Five Reasons to Choose Sunshine Behavioral Health

Addiction is a chronic disease that affects millions of Americans each year. It not only has a devastating impact on your own life, but also the lives of those around you. Luckily, drug and alcohol addiction is a very treatable disease. One of the major issues with addiction in the United States is while millions of people are impacted every year, only a fraction of those suffering from drug or alcohol addiction seek the treatment they need. Rehabilitation treatment is a largely foreign experience to most, and the fear of the unknown is a strong deterrent from searching for help. With so many different rehabilitation clinics and programs throughout the United States, the options can feel overwhelming. Sunshine Behavioral Health and its many rehabilitation treatment centers are here to help you, or your loved one, treat addiction and start on the path to recovery. Here are five reasons to choose Sunshine Behavioral Health.


Multiple Locations Located Across the Country

With multiple locations located in four different states, quality drug and alcohol addiction is never far away. Sunshine Behavioral Health has luxury rehab facilities at an affordable price located in California, Illinois, Colorado, and Texas. Each of our locations offer their own unique experiences designed to accommodate everyone’s unique lifestyle and needs, all while providing the highest quality of care and comfort. 


12-Step and Non-12-Step Options

Addiction in and of itself is a complex and chronic disease. It is a lifelong battle with no definitive cure, but it can be treated and managed with the proper treatment program. As a result, Sunshine Behavioral Health’s addiction treatment is just as varied and complex as the disease itself, designed to provide quality care and comfort for every individual’s needs. We offer 12-step program based treatment, which is a widely recognized program originally designed to help those suffering from alcohol abuse or alcohol addiction (alcoholism) gain long-lasting recovery. We also understand that the 12-step program isn’t for everyone as it can be interpreted as having spiritual undertones. That is why we also offer non-12 step programs. These non-12-step treatment programs focus on patients relying on each other through various support groups instead of looking at a “higher power” for support.


Cellphone and Technology Friendly

One major benefit of Sunshine Behavioral Health is that we offer cellphone and technology friendly rehabilitation centers. One of the most common questions prospective patients ask rehabilitation admissions staff is can they have their cellphone during treatment. While some rehab centers don’t allow cellphones or technology, we do. We believe that patients should be able to remain in contact with friends and loved ones throughout the duration of their stay. Allowing patients to use their cellphones gives them the opportunity to continue to engage in important, personal relationships with people outside of the rehab facility in a safe and healthy manner. These relationships are essential for continued sobriety after a treatment program has been completed.


Dual-Diagnosis Treatment

One of the most common risk factors for addiction is a pre-existing mental health disorder. Addiction often stems from people suffering from mental health issues attempting to self-medicate in order to ease their symptoms. It can also arise from abusing medications prescribed by medical professionals to ease the symptoms associated with a mental illness. Our treatment includes dual-diagnosis treatment, which is designed to help treat the substance addiction, as well as the co-occurring mental illness that may have contributed to one’s addiction in the first place.


Luxury Rehab at an Affordable Price

Rehabilitation centers can look more like a luxury resort than a hospital ward. When comfort is combined with top-of-the-line treatment models, it can be a winning combination for those in need of rehab for substance or alcohol abuse disorders. That being said, one of the main reasons people don’t look for luxury drug or alcohol rehab treatment is that they assume they won’t be able to afford it. Sunshine Behavioral Health offers effective  treatment that is covered by insurance.


If you or a loved one are struggling with addiction and are looking for luxurious, top-of-the-line treatment at an affordable cost look no further than Sunshine Behavioral Health and their multiple locations across the United States. Visit Sunshine Behavioral Health today and begin your road to recovery today!

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