Is among  the most dangerous

Opioids in the world

Why is Heroin so Dangerous?

Heroin manipulates the communication between the neurochemicals and the body.  It travels through the bloodstream to the brain, altering how the rest of the body and neurochemicals communicate.

The heroin withdrawal journey 

is not the same for everyone.

Mild Withdrawal Symptoms:

Nausea, Runny nose,

Abdominal cramps,

Chills, Sweats,

& Bone and muscle aches

Moderate Withdrawal Symptoms:

Agitation, Diarrhea, Vomiting

Tremors, Restlessness,

& Trouble concentrating

Severe Withdrawal Symptoms:

Fatigue, Anxiety,


Rapid heart rate,

& Drug cravings

Withdrawal symptoms tend to take effect between 6 and 12 hours of the last heroin dose. The length and severity of dependence, The biology and genetics of the victim.