restaurants and shops, and it also boasts nature parks.

If you are thinking about substance abuse treatment in Downers Grove, what should you look for in a facility? Below are some important things you should consider, plus other information related to Downers Grove village.

Addiction in Downers Grove, Illinois

DuPage County (location of Downers Grove) has been experiencing an alarming increase in opioid overdose deaths since 2021. There have been 78 overdose deaths in the county since February 2021, and the rate has been increasing since the height of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Opioid use in the area has been related not just to emergency hospitalizations and overdose deaths but also to increased crime in the area. The other two substances reported for high rates of abuse include alcohol and marijuana.

Student Substance Abuse in Downers Grove, Illinois College

Illicit drug use is an issue among the youth residing in Downers Grove, Illinois. A common concern is the use of marijuana, heavy alcohol use, and tobacco use. Studies within DuPage county reveal that drug use of youth affects their learning and memory, which contributes to their struggles within the schooling system.

Marijuana use is also related to developing addictive behaviors that lead to the use of other more harmful illicit drugs.


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What to Look For When Choosing From Rehabs in Downers Grove, Illinois

When considering addiction treatment in Downers Grove, Illinois, there is a checklist you can refer to land the best choice for your rehab. Some of the things you should look into are:


Accreditation is one of the main things you should ask about in a rehab center. A treatment center will give you the assurance that the professionals are licensed, as well as facilities and protocols, and meet high standards of maintenance.

There are different companies, but you should look into those which have Joint Commission or LegitScript, as they both inspect the legitimacy of operations and quality of healthcare facilities.


As a patient, your background is very important when considering addiction treatment. As there is no single approach to addiction recovery, it is essential to find a treatment center that specializes in the demographic group you identify with. Examples are Exclusively Men or Women, College, Elderly, Veterans, LGBTQ+, People with Disabilities, People with Co-occurring Disorders  and Substance-specific.

Finding a rehab that caters to your specific group will ensure that you receive the care you need, that is built around the factors that matter to you.

Patient-to-Staff Ratio

The patient-to-staff ratio also affects the quality of care you will receive, especially during medical detox. Some protocols during addiction treatment require constant supervision to avoid emergencies and complications.

Having a rehab center with a low patient-to-staff ratio (ideally only four patients or lower per healthcare staff) will ensure that you are safe and your needs are met adequately.

Services Included in Treatment

A rehab center with several inclusive services is likely to make your experience more convenient and comfortable. Most inpatient rehab timelines can last for up to 30–90 days. It is best to find a treatment center that has some services you need within that timeline, such as:

  • Availability of doctors and healthcare staff
  • Wi-Fi
  • Meals and lodging
  • Parking
  • Grocery assistance
  • Travel assistance
  • Recreational facilities
  • Counseling and support groups
  • Laundry facilities

Inquire about additional services on your top rehab choices and pick the one which covers most of your needs. You can also look for rehab in Tinley Park.

Aftercare Planning Procedures

Aftercare is just as crucial as the whole treatment process as it helps you avoid having an addiction relapse. Look for a rehab center that has aftercare planning procedures, which are usually discussed towards the end of the treatment timeline. Some aftercare planning procedures can include:

  • Diet and exercise plans
  • Relapse prevention guides
  • Group or family counseling
  • Referrals to continue care as an outpatient
  • Referrals to your local services

Having a solid plan before you get discharged from rehab can greatly contribute to your recovery experience.

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Types of Treatment Available

There are several kinds of evidence-based treatments for addiction that fit different backgrounds. When looking for a rehab center, you should choose one that offers the kind of treatment which suits your needs. Here are descriptions of some well-known treatment options:

12-Step Rehab in Downers Grove, Illinois

Twelve-step rehab is a  spiritual approach where each patient is encouraged to surrender themselves to a Higher Power that allows them to overcome substance abuse and other issues that surround the problem. Twelve-step is a proven program that allows transformation for individuals hoping to break free from substance abuse.

Non-12-Step Rehab in Downers Grove, Illinois

This is a secular approach where the patient may receive therapy or counseling to address addiction and other related issues. Those who choose non-12-step treatments prefer secular options, including psychotherapy, group therapy, counseling, and other holistic methods that are not otherwise spiritual in nature.

Luxury Rehab in Downers Grove, Illinois

Luxury rehab is a type of rehab that allows the patient to have access to luxury facilities to receive the highest quality of care and comfort. Luxury rehabs often have top-notch facilities, highly-trained specialists, and a lot of high-quality amenities for patients to have the most positive experience.

Inpatient Drug Rehab in Downers Grove, Illinois

Any kind of substance abuse treatment where the patient has to stay in the rehab center to complete intervention in a given timeline is an inpatient drug rehab. You can also look for Inpatient drug rehab near Wheaton.

