Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Treatment Centers

Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Treatment Centers

We provide services to assist those searching for an addiction rehabilitation center that will work for them. Personalized treatment plans, location, budget and lifestyle friendly are some of the rehabilitation accommodations we will find for you or your loved one. Our centers are located in California, Texas and Colorado, and all are unique in their own way.


Sunshine Behavioral Health is a network of substance abuse and addiction rehabilitation centers.

Mountain Springs Recovery

Peace and Quiet

Our mission is to provide inpatient rehabilitation in Colorado that is accessible to anyone. We strive to provide a rehab facility where people can find help, hope, and comfort. Whether you have an alcohol or drug addiction, our rehab programs are designed to give you back control of your life and help you along your journey to sobriety. We work with you to build up your strength, aspiration, and willpower to make lasting changes for the betterment of your life.

Chapters Capistrano

Luxury Treatment in California

Located in beautiful Orange County, California, Chapters Capistrano offers clients more independence during their detox and recovery stages. Compared to the typical drug rehabilitation centers, Chapters Capistrano provides a rejuvenating experience. Clients each have their own furnished living spaces, transportation, full-time access to a medical doctor and other incentives. This rehabilitation center is WiFi friendly for business persons in recovery at our facility. Chapter’s offers multiple treatment options for our patients to choose from all under one roof.

Monarch Shores

Top Care, Top Comfort

Monarch Shores is one of our exclusive addiction recovery rehabilitation centers and is located in scenic Orange County, CA. The feeling of privacy extends beyond the four walls of a personal suite. We protect the client’s rights of Confidentiality. Clients can expect to have one-on-one access to the best treatment from our addiction team. A customized plan that is relevant to the person based on a thorough assessment allows a personalized addiction treatment that is hard to match. Limited space allows for plenty of time to work with our staff.

Willow Springs

Seclusion and Sobriety

Willow Springs located east of Austin, Texas in a quiet town, provides a country feel and a welcoming environment. Our trained staff provides personalized treatment plans for each person. We truly care about helping those struggling with substance abuse and addiction. Our Willow Springs center accepts most well-known health insurance plans. We believe that no one should have to be turned away from the opportunity to heal their substance abuse addiction.

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