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Substance abuse is a serious problem in New Mexico. For one,  in the state are related to the abuse of alcohol, tobacco, or other drugs. Secondly, the rates of drug overdose deaths per 100,000 people doubled from 7.31% in 1994 to 16.96% in 2003.

In a recent study comparing all fifty states and the District of Columbia based on drug use and addiction, law enforcement, and drug health issues and rehab, New Mexico was identified as the state with the sixth-biggest drug problem in 2018.

The veracity of the drug and alcohol abuse problem in New Mexico is no joke, added to the economic cost associated with alcohol abuse alone, and New Mexico’s problem is already in the billions.

What to Look for in Drug Rehabs in New Mexico

If you are one of the many individuals who is struggling with substance abuse and is currently looking for drug rehabs in New Mexico for treatment, you should be aware that not all treatment facilities and addiction rehabs are created equal.

To help you find drug rehabs in New Mexico that truly care about their clients rather than profit, here are some critical factors that you need to look for:


Drug and alcohol rehab centers in New Mexico that are fully-accredited by authorized governing bodies, have gone through series of evaluations. These determine that they meet certain standards that contribute to higher success rates. Essentially, if you choose an accredited treatment facility and addiction rehab, you can be assured that these are experts as it relates to addiction treatment.

Therapist-to-patient ratio

Choose a treatment facility with a low therapist-to-patient ratio. The lower the ratio, the better, so that you experience high-level of monitoring and care. Failing to consider this factor while selecting from the many drug rehabs in New Mexico can greatly affect your chances of recovery.

Relevant treatment program

Beware of drug rehabs in New Mexico that promise a single fool-proof addiction treatment program. A substance abuse treatment program can only be effective if it has been created specifically for your recovery needs, and is continuously evaluated and modified to suit your changing requirements.

Success rate

Try to find out the success rate of the numerous drug and alcohol rehab centers in New Mexico, so you have an idea of their effectiveness. Get in touch with former patients if possible, for a more accurate picture of what really goes on inside each of the treatment facilities and addiction rehabs.


Your chosen rehab facility should be open to sharing information with you. If the staff only shares what you want to hear, you should take this as a red-flag and move on.

Benefits of Going to Rehab in New Mexico

Admitting that you need help and willingly entering one of the many drug rehabs in New Mexico can be difficult. To make the decision easier, keep in mind the following benefits of drug addiction treatment:

  • It can help you stop using drugs.
  • It can help you and your family/significant others learn more about drug addiction.
  • It can help you gain a better understanding and insight about the underlying cause of your addiction.
  • It can help improve your occupational, social, and psychological functioning.
  • It can help you develop better life skills and healthier coping mechanisms.

What to Expect from Rehabs in New Mexico

Many people suffering from drug and alcohol addiction are afraid to seek treatment, because they don’t know what to expect. To reduce your worry about the drug rehab process, here are the general elements or phases of the treatment process, in reputable drug and alcohol rehab centers in New Mexico:

Intake process

The intake process is a comprehensive assessment of your past drug and alcohol use, medical and mental health history, family and social life, and past treatments (if any). During this time, you will also be informed about the rules of the treatment facility and addiction center and asked to complete relevant forms. Your treatment plan and goals will also be developed during this phase.


The next phase would be detoxification or the stopping of drug use. The detox phase in drug rehabs in New Mexico and elsewhere is often the first step in the formal rehab process. Many treatment facilities and addiction centers provide supervised detox services, so that they can effectively manage the patients’ painful withdrawal symptoms.

Active treatment

After successfully completing the detox process, the next stage is the treatment itself. Drug addiction treatment by reputable drug rehabs in New Mexico usually include behavioral therapy (e.g. counseling, cognitive therapy, or psychotherapy), medications, a combination of both, and other approaches that all contribute to the achievement of treatment and recovery goals.


Credible drug and alcohol rehab centers in New Mexico acknowledge the fact that addiction recovery is a lifelong process, hence, they provide aftercare services primarily to prevent relapse. Aftercare services may include regular counseling and participation in 12 step and other self-help groups.

Inpatient vs Outpatient in New Jersey

Drug and alcohol rehab centers in New Mexico and treatment facilities and addiction centers in general, are classified into two categories –inpatient and outpatient treatment programs. Understand the difference between the two, before you select one that is best-suited for your case.

