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Men’s Health Month: Common Health Problems and How to Treat Them

June is Men’s Health Month, and it’s essential that men focus on becoming — and staying — healthy. The goal of taking a whole month to focus on the health of men is to encourage education that helps males build and maintain good health through lifestyle choices, screenings, and early treatment. By taking these steps, men and boys might avoid serious health problems.

Understanding common health problems men face

While men and women are similar in many ways, some conditions tend to affect men more often than women. These health issues are often preventable with early detection, but some guys just don’t know about them.

Some common health issues that men face include:

  • Liver disease. This condition is more common in men partly because they tend to drink more alcohol and use more tobacco than women. Additionally, same-sex relationships between men can increase the risk of contracting hepatitis B.
  • Cardiovascular disease. About one-third of men have some type of cardiovascular disease. Additionally, 2.8 million American men have a stroke each year. It’s not just older men that face risks, either. Young men are at risk of developing high blood pressure, so they should have regular checkups to prevent any complications from these conditions.
  • Alcohol abuse. Men often drink more than women and do so more regularly. Drinking large amounts of alcohol can increase the risk for addiction as well as certain types of cancer and can limit hormone production.

Taking steps can help encourage good health for life

Devoting a month to the health of men is important. By understanding what unique health risks men face, they can boost their immunity and create better overall health for life.

  • See your health care providers regularly. No matter their financial situation, it’s important for men of all ages to have regular checkups. In fact, many health insurance companies actually encourage periodic examinations and often cover much of the cost of these visits.
  • Embrace healthy lifestyles. Men sometimes neglect to address how their lifestyles may impact their overall health. Some men don’t do what it takes to become healthy and stay that way. Diet, sleep, activity, and mental health practices all play significant roles in creating healthy lives.
  • Seek addiction treatment if you need it. Many men struggle with addictions. Drug and alcohol addictions are far more common than many realize, and men tend to seek treatment less often than women. If men want to get and stay healthy, they should seek treatment if they’re dealing with a substance or alcohol abuse issue of any kind.

Men’s Health Month is just the beginning

While many take the month of June to embrace healthy habits, it’s important to know that making changes for one month should be just the beginning. Maybe men should take this time to build strong healthy habits for life.

They could learn risk factors and start making changes that can last a lifetime. Good health is a right and a responsibility. Men could learn more and start to take steps to ensure that they’re living the best versions of themselves every day.

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