Drug and Alcohol Rehab Center in Texas

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Center in Texas



  • Willow Springs was an answer to my prayers. All of the staff from the cafeteria, techs, facilitators, nurses, counselors and director were awesome and genuinely caring and kind. They made me feel totally at home and at ease. The beds are very comfortable and there’s a flat screen TV in every room. They take you to outside meetings. The steps are worked here one on one with counselor. Food is fantastic. Sunday there is an outing to go bowling/laser tag, putt putt/go carts, water park etc to reward those with good class attendance which I thought was very cool. I would highly recommend Willow Springs to anyone who wants to change their life. — Charles

  • I was struggling for months trying to stop using on my own and was very sick and landed in the hospital. I flew out to Willow springs and they had comfortable rooms, great food, awesome techs counselors, Doctor nurses, and 2 nurse practitioners that knew exactly what I needed and how often to make things as easy as possible. As a parent I knew I needed to get better for myself and my son and I don’t believe I could have done this without them. I highly recommend this place!! — Christy

  • Willow Springs is truly a blessing and I am eternally grateful to my Higher Power for allowing me to see this path with the help of his Angels/the Staff there. The loving, contagious, energy fills the atmosphere there and if you trust the process, you too, will find a new way of life that is full of purpose! Thank you Willow for being an option for this addict!!! — Malcom

  • Great staff and great counselors. This place challenged me in so many ways and made me realize that I am responsible for my recovery but I will need help doing it. This place helped me have a life that I’m proud of today. — Todd

  • I arrived at Willow Springs in February of this year. The staff was very friendly and attentive. The program in all was amazing I am now 7 months sober and still going. I would like to thank everyone on the staff for giving me the best treatment I could ask for. If anyone asks me where they can get good treatment for addiction I will definitely recommend willow springs. — Sarah

Treatment at Willow Springs

  • TOAST30+-acre location

  • TOAST24/7 nursing assistance

  • TOASTSub-acute detox

  • TOASTAll clinical services on-site

  • TOASTGender-specific rooms

  • TOAST12-step treatments

  • TOASTDual diagnosis treatment

  • TOASTConsistent treatment teams

  • TOASTEducation and relapse prevention

  • TOASTCounselors and doctors on staff

  • TOASTHiking and other activities

  • TOASTVolleyball courts and a pool

  • TOASTOn-site gym

  • TOASTADA-compliant

  • TOASTElectronic-friendly

Does my Insurance cover Alcohol and Drug Rehab?

The most common reason that people who are suffering from alcohol or drug addiction give for not looking for professional addiction rehab treatment is they don’t think they can afford it.

If you want to get free from the grasp of addiction but are hesitant because of the cost, you should know that paying cash is not your only option anymore. Many private and public health insurance plans now help cover the cost of recovery.

Insurance companies understand the need to cover the cost of addiction treatment because a substance use disorder can lead to other psychiatric or physical issues later. That is why current healthcare law requires that most insurance companies provide coverage for behavioral and mental health conditions including addiction.

 Allow Us to Help You

If you have problems figuring out if, how much, and what kind of addiction rehab treatment your insurance policy will cover, the our intake experts can verify it for you! Get in touch with us today for more information and a free consultation.

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