How Long Should I Go To Rehab For?

Addiction is an insidious and debilitating disease that affects millions of Americans and their families every year. It takes a lot of courage and acceptance for someone who is struggling with drug or alcohol addiction to finally admit that they need help and begin the process of seeking treatment. It is arguably one of the most difficult decisions individuals who suffer from addiction can make. With so many different rehab clinics out here, the decision on where to receive help can seem overwhelming. Rehab is a largely foreign experience to most people and can make the prospect of receiving treatment seem even more scary. This unfamiliarity combined with the overwhelming number of options often causes addicts to delay seeking treatment further. Here at Sunshine Behavioral Health, it is our goal to help guide those suffering from drug or alcohol addiction to quality addiction treatment.


Those who take the courageous first step towards recovery and admit to themselves that treatment is required to overcome addiction are faced with a myriad of tough questions. What exactly is rehab? What kind of treatment facility should I be looking for? What will my friends and family think? One of the most common questions asked by prospective rehab patients is how long should I go to rehab for? This is a complex question, one that depends on many different factors. Addiction in and of itself is a complex, chronic disease. It is a lifelong battle with no definitive cure, but it can be treated and managed when given the proper treatment program. As a result, addiction treatment is just as varied and complex as the disease itself. The duration of rehab treatment depends on numerous factors. The substance(s) one may be addicted to play a major role in treatment length. Frequency of use as well as duration of use are also major factors and will certainly impact the severity of one’s addiction and will play a role in the recommended duration of their rehabilitation treatment. With so many different treatment options and durations out there it can become confusing very quickly. This article aims to shed some light on the different lengths of rehabilitation treatment, and help guide you or your loved one to the best treatment options for you. The most common rehab treatments are 30, 60, and 90 day treatments. Each one has their own benefits and use cases, so it is important to take each option into consideration when deciding on treatment.

30 Day Rehab Treatment

Originally developed by the United States Military, the 30-day rehabilitation treatment is a great option for some cases. It was important that service members were not out-of-service for extended periods of time, thus the 30-day mark became a staple for service members. It translates well into the public sector as many people don’t have the time to put their life on pause and stay in rehab for longer periods of time. It is no secret that longer rehab stays often lead to better long lasting results, but in many cases 30-day rehab treatments are a great first step for those looking to recover from addiction. If you can’t find time for a 60 or 90 day treatment plan, 30-day rehab stays offer a perfect starting point. Some people may not know how long they should be in treatment, and committing yourself to a 60 or 90 day stay from the start may be too overwhelming. 


A 30-day stay will provide you with valuable insight into how rehab treatment works, what sorts of lessons and strategies are taught, and can provide clarity as to if you need a longer treatment option. 30 days is also plenty of time to completely detox any substances out of your system with the help of medical professionals, and will help you cope with any physical withdrawal symptoms you may face before returning to life outside of rehab. 30-day rehab treatments are a great starting point for those who may be nervous about extended periods of treatment as it is much easier to commit to only 30 days compared to 60 or 90. Since the treatment period isn’t as long, the cost of treatment will also be much lower. Check out our article on “is 30-day inpatient rehab enough?” to learn more about what a 30-day rehab treatment plan can do for you.


60 Day Rehab Treatment

A 60-day rehab treatment is another standard treatment length many rehab facilities offer. You gain all the benefits of a 30-day stay, such as medically assisted detoxification, withdrawal symptom management, therapy sessions, aftercare, etc, for a lower time and money cost that comes with a 90-day rehab stay. Valuable lessons and skills that are taught in 30-day programs are also taught at these 60-day rehab treatments, with the added benefit of additional time and resources. The more time you spend in a rehabilitation clinic, the better the results will be. You’ll have more time to practice the healthy habits and ways of living with the care and support of staff members by your side.


A 60-day rehabilitation program can be the perfect balance many prospective patients may need. While 30 days may not seem like enough time to properly treat addiction and prepare you for sober living outside of rehab, 90 days can seem too intimidating, not to mention expensive. 60-day rehab treatment plans offer enough flexibility where adjustments to treatment can be made. Since each person’s needs are unique, their treatment will also be unique. 60 days provides enough time for the course of treatment to be adjusted, and also leaves room for an extension to 90 days if necessary.


90 Day Rehab Treatment

While it may seem intimidating for prospective patients, 90-day inpatient rehabilitation programs are thought to be the most effective treatment option for treating addiction. 90-days is actually the recommended treatment option for drug and alcohol addiction according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse. NIDA published a study that found relapse rates a year after treatment were much lower for those who completed a 90-day treatment or longer, compared to those who received less than 90 days of treatment. These longer treatment options give patients a much needed buffer from the stresses and triggers of everyday life. They can breathe easier and be less stressed as they continue to work on their recovery skills.


90-day rehab allows a patient to take the time needed to properly stop abusing a substance and learn more about the recovery process. During the detox process, a patient must be monitored to ensure that he or she remains medically and emotionally stable during withdrawal and is not in any danger. This same level of monitoring and care will continue throughout the course of treatment. The longer you stay in treatment, the better prepared you will be to continue your recovery once treatment concludes. Even though a longer term stay like 90-day rehab treatments will cost more time and more money, the results will be worth it. The impact of addiction on your health, relationships, and finances may overshadow the financial cost of treatment. 90-day rehab treatments aren’t a financial burden, they are an investment on your quality of life.


No matter what option you may be considering, Sunshine Behavioral Health is here to help. With 30, 60, and 90 day rehab options available, finding the right treatment for you or your loved one is easy. Visit Sunshine Behavioral Health today and begin your road to recovery! 



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