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A drug rehab in South Dakota means you don’t have to battle addiction alone. There are plenty of facilities in the state that can be with you on your path to recovery. However, despite the number, only a few specialize in holistic healing, which is the industry term for the non-mainstream treatment program.

Last year, there were almost 100 drug overdose deaths in South Dakota and this represented a nine percent increase compared to the figures in 2016. Over the last two decades, a higher average rate of methamphetamine use in students has been reported.

As of now, heroin, opioid drugs, and methamphetamine are the most serious drug overdose problems that are being treated by a drug rehab in South Dakota. As a matter of fact, a significant rise in arrests related to meth addiction has been recorded, as well.

Based on studies, it was found out that South Dakotans drink more heavily compared to other Americans. For instance, a research by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention revealed that almost 24% of adults have been binge drinking. For comparison, the national average is only 16.8%.

Also, they start drinking early in life, engage in binge drink, and eventually turn into substance abuse. Of those individuals who claim alcohol dependence, almost 95% don’t go to alcohol rehab centers in South Dakota.

What to Look for in a Drug and Alcohol Rehab

The standard drug rehab in South Dakota, same with alcohol rehab centers in South Dakota,has various programs and approaches toward substance abuse.

However, it is very important to seek only accredited drug and alcohol rehab centers in South Dakota. An accredited facility follows the standards set by the government, has a good patient to therapist ratio, offers relevant treatment program, and has a higher success rate.

Not all drug rehab in South Dakota and alcohol rehab centers in South Dakota offer programs aimed at permanent recovery. This is why you need to choose carefully.

When you enroll your loved one in accredited drug rehab in South Dakota, you know that he will be in capable hands. The strict accreditation process makes sure that these drug and alcohol rehab centers in South Dakotaare providing health care services at par and above the national standards.

If the drug rehab in South Dakota has a good patient to therapist ratio, it means that they don’t sacrifice the quality of their service. You are also assured that the patient is given an ample amount of care and attention.

Also, if the said drug rehab in South Dakota offers a relevant treatment program, you will know that there will be higher success rates. This is ideal for a patient dealing with addiction who wants to be reintegrated into society. However, if your desired type of treatment is not available in South Dakota, consider seeking out the details of a rehab in Nebraska.

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What to Expect During Your Rehab Trip

Alcohol rehab centers in South Dakota, similar to the drug rehab in South Dakota, have systematized and organized treatment programs. They have a set of activities and therapy sessions every day. The purpose of having these activities is to instill order, discipline, stability, and reintroduce to the patient his role in the larger scheme of things.

The whole facility is designed to be a safe and conducive environment for healing.

These are a few of the activities you can expect:

  • Morning breakfasts and meetings (like yoga or meditation)
  • Group session involving the 12-step program
  • Lunch
  • Afternoon therapy sessions including individual behavioral therapy, group and family therapy, and specialized sessions.

There may also be alternative therapies employed by the drug rehab in South Dakota in the form of art therapy, music therapy, dance therapy, neurofeedback, biofeedback, exercise programs, and equine therapy.

Alcohol Rehab vs Drug Rehab

Though both addictions are somewhat similar, the approaches to recovery may differ.

However, the underlying philosophy is similar— conquering addiction and empowering oneself to avoid giving in to the cravings.

Drug rehab in South Dakota and the alcohol rehab centers in South Dakota have more similarities than differences.

Almost always, you are going to undergo medical detox with alcohol abuse. For drug abuse, that’s not always the case. The rate of relapse is also higher with alcohol so the programs are geared to prevent that from happening. To illustrate, 9 in 10 of people with an alcohol problem fall off the wagon within four years. Compare that to the 60% relapse rate for drug abusers.

Benefits of Going to Rehab

Recovery, sobriety, and reintegration are the best benefits one can get by going to a treatment facility.

It’s a misconception to say that you will be 100% free from cravings when you finish the treatment program. Unfortunately for some people, they are going to be battling the temptations all their lives. When you go to the drug rehab in South Dakota, you will be equipped with the skills and know-how necessary to stave off the cravings.

If you choose the appropriate facilities for drug rehab in South Dakota, as well as the right alcohol rehab centers in South Dakota, you are one step closer to recovery.

