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From the Alamo to the River Walk, San Antonio offers history, fun, and other attractions, but it also has people struggling with alcohol and drug problems; San Antonio rehab centers can help people understand and treat their substance abuse and addictions.

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Nationally, Texas ranks 37th in terms of Drug and Alcohol related health risks.  This may be the reason that Texas also ranks number one in the nation for the fewest drug and rehab facilities.  According to in terms of known drug users, Texas provides the fewest treatment centers available.  An even closer look shows that San Antonio, which is in Bexar County is experiencing exponential growth.  As the city grows, drug and alcohol use is also growing and currently on the rise.

Drug Use in San Antonio, Texas

Smoking among teens and college students is down, however vaping is on the rise. The shift in delivering nicotine has a direct correlation to drug abuse. San Antonio is the third largest city in Texas and the 17th largest in the nation. A city with such a large population is seeing the influence of drugs in teens and young adults.

Last year 23 percent of students between 7th grade and college had admitted to using marijuana or another substance. However, when asked if the same students used or abused alcohol, the number was significantly lower. There many resources available for high school and college students that include AA counseling, detox centers, as well as NA in San Antonio. If you are concerned your child may be at risk contact the school’s guidance counselor for help.

Most Commonly Abused Drugs in San Antonio, Texas

Many Texans struggle with recovery from drug and alcohol abuse. This Largely due to the fact that Texas is in very close proximity to the border of Mexico. Because of this San Antonio and Texas are becoming targets to drug smugglers and are seeing the widespread growth of drug use. According to the University of Texas, this year alone the following substances have been seized by authorities already:

  • 795,391 pounds of Marijuana
  • 7,895 pounds of Cocaine
  • 493 pounds of Methamphetamines
  • 110 pounds of Heroin

With the increase of drugs being introduced to San Antonio, the natural result is creating much more drug users than in previous years. With more and more drug users in San Antonio, it results in the creation of more drug addictions for the city. The number of drug and alcohol users rapidly growing is producing a greater need for rehab centers and facilities in San Antonio.  But San Antonio rehabilitation centers are available as well as a detox treatment.  The first step toward recovery is to understand that treatment is available.  Knowing how to locate these resources can be your best weapon when battling addiction.

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Smart Recovery Meeting in San Antonio

There are many different forms of substance abuse treatment in San Antonio.  San Antonio rehab centers offer a variety of different recovery methods.  One such method of drug rehab centers in San Antonio is SMART Recovery (Self-Management and Recovery Training). This is a specifically outlined program that works with the inpatient directly to sustain sobriety. SMART Recovery is a highly effective form of rehab in San Antonio.

SMART Recovery programs sponsor in-person consultation and treatment from alcoholics anonymous in San Antonio to narcotics anonymous in San Antonio. Included in these meetings allow inpatients and those battling an addiction to meet and interact with others that have gone through the same struggles. In addition, the meetings allow current patients to draw from others and utilize them as counselors and guides while they seek treatment for substance abuse treatment in San Antonio. Here are a few ways the SMART Recovery treatment in San Antonio works.

Encourages and Teaches Ways to Stay Motivated:

SMART Recovery programs work with addicts to build their confidence and motivation by building steps, goals, and creating a community of people who are either going through the same battle or have successfully completed their rehab treatment in San Antonio.  Staying sober relies heavily on the belief that you can and will get sober, but also provides steps and guidelines for staying sober.  The smallest amount of encouragement can catapult success for the patient by teaching them that the longer you are sober the longer it is likely you will remain sober.

How to Resist drug Relapse and Addiction Urges:

In most cases, the most severe forms of addiction stem from bad habits created by the user. SMART Recovery programs teach coping mechanisms to deal with the urges to use drugs and alcohol and also to deal with medical detox in San Antonio.

Coping with Stressful Thought and Managing Them:

This is very important for addicts in recovery to understand.  SMART Recovery programs teach the patient that you are the source of your success when battling addiction.  Some addicts are unable to control their own thoughts and turn to use instead of learning new ways to cope.  SMART Recovery programs teach you how to identify and validate your emotions from a destructive pattern to creating an understanding of why you may be experiencing certain emotions.  This will enable you to create new habits that are conducive to your recovery.

