Chapters Capistrano - Orange County's Top Luxury Addiction Rehab

Chapters Capistrano - Orange County's Top Luxury Addiction Rehab



  • My experience at Chapters Capistrano was first rate and very personalized to my needs. The staff was unbelievably attentive and truly cared about the patients. From the person who got me admitted to the staff, therapists and nurses I was given excellent care. It has given me a new outlook I hadn't had prior to going. All the horror stories I had read about rehab could not have been farther from the truth at Chapters Capistrano. It is a small facility so every patient receives excellent interpersonal care emotionally, physically and mentally. I am grateful for the day I checked in. - Shaylene

  • The Chapters Capistrano rehab facility has given me positive experience. The employees truly do care for their patients. During my time, I felt as though I was treated as a priority. When I addressed my needs they were met without hesitation or question. The staff empathized with my situation and gave me a warm welcome when I arrived. The center went above and beyond in their service to ensure my time here was both enjoyable and effective.- Shelby

  • I wasn’t in the best condition – or in any position – to pick and choose when I entered Chapters Capistrano, but I think I’m lucky I did. They treated me well during detox, which was less painful than past experience led me to hope. They made sure I took therapy and got exercise, but allowed me privacy when I needed it and respected my wishes. I don’t think I truly appreciated the scenery or facilities until late in my stay, but I think they helped me recover anyway. I hope I never need rehab again – and the relapse prevention program gives me hope that I won’t, that I know better how to cope – but if I do, I hope it’s somewhere at least as kind and helpful as Chapters. - William

  • I had a wonderful experience here at Chapters Capistrano. Very caring staff, amazing chefs, and wonderful medical team. I felt right at home. Recovery is possible here! - Angela

Treatment at Chapters Capistrano

  • TOASTTwo six-bed houses

  • TOAST3:1 client-to-therapist ratio

  • TOAST24/7 access to a doctor

  • TOASTCo-ed housing

  • TOASTCell phone and laptop friendly

  • TOASTBonfire meetings

  • TOASTNon 12-step treatment

  • TOASTSMART Recovery

  • TOASTGroup counseling

  • TOASTSmoke/vape friendly

  • TOASTBreathtaking seaside views

  • TOASTOn-site detox

  • TOASTFamily counseling

  • TOASTUpscale, luxurious location

  • TOASTRegular outings

Does my Insurance cover Alcohol and Drug Rehab?

The most common reason that people who are suffering from alcohol or drug addiction give for not looking for professional addiction rehab treatment is they don’t think they can afford it.

If you want to get free from the grasp of addiction but are hesitant because of the cost, you should know that paying cash is not your only option anymore. Many private and public health insurance plans now help cover the cost of recovery.

Insurance companies understand the need to cover the cost of addiction treatment because a substance use disorder can lead to other psychiatric or physical issues later. That is why current healthcare law requires that most insurance companies provide coverage for behavioral and mental health conditions including addiction.

 Allow Us to Help You

If you have problems figuring out if, how much, and what kind of addiction rehab treatment your insurance policy will cover, the our intake experts can verify it for you! Get in touch with us today for more information and a free consultation.

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