Abstaining from Alcohol for Dryuary

For some people, a new year is a chance to turn over a new leaf. Some people vow to forgo the french fries. Others lay off the cocktails.

Some call those 31 days of teetotaling Drynuary, offering tips to get through the dry spell

That’s kind of a Lenten-modeled break from the excesses of the holiday season. A month of hold-the-liquor and stop-the-hops that serves as a sort of resting and resetting phase.

There’s also Dryuary, an initiative of Moderation Management, which focuses on behavioral changes and offers a peer support network. The goal is for people to take the reins when it comes to drinking, to either abstain entirely or practice moderation.

For people who may be at a crossroads of sorts, this opportunity could be a time to self-reflect and work to slow or even stop the consumption of alcohol.

The people behind Dryuary admit they’re not offering a substitute for therapy or alcohol rehab. Rather it’s a time to take a vacation from drinking, to give the body and mind a break.

Maybe for a month. Maybe for longer. Depending…. 

There are benefits to slowing or even stopping the drinking, however, including better sleep and less cocktail-fueled calorie consumption. (That could help another popular New Year’s resolution: to drop a few pounds, since alcohol loosens inhibitions right along with adding calories.)

Just be careful if you are planning to go cold turkey, which is stopping all alcohol entirely at once.

If you have a severe dependence on alcohol, suddenly quitting could lead to potentially deadly withdrawal symptoms, including seizures, delirium tremens (DTs), dehydration, and even organ failure. In such cases, seeking professional medical help is key.


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