Medical Reviewers

  • Dr. Andres Maldonado

    Licensed Physician

    Licensed Medical Doctor graduated from the University of Zulia in Venezuela, one of the best universities in the country. Dr. Maldonado has experience in the field of primary care and medical research, with multiple publications in indexed journals. He is currently working as a medical researcher conducting studies in the field of surgery and pharmacology.

  • Dr. Anjali Priyadarshini

    Licensed Physician

    Dr Anjali Priyadarshini is a licensed medical doctor with specialization in Anesthesia and critical care. She is currently employed as Doctor in a medical school with critical care in hospital and research center . She enjoys reviewing medical articles and content writing. She likes spreading awareness of several health related topics through her work and believes prevention is better than cure.

  • Dr. Arturo Osorio

    Dr. Arturo Osorio is a licensed physician practicing in Nicaragua. Dr. Osorio went to Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Nicaragua (León), where he got Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery Degree. He has been practicing medicine in public hospital and private clinics since 2018.

  • Dr. Ahmad Alsayes

    Licensed Physician

    Ahmad Alsayes, MD, is a general internist practicing at the University Hospitals of Alexandria Medical School, and based clinically at few private hospitals in Alexandria (Egypt) since 2011. He has over nine years of experience working in clinical and research settings, he worked on teams in a wide range of research; including emergency medicine, public health, digital therapeutics, and alternative medicine. Recently expanded his knowledge and pack of skills with 2 years of work in medical informatics and data analysis fields.

  • Dr. Neil Shah

    Licensed Physician

    Dr. Neil Shah is a licensed physician practicing in California. Dr. Shah grew up in the northern suburbs of Los Angeles and went to the University of Chicago for undergraduate education. He completed medical school at the University of Wisconsin in Madison, WI and returned to California for his training at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center.

  • Dr. Abhishek Allam

    Licensed Physician

    Dr. Allam graduated from Sri Siddhartha Medical College, India in 2014. He practiced medicine in India for 2 years involving working in Psychiatry hospital settings- both outpatient and in-patient settings as a junior doctor. He then moved to the United States in 2016 and has worked at the University of Arizona, Tucson in the last 5 years in Psychiatry Clinical research where his work mainly involved Pharmacological clinical trials for treatment of depression in adults and children. He is also trained and delivered evidence-based psychotherapy to Breast cancer patients and is an active research scholar."

  • Dr. Harshi Dhingra

    Licensed Physician

    Dr Harshi is a licensed medical doctor with specialization in Pathology. She is currently employed as faculty in a medical school with tertiary care hospital and research center in India. She has vast experience of over a decade in diagnostic, clinical, research and teaching work. She has strong interest in medical content writing and reviewing. She also has several publications and citations in indexed peer reviewed journals.

  • Jayasudha Gude

    Licensed Physician

    Dr Jayasudha Gude MD graduated from NTR University of health sciences in 2010 in India. After graduating, she worked in India for about a year and moved to the United states in 2012. Worked as a research scholar at Stanford university and had extensive clinical experience in the fields of Medicine and Psychiatry. Currently she is working as a research volunteer and actively involved in crisis counseling. She is very passionate about psychiatry and looks forward to contributing more in this field.


  • Dr. Pranav Balakrishnan

    Licensed Physician

    A doctor by training, graduated from Kasturba Medical College, a large hospital, in the south of India. During the first peak of COVID-19, he worked as the COVID Coordinator at a quaternary care hospital. He has worked on a number of research projects in the fields of surgery, COVID, and emergency medicine. He is preparing to start his General Surgery Residency training in America

  • Dr. Tasnova Malek

    Licensed Physician

    Tasnova Malek, MD, graduated from Bangladesh Medical College and practiced as a primary care physician for six years in Bangladesh. After moving to the USA, she worked at Emory University Hospital in Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine and Hospital medicine research. During COVID-19, she worked as a crisis counselor in Florida Corona Virus Emergency Response Team. Currently, she is working in the National Suicidal Prevention Center. In addition, she has extensive research experience in medicine and psychiatry in the USA.

Medical disclaimer:

Sunshine Behavioral Health strives to help people who are facing substance abuse, addiction, mental health disorders, or a combination of these conditions. It does this by providing compassionate care and evidence-based content that addresses health, treatment, and recovery.

Licensed medical professionals review material we publish on our site. The material is not a substitute for qualified medical diagnoses, treatment, or advice. It should not be used to replace the suggestions of your personal physician or other health care professionals.

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