Medical Reviewers

  • Dr. Ahmed Alsayes

    Licensed Physician

    Ahmed Alsayes, MD, is a general internist practicing at the University Hospitals of Alexandria Medical School, and based clinically at few private hospitals in Alexandria (Egypt) since 2011. He has over nine years of experience working in clinical and research settings, he worked on teams in a wide range of research; including emergency medicine, public health, digital therapeutics, and alternative medicine. Recently expanded his knowledge and pack of skills with 2 years of work in medical informatics and data analysis fields.

  • Dr. Neil Shah

    Licensed Physician

    Dr. Neil Shah is a licensed physician practicing in California. Dr. Shah grew up in the northern suburbs of Los Angeles and went to the University of Chicago for undergraduate education. He completed medical school at the University of Wisconsin in Madison, WI and returned to California for his training at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center.

Medical disclaimer:

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