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The CDC (Center of Disease Control) recognizes sleep disorders to be a major problem, and estimates 40-60 million Americans suffer from sleep related problems. With this many people having sleeping issues, it is no wonder prescription drugs like Ambien have become so popular.

If you want to free yourself from your prescription drug abuse, you are in the right place. Here you will find all the information you need about Ambien, addiction, and how you can find successful treatment for you or a loved one.

Ambien Addiction and Abuse

Ambien is a brand name for the drug zolpidem, which is a sedative, and is the most common medication given for insomnia. The drug’s effects typically work instantly, and is designed to make you fall asleep, and sleep peacefully throughout the night. Because this medication is so powerful and helps people with their insomnia, it is highly addictive, especially if abused.

Taking an additional pill here or there may not seem like a reason to be concerned, but this is a sign of drug abuse. Without the proper treatment or intervention abuse can eventually lead to the addiction. So don’t run the risk of being addicted by continuing to abuse your Ambien prescription. Help is available for those who notice the signs and symptoms of substance use disorder and respond quickly.

Signs and Symptoms of Ambien Abuse

You might reject the idea that you’re addicted to Ambien because it was prescribed to you by your doctor to help you sleep. However, if you can relate to any of the following then you may have developed an Ambien addiction.

  • Feel panicked when you don’t have your medicine to go to sleep
  • Have looked to buy Ambien on the streets
  • Taking Ambien more frequently
  • Abusing legal sleep-aids when out of Ambien

Are you or your loved suffering from Ambien addiction?

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Short-Term and Long-Term Effects of Ambien

When used properly the effects of this drug are meant to simply help you fall asleep at the appointed time; however, even without abusing Ambien you run the risk of serious problems. The FDA admittedly reports that taking Ambien may cause you to do things in your sleep, and not remember them such as:

  • Making Food
  • Engaging in sexual activities
  • Talking on the phone
  • Driving a car
  • Sleep walking

Besides getting out of your bed and having no recollection of it! There are other short term side effects of Ambien that are just as serious, such as, memory loss, anxiety, and abnormal thoughts and behaviors. Your Ambien use should not be taken lightly because continued use for a long period of time can lead to you developing a physical dependency on the drug and increase your odds of overdosing.

Overdose Symptoms of Valiums

If you are addicted or abusing your Ambien you are increasing your chances of overdosing, or taking too much at once. With a substance such as Ambien, you can experience life threatening overdose symptoms, such as:

  • Weakening of the heart
  • Weakening of breath
  • Coma
  • Respiratory depression
  • Extreme drowsiness

If you or a loved one ever experiences these symptoms, it’s vital that you contact 911 and seek medical attention as soon as possible. You or an Ambien addict you know may not think their prescription misuse is no big deal right now, but the last thing they want to hear is that they came close to overdosing and losing their life.[/vc_column_text]

Ambien Withdrawal and Detox

Quitting Ambien abruptly without being under medical supervision can be dangerous, counterproductive and even fatal in some cases.

We are not saying this as a way to scare you or discourage you from getting clean. In fact, we highlight this fact because we want you to be in a supervised environment where you can be monitored by medical professionals throughout the detox experience. When detoxing from drugs like Ambien, you can expect the doctors to work diligently towards getting the toxins removed from your body and helping your brain go back to its normal function.

Withdrawal and detoxing from Ambien is not always easy, but it should be in an environment where you feel comfortable and safe as possible during this time. This means finding the rehab and treatment center puts your needs before their own.

Ambien Treatment and Rehab

Deciding on going to rehab or seeking treatment can be a difficult situation. There are many doubts, concerns, and questions about rehab that we are sure you have. The first thing that you should know is this is a courageous first step in changing your life and ending your addiction! The rehab process is different for every person, but there are general steps that are usually universal.

  • Intake – This is also known as assessment, which is done by the professionals at the facility. It is important to be honest about your drug use because this will determine how they treat you through detox and the rest of your stay.
  • Detox – The first steps of your rehabilitation process. This is where your body goes through the withdrawal stages from Ambien.
  • Rehab– After withdrawing from Ambien, you will begin your treatment process which will differ depending on which treatment facility you choose. This is when you learn about your addiction and what makes you use through individual or group therapy, and other approaches.
  • Recovery – After your treatment, there is aftercare where you usually do some sort of outpatient therapy such as group or individual counseling while slowly being introduced back to your life. This is good because you have the chance to discuss how you are feeling, and practice what you’ve learned.

The rehabilitation and treatment process from drug addiction is not easy, but sometimes the best things in life are worth the pain you go through to achieve them. You do not have to feel ashamed or hopeless, you can learn how to beat your addiction to Ambien in rehab and find new healthier ways to sleep and live.

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Addressing Ambien Addiction

Coming to Terms with Your Ambien Addiction

If you did develop an addiction you should not feel ashamed, or nervous. Medicine designed to make you sleep is very easy to become addicted to. As your body becomes dependent on the drug your brain tells you that you need more Ambien to sleep, it can happen to anyone.

The most important thing is what you do from here, as our choices from today and the next few days will define your character. You can choose to learn how to beat your addiction, or you can continue living how you are until you eventually hit your own rock bottom. The choice is yours but, it is definitely better for you to come to terms with your addiction, and learn how to better your life.

Helping a Friend or Family Member Address Their Ambien Addiction

If you are visiting our website for a loved one then first off, we hope this has been informative for you. Also, it’s important to know that you cannot make someone recover from their addiction, and you should not blame yourself for their problems. What you can do, however, is show your loved one that you are there to help, and show them that there is a better way.

Addiction can make people pessimistic and depressed which can make it difficult for the addict to discuss their problems. We recommended some things to do and not to do when discussing their addiction and recovery.


  • Tell them that you are there for them
  • Let him/her know how their addiction affects you
  • Let them know they are not bad, or less than
  • Offer them a chance to recover


  • Discuss rehabilitation when they are under the influence
  • Make him or her feel like a bad person
  • Raise your voice or force them
  • Let them convince you that they are okay

Payment Options for Ambien Abuse Treatment

We know that you want to stop your Ambien addiction and take back control of your life. Otherwise you wouldn’t have made it this far. We understand finding the right treatment center that is affordable and fits within your income can be difficult, frustrating, and can take a long time. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be with our help.

At Sunshine Behavioral Health, paying for treatment for you Ambien addiction can be as simple as supplying us with your insurance information. We will contact your insurance provider, find out how much coverage you have, and determine which rehab centers are the best fit for you.

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