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Three Things That Make Monarch Shores Recovery Great

There are a lot of factors people have to consider when choosing an inpatient rehab treatment center. Depending on a person’s particular health insurance and financial situation, it can be a large financial commitment, and with a typical minimum stay of 30 days for inpatient rehab programs, it’s a significant time commitment as well. When looking for a rehab center for themselves or a loved one, people first and foremost want to make sure they are choosing a place with not only high-quality care, but a place that will work directly with their clients to find the treatments that work best for them as individuals in order to give them the best chance for recovery. It’s important for rehab programs to make sure their clients can focus their energy primarily on getting better by providing a safe, comfortable, and relaxing space, along with nutritious and filling meals, and opportunities for exercise, recreation, and relaxation. With that in mind, let’s look at some of the things that make Monarch Shores Recovery a great choice.


Beachfront Treatment 

Monarch Shores Recovery is located by the gorgeous Monarch Beach in San Juan Capistrano, CA. The easy beach access provides residents with beautiful views, a relaxing ocean breeze, and plenty of opportunities to soak up the southern California sun. There are plenty of recreation activities available for clients to partake in during their free time, including whale watching, swimming in the on-site pools, or walking on the beach. The pristine location ensures that clients are able to take time away from their regular, daily life and focus on healing and recovering from addiction. 


Home-like Environment 

Unlike some other inpatient rehab facilities, Monarch Shores isn’t located in a clinical, hospital-style building, but rather clients will stay in one of eight beautiful and luxurious homes. The homes boast a mix of private and shared rooms, depending on client preferences and availability. There are also common recreation areas in the homes for clients to relax and spend time with their peers. A healthy diet is an important part of a healthy, addiction-free life, and clients eat three, freshly prepared homestyle meals a day with flexible options for a variety of dietary requirements. 


Individualized Treatment 

Monarch Shores Recovery features world-class, expert staff dedicated to providing clients with the highest possible quality treatment. They will work with each client to find treatments that work best for them, with both individual therapy and a variety of peer support groups. Monarch Shores also understands how important family support is to recovery and provides family therapy to help clients’ families learn about addiction, and to help mend family relationships that addiction may have hurt. Monarch Shores also recognizes how mental illness and addiction are correlated, and makes sure to provide dual-diagnosis treatment in order to treat both addiction and underlying mental illnesses to ensure clients have the best chance at recovery. To learn more about how Monarch Shores Recovery can help you, visit us at and get started today.

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