Non 12 Step Program in San Antonio

A decade ago, the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health (NCCIH) and the National Center for Health Statistics (part of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) discovered during an in-patient survey revealed that 38% of adults and 12% of children utilize Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) as a form of rehab.

This program is also called the non-12-step program and it helps people dealing with substance abuse and addiction disorders to find different techniques. The non-12 rehab program is a holistic approach that has shown more results than when people go with the traditional 12 step program options. This includes meditation, acupuncture, yoga, non-12 step groups, hypnosis, and breathing therapy as well as participating in NA meetings in San Antonio. Non-12-step rehab comes in all shapes and sizes, so it’s important to compare treatments between facilities—such as a rehab in Wichita Falls, Texas.

Dual Diagnosis Rehab in San Antonio

There is a direct correlation between drug use and mental illness. This creates a unique problem that addresses two separates but equally dangerous conditions. The link between mental illness and drug use is very widespread, and according to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), around 8.1 million adults who have been treated for their addiction were also suffering from a type of mental illness. Because of this, there is a huge demand for more options in treatment when dealing with both of these disorders together. This is often where dual diagnosis treatment centers can really help.

Discovering a dual diagnosis treatment is just the first step in overcoming your addiction.  If you or a member of your family looking for a San Antonio drug rehab center, it is imperative that you discover the correct center that offers a dual diagnosis rehab for your situation if that is the treatment you determine is best for you. This will help to ensure you receive the best care available for your needs.

Other Forms of Treatments

Staying sober and healthy can depend on the individual.  Finding the right rehab centers in San Antonio can make all the difference in a person’s efforts to beat addiction.  Here are a few other treatments that may work for you or your family:

  • Faith-Based Treatment– this is for those who have lost their faith during their battle with addiction.  Losing faith can destroy your motivation and hinder any chance of recovery.
  • Holistic Drug Rehab– this form of treatment focus on the mind, body, and spirit of the individual and offers spiritual guidance connecting and aligning one’s mind without the use of Western Medicine.
  • Luxury Rehab Centers– This is a high-end treatment facility that caters to every need of the inpatient in recovery.  Some centers feature beachfront rehab as well as nurses, counselors, and care available around the clock.  In addition to the comforts of the Luxury Centers in San Antonio, they operate with the highest regard for discretion and privacy.  Many patients prefer to battle their addiction alone and opt to go with the high-end treatment. If luxury rehab is unavailable locally, consider seeking out a treatment center in Garland, TX.

How Do I Pay for Drug Rehab in San Antonio?

Obtaining a San Antonio AA meeting schedule is a great and at most times free resource when battling addiction.  However, for those of you who are seeking treatment and rehabs in San Antonio, it is important to find the best treatment specifically for you. But, what if you cannot afford to receive treatment?  Or maybe you aren’t working and currently are without medical insurance?  These questions can be overwhelming when first starting to detox in San Antonio.  Do not be discouraged, there are several different methods and programs for San Antonio Rehab centers. Paying for rehab may be different in other centers, such as a Longview, Texas, rehab center, so be sure to compare your options.

  1. Private Payment-Treatment centers and alcohol rehab centers in San Antonio typically have different plans for different types of treatment that are needed.  This may vary from center to center.  When selecting your form of treatment, it is best to have an idea of your budget.  This way you will be prepared when you have your initial consultation.
  2. Insurance– Many people can qualify for a treatment program with little to no cost out of pocket.  Verify with your insurance provider to see if you qualify for San Antonio rehab centers.
  3. Medicare- Rehab in San Antonio can be costly.  If you cannot set up payment plans or qualify for insurance through your provider, there are some state-funded programs that you can qualify for.  Each case is different so it is best to talk to the treatment center.

Regardless of your financial situation, addiction is a disease that affects the lives of millions of people. Help is available and you do not need to go through the struggle of battling addiction alone.

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