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Inpatient Detox Centers | Drug Addiction Detox

Detoxification is the process of removing drugs and alcohol from your body. The goal of inpatient detox is to safely manage the withdrawal symptoms when you stop taking drugs and alcohol. Drug and alcohol detox is a crucial step in the recovery of you or your loved one. We accept this responsibility with pride and assure that all of our drug and alcohol detox centers are staffed with the best medical professionals to help provide a safe and comfortable detox process.

Often times people can not quit drugs or alcohol on their own because the withdrawal symptoms and cravings are too intense during the early stages of staying sober. In order to end your addiction it is important to look into inpatient detox centers so you are removed from the people, places and things that led you to use.

How Do People Detox from Drugs and Alcohol?

Detoxing on your own at home can be very risky. Going cold turkey without being medically supervised can result in serious issues like severe dehydration and seizures and in some cases, death. Although unlikely while under medical supervision, alcohol, benzodiazepines like Xanax, and opioids can all lead to an unfortunate death if the detoxification process is not properly managed.

Everyone has their own experience with drug detox or alcohol detox. The level of drug and alcohol addiction and the type of drug abused help determine the protocol of your detox process.

Some treatment facilities use medication in the detox process to help patients cope with the less severe withdrawal symptoms. This, however, all depends on your detox center of choice.

With the help of  inpatient detox centers, you can be able to avoid these complications. Your therapist in the detox center will advise you if you need inpatient detox. Severe addictions require inpatient detoxification for upwards to two weeks to safely eliminate withdrawal symptoms.

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Drug and Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms and the Importance of Detox

Withdrawal symptoms can vary depending on the person, the drug of choice and the amount taken over a period of time. For some, withdrawal symptoms and detox is mild for others it can be a very intense experience.

Withdrawal symptoms of drug and alcohol abuse:

The following are common withdrawal symptoms associated with drug and alcohol abuse.

  • Irritability
  • Insomnia
  • Decreased appetite
  • Anxiety
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Cramps
  • Cold or Hot flashes
  • Muscle and bone pain
  • Depression
  • Hallucinations
  • Seizures
  • Increased heart rate and blood pressure
  • Mood swings

Benefit of Inpatient Detox Centers

Inpatient drug and alcohol detox is the best approach when it comes to building a long lasting recovery from addiction. Outpatient detox facilities can help but inpatient detox centers provide patients with the proper amount of time to gain the education and tools needed for a sustainable recovery.

The following are benefits of attending inpatient detox centers:

  • Adequate time away from access to drugs or alcohol
  • Around the clock medical supervision and access to medication
  • Proper care during withdrawal symptoms
  • No way to get drugs or alcohol when cravings are most intense
  • Access to treatment, therapy and addiction education
  • Access to holistic therapies and mental health care
  • A structured environment to get the patient’s body on a normal schedule
  • Proper nutrition and exercise guidance to strengthen the body from damages of addiction
  • Develop a proper aftercare plan for patient to follow when leaving rehab

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Detox Centers Should Offer Treatment

Receiving treatment, education and therapy is crucial to staying sober. Some detox centers do not offer this aspect of treatment, instead, they safely detox you from drugs or alcohol and send you on your way. The best detox centers will offer a treatment phase as well as aftercare plans for every patient that walks through their doors.

It is important to note that during the detox phase you will not be required to participate in any treatment, education or therapy. Your only goal during detox is to rest and repair from the damage done by your substance abuse.

When looking into inpatient detox, consider what treatments are offered by the center. Some people think there is only one way to treat addiction but this is far from true. There are many styles of treatment and therapy that can be used. When you call us at Sunshine Behavioral Health, we will help you fully understand your treatment options to consider after your inpatient detox.

What to Look for in an Inpatient Drug Rehab

Finding the most suitable inpatient drug rehab facility for your condition may be challenging considering the many addiction centers across the country that are all promising outstanding results. To separate the reputable and credible from mediocre inpatient rehab centers, here are several things you need to look for:

  • IPrivacy and Comfort: For some, privacy during detox is important. Most likely the patient is going to be irritable and could go through embarrassing moments of frequently using the bathroom, vomiting, emotional outbursts and more. Privacy during this time is highly valuable. Comfort during withdrawal stages is also important some detox centers offer luxury amenities to help ease patients mind and relax them during this difficult time.
  • Patient to Staff Ratio: The patient to staff ratio is crucial when deciding on an inpatient detox center. You want to be assured that your loved one is receiving quality care and around the clock medical supervision. Depending on the severity of the addiction, some patients need to have their vitals checked every 15 minutes during the detox process. A low patient to staff ratio will assure you or your loved one is receiving the appropriate care.
  • Detox Centers Offer Safety: During the detox stage of treatment, safety is a top priority. Do the detox centers you are looking into assure safety and supervision during the patient’s stay? What is the protocol that the detox centers you are looking into follow should a patient check out or leave the center without permission. Although leaving without permission is rare it is important that the center does what they can to locate the individual immediately.
  • Staff Qualifications: Look for information about the staff and their qualifications, which is typically located on the detox center’s website. Most detox centers will proudly boast their staff qualifications as a sign that they are respected and trusted professionals.  It is important to check that their qualifications match the services you are looking for.
  • Accreditation: The first thing that you need to look for in a drug and alcohol detox center, on top of its state license, is accreditation. While being accredited by third-party organizations, like the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF) and The Joint Commission.  Accreditation is an indicator of quality of care.

Traveling for Inpatient Detox

Traveling for inpatient detox is a preferred method of many people seeking addiction recovery. Although your loved ones may have some valid concerns we can assure safety at all of our centers. There are benefits of traveling for treatment, mainly removing yourself from triggers. When someone is going through intense cravings and are nearby their drug source, it is more likely that they will attempt to leave the facility. When you are far from your resources you are removing that temptation. Also, for those concerned about privacy, traveling to an inpatient detox center removes the chances of running into people that you know. If you are considering traveling for treatment, call us any time of the day and ask how we can help with your travel arrangements.

Paying for Inpatient Detox Centers

A lot of people are hesitant about going to treatment for their addictions because of the price. At Sunshine, we have a team of insurance experts who are dedicated to getting you the highest quality of care for the smallest out-of-pocket price. Our insurance experts know exactly what to say to insurance providers who are hesitant to pay out the money needed for the care you need. Our experts will advocate for maximum coverage and can get you into our centers with little to no out of pocket costs. There is never any obligation when you work with our insurance experts and our insurance verification process is 100% free and confidential.

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