There is no template for a perfect addiction treatment program. Each patient will respond to a different method. Expect a lot of assessment and reassessment during the duration of the treatment. Empathy can spell a lot of difference for the person battling addiction.

Though there are benefits to rehab in South Dakota, consider comparing treatment to that of a rehab in Wyoming.

Inpatient vs Outpatient Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centers in South Dakota

Drug and alcohol rehab facilities offer inpatient and outpatient programs.

The good thing about outpatient is you don’t have to leave home to get treatment. You can just go to the center at the appointed time and go back to your family or work afterward.

In contrast, admitting yourself to an inpatient program would require you to stay in the facility for a specific period of time. The advantage of this kind of treatment is isolating yourself from the source of temptations that led you to addiction. It also allows you to focus on your treatment.

The counselor will recommend which option can best help you become sober. This is done during the intake process. What most people also don’t understand is that the drug rehab in South Dakota is not a prison. The doors are not locked so you can walk out anytime you like. At your own risk, of course.

Understanding Your Treatment Options in South Darkota

There is no template for addiction treatment. This is why treatment centers do not have a one-size-fits-all policy.

Still, the drug rehab in South Dakota and alcohol rehab centers in South Dakota will give you the highest chance of sobering up. What these treatment facilities offer though are unique treatment options resulting from thorough and expert assessment and consultation.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment

This is a relatively new treatment where successful aspects of substance abuse treatment are merged with mental health care. Dual diagnosis treatment recognizes that addiction to substances is driven by an underlying psychiatric disorder.

Dual diagnosis can be a necessity for patients, so make sure to seek out a facility that has it if needed, such as a rehab center in North Dakota.

Faith Rehab

Faith rehab, also called faith-based treatment, addresses patients’ medical and spiritual needs. These programs place great value on faith as a means of overcoming addiction.

Holistic Treatment

This treatment focuses on patients’ overall health, while dealing with the physical symptoms of addiction and withdrawal. Drug and alcohol rehab centers in South Dakota offering this option, provide therapy that makes use of meditation, exercise, and nutrition.

12 Step Programs

This is the oldest treatment, created by the founders of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA). While it is heavy on spirituality, non-religious people also find it helpful. It highlights the presence of God as each person understands him, thus paving the way for various interpretations and religious beliefs.

Non 12 Step Programs

Alcohol and drug rehab in South Dakota also offers non 12 step treatment, with focus on physical health, provision of various therapies, and increasing self-esteem without involving religion. The treatment approach is scientific and more holistic.

Alcohol Addiction Treatment

The struggle to control drinking is real. No matter how severe the condition may be, going to an alcohol rehab center in South Dakota is beneficial. Research found that those who opt for treatment, whether dual diagnosis, Christian, holistic, 12 step program or non 12 step program, show no further symptoms a year later. This is not only favorable for the person suffering from addiction but for the welfare of their families and those they interact with.

Travel for Rehab vs Staying in South Dakota

Another treatment option to combat addiction is to literally move out of the place. This is called travel for a treatment program.

The good thing about this option is you also remove and distance yourself from the people and activities that might have led you to addiction in the first place. A drug rehab in South Dakota typically offers transfer options to another facility.

Though this option can be a bit pricey because you take into account the relocation costs, the benefits and results outweigh the cost. At the end of the day, it will be worth it.

To know more about this option, contact the nearest alcohol and drug rehab in South Dakota.

Hopefully, you will find the resolve to seek professional help. Don’t suffer alone and in silence. Even with the wide range of programs offered by a drug rehab in South Dakota, nothing can help you if you don’t reach out to somebody.

Paying for Addiction Treatment

Since Obamacare, insurers are already mandated to include in the insurance marketplace financial support for the rehab treatment and mental health treatment. Go talk to your insurance company to find out your coverage. Medicaid offers affordable health insurance which can be used to pay for the drug and alcohol rehabilitation.

Depending on your program, the cost of the drug rehab in South Dakota will be shouldered by the insurance 100% or you will incur some out-of-pocket expenses.

The typical drug rehab in South Dakota is aware of the fact that most of the patients suffering from substance abuse are also struggling financially. This is why there are state-subsidized treatment facilities that South Dakota folks can avail. If there is more information you’re interested in feel free to check out our resources page to find the answers to all the questions you have.


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