Inpatient treatment

As the name suggests, you will be required to live in the facility under inpatient addiction treatment. This means that you will be afforded medical and emotional care and assistance 24/7. Moreover, inpatient care allows you to better focus on your recovery, as you’re free from the distractions of everyday life. The downside of inpatient care, however, is that it is relatively more expensive than outpatient care.

Outpatient treatment

With outpatient treatment, you only need to go to the treatment facility and addiction center when you have a treatment appointment. This means that you can still go about your normal routine without much disruption. This type of rehab care is best-suited to someone with a mild addiction, and one who is highly-motivated to stop using drugs or alcohol. Otherwise he or she may not consistently meet rehab appointments.

Treatment Options in New Mexico

Drug and alcohol rehab centers in New Mexico usually offer a range of treatment options or interventions to fully assist you in your recovery journey:

Dual Diagnosis Treatment

If you are suffering from dual diagnosisor co-occurring disorders (disorder where one suffers from both mental health illness and substance use disorder), you should ensure that the treatment facility and addiction center you are considering offers integrated intervention for dual diagnosis treatment. This means that you should receive care for both issues simultaneously.

Faith Rehab

If you are a believer and want this facet of your life to be considered in your addiction recovery, you should look for drug rehabs in New Mexico that offer Faith rehab approaches, and faith-based healing and recovery. These Faith treatment facilities and addiction centers help clients achieve sobriety, in part, by empowering them with Faith-based philosophies.

Holistic Treatment

Holistic drug rehabs in New Mexico offer treatment programs that address not only the drug addiction problem, but work to treat the individual’s mind, body, emotions, and spirit. Holistic methods include acupuncture, yoga, and meditation.

12-Steps Rehab treatment

The 12 step model is centered on the belief that recovering addicts can help one another achieve long-term abstinence, by surrendering to a Higher power. If you are interested in this rehab approach founded by the proponents of Alcoholics Anonymous, you should find drug rehabs in New Mexico that abide by the 12-step philosophy.

Non-12-Step Treatment

If you are not comfortable with the spiritual dimension of the 12-step model, you should look for treatment facilities and addiction centers that offer a non 12 step rehab program. A non 12 step approach to recovery is completely secular, and rejects the idea that addiction is beyond your control.

Alcohol Rehab Centers in New Mexico

If you are suffering from alcohol addiction, it is best to seek help from any of the reputable alcohol rehab centers in New Mexico. These facilities can provide you with a safe and conducive environment to heal, assist in the difficult detox process, and teach you better coping strategies to help break your reliance on alcohol. In addition, credible alcohol rehab centers in New Mexico can also provide you with needed peer support, while involving your family, for a better chance of long-term recovery.

Traveling for Addiction Treatment

Do you live outside New Mexico? You can still seek treatment at New Mexico drug rehabs or alcohol treatment centers in New Mexico. But why would you travel all the way from your home to New Mexico for treatment? Below is a look at some of the top reasons:

  • New Mexico is a beautiful state with a great atmosphere, exactly what you need during detox and the treatment stages
  • Traveling out of state for treatment will take you out of your familiar environment, where there is easy access to drugs. Alcohol rehab in Oregon, Pennsylvania alcohol rehabs, and Indiana alcohol rehabs might not offer the distance you need to truly recover.
  • Traveling to New Mexico for treatment will isolate you from social influence, and other social triggers that can cause you to relapse
  • If you are worried about stigmatization when seeking treatment, traveling out of state offers you a perfect chance to undergo rehab in a place where no one knows you

Traveling to another state offers you privacy, in the event, you do not want family, friends, colleagues, and other people to find out about your substance abuse problem.

Paying for Drug and Alcohol Rehab

If the cost of rehab is keeping you from exploring drug and alcohol rehab centers in New Mexico, you should know that there are numerous options available so you can receive the treatment you deserve, for example:

  • Insurance (private and public)
  • Medicare and Medicaid
  • Private funding and financing
  • Fundraising or crowdfunding
  • State and local government programs
  • Non-profit drug rehabs in New Mexico

Note that your treatment program should be tailor-fitted to your recovery needs for it to be effective. Don’t be afraid to choose drug rehabs in New Mexico because you’re unsure of what to expect. Know that you are not alone. If there is more information you’re interested in feel free to check out our resources page to find the answers to all the questions you have.


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