Holistic Rehab in Downers Grove, Illinois

Holistic rehab is the use of wellness techniques and principles to aid in addiction and mental health problems, such as massage, aromatherapy, reflexology, and others. Holistic rehab is for patients who want to try alternative approaches to overall mental and physical wellness.

Dual Diagnosis Rehab in Downers Grove, Illinois

A rehab program that tackles the overlapping problems of substance abuse and mental health disorders is dual diagnosis rehab. It is important to address other mental health disorders as they can be a trigger or a contributing factor to substance abuse.

IOP Program in Downers Grove, Illinois

Also called “Intensive Outpatient Program,” it is a treatment where the patient participates in the programs inside the facility, such as counseling, 12-step, or holistic treatment, but does not stay as an inpatient.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in Downers Grove, Illinois

Cognitive behavioral therapy is a treatment approach where the therapists help patients identify unhelpful thought patterns in order to change behaviors and actions.

Alcohol Rehab in Downers Grove, Illinois

Alcohol rehab is a program dedicated to tackling alcohol abuse and specific mental health concerns related to it. Alcohol rehab often starts with medical detox to wean off the potentially dangerous effects of withdrawal. When the patient is stable, they can proceed to their personalized program.

Drug Rehab in Downers Grove, Illinois

Drug rehab is dedicated to addressing narcotic abuse and other mental health concerns that contribute to the addiction. Having a specific drug rehab program may need a medical detox that allows for safe withdrawal from the addictive substance. This is followed by a treatment program crafted during the assessment process.

You can browse through the treatment options and ask centers that offer the programs which you think may best fit your needs.

What to Expect During Inpatient Drug Rehab in Downers Grove, Illinois

Inpatient rehab for accredited rehab centers usually has three steps, including assessment, treatment, and aftercare. Below is what you would expect per each step for most inpatient drug rehabs in Downers Grove, IL:


The assessment is where addiction specialists and doctors will take a look at your background and health status to determine the kind of substance abuse treatment you would need. Expect to fill out some forms, answer some questions, or undergo labs for them to complete a full assessment.


Once the assessment is done, there will be recommendations for your inpatient rehab based on your background and personal preferences. If you have developed a drug dependency, you will most likely undergo the first stage of treatment called a medical detox. The detox lasts for about a week until you are physically stable enough to proceed to your next treatment.

The treatment proper is the second stage of rehab where you will undergo the programs recommended and preferred, such as the 12-Step, Non-12-Step, Dual Diagnosis, CBT, and others. This is the stage that lasts for about 1–3 months.


Once your treatment stage is almost over, you will be provided with aftercare planning procedures just before discharge. This stage prepares you for recovery outside the treatment center. It can include fitness plans, new schedules and regiments, counseling with your family, and referrals for local as well as outpatient services.

Treatment Options at Rehab Centers in Downers Grove, Illinois

As previously discussed, the treatment options for each rehab center will vary. High-quality rehabs are most likely to have licensed professionals who will administer the programs mentioned, such as 12-Step and Non-12-Step.

Some options include sober living facilities, which do not have structured programs, so in types of centers, you may not receive personalized care. If it is your first time going into rehab at Downers Grove, IL, it is recommended to find a treatment center that has the most diverse programs so you can easily change or add to your course of care as needed.

Paying for Rehabs in Downers Grove, Illinois

Paying for treatment should also be your main consideration when choosing a rehab. Find a treatment center that accepts your healthcare insurance provider to cover most—if not all—of your expenses in rehab. You can easily verify your insurance without any upfront commitment.

If healthcare insurance is not an option, there are also other ways to fund your rehab treatment. These can include asking for sponsorships from family, friends, or an employer. It is also possible to take out a personal loan in Downers Grove, IL, for medical expenses. Many lending companies offer loans for all types of credit.

Otherwise, you can also plan fundraising activities such as setting up a crowdfunding page, holding local events, or using profits in a small business to pay for rehab.

Traveling to Downers Grove, Illinois Rehab Centers

Out-of-state residents traveling by air can drive to Downers Grove from Chicago O’Hare airport for about 25 minutes through the I-294 S road. Those who are coming from Chicago can also use the bus, which has a travel time of about 1 hour and 40 minutes. Trains are also available from the Chicago Union Station, which has a travel time of 50 minutes. Other options may be available like rehabilitation centers in Des Plaines, Illinois .

You can ask about travel assistance in your chosen rehab center. Most of them have options such as airport pickups, inclusive travel packages, or complete directions should you choose to travel on your own.

Downers Grove, Illinois Addiction Treatment Resources


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