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Five Ways to Stay Sober on St. Patrick’s Day

When you’re overcoming an addiction, the last thing you want to do is sit out from holidays that you once found so much fun. With St. Patrick’s Day rapidly approaching, it can feel like there is no other option than to pretend it doesn’t exist.

If you’re like many who are working on staying clean and sober this March 17, it might be helpful to have some tips for celebrating the day – without relapsing.

1.       Focus on food. Not every person who celebrates St. Patrick’s Day is going to be getting drunk or high, and you don’t have to do that, either. Instead, have some friends over and make an Irish potluck dinner. Have everyone make an Irish dish to pass, or make the feast yourself.

2.       Dress for the occasion. Consider wearing green, or go all out and get some of the fun green accessories on the market. You’ll feel festive and won’t have to have a green beer in your hand to do it.

3.       Attend a parade. Lots of cities host St. Patrick’s Day parades and other gatherings, and they can be great ways to keep yourself out of pubs and in the fresh air – which might help you stay on track with your recovery goals.

4.       Check out some Sober St. Patrick’s Day celebrations. If you’re in New York City or many other places, you may want to check out the offerings for a sober St. Patrick’s Day. You’ll find a community of others who are choosing to celebrate without imbibing, as well as many fun activities.

5.       Attend family-friendly events. Whether you have kids or not, family-friendly St. Patrick’s Day events can be a lot of fun without the risk of undoing your addiction recovery. Watch some Irish step dancing, listen to traditional Irish music, and maybe even learn a few steps of reel or jig yourself without worrying about hangovers or other alcohol-related consequences.

It’s normal to feel like you’re missing out on something when a holiday like St. Patrick’s Day rolls around and you see so many celebrations that focus on drinking. Still, there are ways to celebrate the day without feeling like you’re sacrificing fun.

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