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Drug and Alcohol Resources in Glendale, CA

Glendale is a city within Los Angeles County. As of 2017, it had a population of just over 203,000. It has the largest concentration of Armenians in the whole state. In fact, it is said that 3 in 10 of residents here has an Armenian ancestry. According to the Census Bureau, 21.5% of residents in the city are classified as “persons in poverty.”

There’s a strong link between alcohol, drug abuse, and poverty, particularly on the risk factor. It doesn’t mean that poor people will automatically become dependents. If that’s the case, then how do you explain celebrities and top executives who are admitted into alcohol treatment centers Glendale or drug rehab centers in Glendale?

There are more than 21.5 million drug dependents in the United States so the problem cuts across geography and income status.

Most Commonly Abused Drugs in Glendale, CA

Just like most cities in the United States, alcohol and marijuana abuse is the most common problem faced by the community. According to the 2005 Los Angeles County Health Survey, as shared by the Glendale government website, about 15% of adults used weed in the city. The number almost doubles the rate in LA County then, which stood at 8.2% at the time of the survey.

But that’s not all. Cocaine abuse was also high in Glendale which is almost four times higher than LA County. However, since then, there has been a rise in the use of prescription opioids, as well as synthetic drugs like meth, in most of California, Glendale included. The usual suspects of crack cocaine, heroin, inhalants, are also being treated by Glendale drug rehab centers.

In recent years, the powerful painkiller fentanyl has been making its way to the streets and posing a great risk to unsuspecting users. Apparently, it’s being sold as heroin despite being 50 times more potent. Fentanyl has been linked to a number of an accidental overdose in the United States.

Issues Specific to Substance Abuse Problem in Glendale

There have been high profile drug busts in Glendale, CA, which speaks volumes about the extent of the problem in the city. For instance, in May 2018, the Los Angeles Times reported a police detective who was conspiring with the Mexican and Armenian cartels over drugs and other crimes. Even earlier, in January 2018, three suspects were arrested as they tried to smuggle 10 pounds of meth.

In March, two men were arrested for allegedly trying to traffic prescription medicines and analgesics. You can just see from the growing number of residents in alcohol treatment centers Glendale and drug rehab facilities in Glendale that the city is facing a real crisis.

The city is doing its part as it commits to raising awareness in schools and communities about the dangers of drugs and alcohol. Non-profits and religious organizations are also running NA meetings in Glendale and AA meetings in Glendale to help recovering patients maintain a life of sobriety after the drug rehab Glendale.

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Substance Abuse in Glendale, CA and Schools

Schools serve as a mirror of what’s happening in society. Alcohol and drugs, particularly marijuana, are prevalent in the educational system. Students who are going to alternative high schools are especially vulnerable. What’s worrying is that 20% of those surveyed revealed that they were not receiving any type of anti-drug abuse programs in schools.

Clearly, treatment centers in Glendale have their work cut out for them. In light of the drug abuse, Glendale Community college offers  Alcohol and Drug Studies. They also have a responsibility to do their part in stemming the tide of substance abuse. If 20% of students are not aware of any kind of programs, then private Glendale drug rehab facilities should step up.

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Types of Treatment for Drug and Alcohol Abuse in Glendale

There are many types of treatment protocols espoused by drug and alcohol treatment centers Glendale. It should be noted that not one method is better than the other. More often than not, it’s a combination of treatment that recorded a lot of success.

  • Detox Programs: When you are seeking rehab from drug or alcohol abuse, the first step is to undergo detox. There is surely a great detox Riverside program you can enroll to. A medical professional will be guiding you as go through the process of rehabilitation. A reliable Glendale treatment center will be providing you with the much needed medical supervision to ensure that you get help whenever you experience withdrawal symptoms.
  • 12 Steps Program: After undergoing a medical detox Riverside, the rehab facility will now guide you on how to sustain your recovery. The 12 steps program, which you can get from one of the best rehab centers in Riverside, usually involves a counselor who will help you stay on track and focus on your recovery. He or she will also guide you on how to remain committed.
  • Non-12 step rehab in Glendale – The non-12 step program is designed for patients who may not be comfortable with the tenets and methods of the 12 step program you typically find in AA meetings Glendale.

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  • Dual diagnosis rehab – The dual diagnosis rehab seeks to address both the problems of substance abuse and mental illness. The interrelationship between the two conditions run deep, and it takes a specialized type of treatment to help the patient become sober.
  • Luxury rehab – At the luxury rehab centers, you are allowed the use of your cellphones and laptops. The center caters to business executives, celebrities, top bankers, and the who’s who in California so it has to make some concessions about what they allow. This is also included in the luxury that you pay for treatment.
  • Faith Rehab: Aside from the dual diagnosis rehab in Riverside and the others, you may also opt for the faith rehab. Under this program, your addiction will be dealt with by strengthening your faith. The Riverside rehab offering this type of recovery program will help you in your journey towards becoming more spiritual and possessing stronger faith in God.
  • SMART Recovery Meetings – SMART programs are grounded on the principles of self-motivation, peer support, coping with urges, and managing feelings, thoughts, and behaviors to avoid giving in to temptation.

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Payment for California Rehabilitation Centers

Paying for the California  treatment center without insurance can be done with a little creativity. Contact your city health office for any type of subsidy programs or accredited centers that offer state-supported treatment. For war veterans, the Veterans Affairs Office actually has assistance programs to help them manage their addiction with the help of accredited rehab centers in or near Glendale.

Of course, it would be easier if you have private insurance. You can verify your insurance and how much of the treatment will be covered and how much will come out of your pocket. You can also call up their customer representatives for any advice on how you can defray the cost of alcohol and drug rehab facilities near Glendale. But the important thing is that you understand you have a problem and that you need immediate help.

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