Frequently Asked Questions about
Addiction Rehabilitation Treatment

Many people want to know exactly what an addiction rehabilitation center is. This is a center that has expert and trained staff members who are qualified to help those who struggle with an addiction to drugs or alcohol. The addiction rehabilitation center is a safe, comfortable environment that helps addicts learn how to achieve a happier, heathier and clean lifestyle.

The process might vary a bit from one addict who enters the addiction treatment center to the next, however, generally, there are guidelines as to how the process will occur. The main process includes the detox program, variations of therapy, learning relapse prevention techniques and the development of an aftercare plan before the recovering addict leaves the rehab center.

Q:How Long is Drug and Alcohol Addiction Rehab?

The length of time in which someone would stay in an addiction rehabilitation treatment center varies.  It depends on the type addiction, the severity of the addiction, past history of addiction, length of time addicted, etc.  With that being said, the length of time for an inpatient rehabilitation stay usually ranges from 28 days to 90 days.

Simply, the answer is no. Nothing can cure an addiction to drugs or alcohol. However, with that being said, there are many effective manage programs to help someone stay clean and sober long-term. Whether someone takes part in an 30-day inpatient program or stays in the rehab center for a whole year, they still have the addiction. Learning to manage one’s life without having the addictive behaviors play the forefront part is difficult, but it can be done.

Just because someone goes to an addiction rehabilitation treatment program for any length of time, that doesn’t mean they are done recovering. In fact, the recovery from an addiction is a lifelong process. They may need to continue therapy, practicing relapse prevention tips, keeping in contact with their support network, going to meetings or even volunteering in a recovering community.

Sometimes recovering addicts relapse. Regularly practicing relapse prevention tips and reminding yourself why your sobriety is so important can help to increase your chances of staying in recovery . If there is a relapse it is important to  call your sponsor or someone from your support network and talk with them about what happened Figuring out why you relapsed is the first step back on the right track to sober living.

Q: What is the Cost of a Drug or Alcohol Addiction Rehabilitation Treatment Stay?

The cost of a drug or alcohol addiction rehabilitation treatment stay isn’t going to be the same for everyone. It depends on the individual's insurance, some insurances cover more than others. It also depens on the treatment type and amenities offered by the rehab. Furthermore, the longer someone stays in rehab, the higher the cost will be. It is best to veriy your insurance or contact one our representatives to get a free quote.

Some people just can’t bring themselves to pay the cost of rehab, even if they have the money. They are convinced they shouldn’t be spending that money on something they believe may or may not work. The fact of the matter is that the cost of an addiction to drugs or alcohol is worse than the cost of rehab. At rhehab, you learn how to overcome addiction and you are saving your own life, which is priceless.

Most of the time insurance plans are accepted by addiction rehabilitation treatment centers. Sometimes an insurance policy will only take care of a certain percentage or certain amount of the rehab center stay. This should always be checked before getting enrolled in the drug or alcohol rehab stay. You can always veriy your insurance to find out more about the cost of rehab and what may be covered.

One of the things many addicts or loved one’s of addicts want to know is where to get drug or alcohol addiction treatment. Some people do better getting treatment close to their home. Others, who enter into an addiction treatment program feel overwhelmed being so close to home or have easier acess to the drugs. Sometimes it is even more beneficial for someone to get treatment out-of-state. It all depends on the individual

The choice to either receive outpatient or inpatient addiction treatment can be a tough one. With the outpatient treatment, some can stay in their own home or live in a recovery community, while receiving treatment.With the inpatient treatment, someone would be living in the rehab center. They would get around-the-clock care and supervision. It is often best to speak with an addiction recovery specialist.

Many people fear they will get fired from their job if they go to an addiction rehabilitation treatment program. However, the truth is you have a much higher chance of getting fired if you don’t start getting help in treating your addiction. If you are high or drunk while working, your employer can legally fire you. It is also important to check to see if there a local or state laws that protect you from getting fired.

There are options if you need to take this time off from work. You can talk to your employeer about paid time off or you can utilize The Family and Medical Leave Act: This is the act that allows an employee to have a maximum of twelve weeks off from their job (unpaid) to get treatment for a health issue that affects the ability to work (an addiction classifies under the health issues.

There are some addicts who need or want to attend a luxury addiction treatment program. This is a rehab center that offers a lot more amenities than some other rehabs. They are often in a beautiful location, so there is more privacy. In addition, there are many more amenities, such as adventure therapy, gourmet cooks, holistic treatments and more.

Being able to find the best addiction rehabilitation treatment program for your own needs can be tough. If you aren’t even sure where you should start in finding the right addiction rehab treatment center, you should reach out for help today. When you speak with an addiction recovery specialist, you can talk about your addictive behaviors and addiction history and get the help you need in finding proper treatment.

Q: What Should I Bring to Rehab?

It is important to be prepared when entering a drug and alcohol rehab center. You have to bring important items such as clothing, personal care products, etc. Furthermore the rehab has strick rules on items you can not bring that can hinder you from recovering from your addiction. Meanwhile, some rehab centers may organize outings for patients so they can buy the things they need.

Q: Can you Smoke Cigarettes During Drug Rehab?

In the United States, there is no law that prohibits smoking in private rehabilitation centers. This is why smoking in rehab facilities is more common. However, some rehabs might not allow smoking due to local regulation or their own regulations. It is best to contact the Rehab to find out if smoking is allowed in the premises

Q: Can you have a Phone in a Rehab?

We believe that life should not be severely disrupted if somebody goes through addiction recovery. Our drug and alcohol rehabs are a laptop-friendly facilities, that also allows cell phone usage. This will allow you to handle and monitor personal matters while receiving addiction treatment in a rehab facility.

Q:Rehab Visitation Rules

A drug or alcohol rehabilitation center help him learn healthier habits, particularly the ones about making good life choices. An inpatient rehabs might limit or discouraged in the early stages of the treatment program. However, the rules vary according to the drug and alcohol treatment center.

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