Inpatient Drug Rehab for Men

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How Inpatient Drug Rehab Helps Men Recover from Addiction

Drug rehab residential programs are known to provide intensive therapy methods that are vital in managing drug addiction and recovering from its mental and physical adverse effects. California rehab centers provide intensive rehabilitation methods and therapies to help men recover from drug and alcohol abuse.

Residential Drug Rehab Centers in California

Inpatient drug and alcohol rehab centers in California provide patients the chance to work with other patients as they find strength from a supportive and non-discriminating community. These centers provide patients the venue to socialize and be inspired by other recovering patients as they receive the necessary treatment to cope with addiction.

Although treatment programs differ for each patient, inpatient rehab centers in California offer the following services:

  • Round-the-clock medical assistance
  • Security in a medically supervised facility
  • Provide patient with regular and comprehensive assessment with psychiatrists
  • Assist patients in taking medications needed for recovery
  • Provide assistance to help patients address not just substance abuse disorder, but co-occurring mental disorders as well
  • Provide patients with individual, group, and family therapies
  • Provide education in managing relapse
  • Assist former patients through regular aftercare programs or outpatient visits

Residential Rehab Centers vs Outpatient Rehabs

Inpatient drug rehabilitation facility or long-term alcohol rehab centers offer a space where a patient with substance use disorder can focus more on getting treatment without having to worry about other responsibilities. Unlike outpatient treatment centers, recovering addicts in a live-in rehab facility are less likely to get distracted. Those in outpatient treatment programs perform other responsibilities or obligations at work, in school or at home, while receiving treatment. They are successful for people whose substance use disorder is not severe or for those who have already completed a long-term residential rehab treatment and are attending outpatient aftercare programs to help with their recovery.

If a recovering patient gets distracted from treatment, he may go into a relapse that will lead him back to the dangerous lifestyle he used to lead. Data shows that compared with the relapse rates of people treated for asthma and high blood pressure, the relapse rate among people who receive treatment for substance use disorder is similar across illnesses. This shows that drug addiction is similar to other chronic illnesses that can be managed. Inside an inpatient rehab, the patient gets 24-hour monitoring and assessment that can help his doctors to modify the treatment whenever they find it necessary.

Admission inside a facility that provides residential rehab for men and women struggling with substance use disorder, may last for 30 days or a year. The duration of the stay will depend on the case of the patient and the progress that his assessments show inside the facility. There are long-term alcohol rehab facilities in California that cater to men and women only to provide the most specialized treatment to patients.

If a patient feels to be more comfortable in being with a group of people whom he or she identifies with, some men’s rehab centers also offer to make special arrangements. The goal is to provide the most comfortable setting that will aid in the successful recovery of a patient.

Both inpatient and outpatient men’s rehab programs have the same methods of treatment and recovery. They only differ in the level of intensity afforded to the patient, depending on one’s needs. When a person gets admitted to a men’s drug rehab, whether it is for an inpatient or outpatient treatment, he will undergo an assessment supervised by a physician. This initial process will also include laboratory tests and interviews to evaluate a patient’s condition. This will be followed with a detoxification process that will help the patient prepare for the succeeding stages of treatment.

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Those who have mild to moderate substance dependence are often recommended to take the outpatient treatment programs where the rehabilitation takes place in his home. In the outpatient treatment program, the patient regularly visits the treatment facility for his therapy sessions, medication (if needed), and counseling. Outpatient care costs less compared with residential programs.

A men’s inpatient rehab, on the other hand, covers not only medications, counseling and therapies. A patient will also have to pay for the boarding expenses and food. However, getting treatment from a residential center for men are recommended for those who have been battling long-term substance abuse or those who have co-occurring psychological, medical or behavioral disorders.

‘Cold Turkey’ vs. Seeking Professional Help

The term cold turkey refers to the sudden stop in consuming a substance. However, since addiction is categorized as a chronic brain disorder, going cold turkey is dangerous and could be fatal, especially for those who have severe substance use disorder. The process of detoxification can only be done properly with the help of highly-skilled professionals. Withdrawal symptoms can be difficult to handle. Withdrawal symptoms also differ depending on the type of substance. Without medical assistance, completing the initial stage of the detox process is difficult and relapse is more likely to happen.

Are There Rehab Centers Around Me that Offer Those Services?

Based on statistics, approximately 5.3 percent of the global population used illicit drugs in 2015. The following year, the number grew to 5.6 percent. If you or your loved one is suffering from substance use disorder, whether it is drugs or alcohol, you should remember that addiction is a disease and can be treated with proper intervention from the best drug and alcohol inpatient rehab centers in California.

Whether you are from Southern or Northern California, it is easier to find the perfect drug rehab facility for you with the help of a trusted drug and alcohol placement center. Always choose a facility that puts focus on their clients and offers a variety of options that answers the needs of the patients.

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